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A Complete Guide to iOS 12: What's New
Are you planning to upgrade to the latest iOS 12? Before upgrading, you'd better take a look at the introduction of iOS 12 in this review, which introduces the new iOS 12 in details, including new features, bugs, compatibility, troubleshooting, etc.

How to Downgrade from iOS 12 to iOS 11
You may already upgraded to iOS 12 beta but only to find it's not as ideal as you imagined. Can you downgrade to iOS 11? Of course. Read on this complete guide to learn how to easily downgrade iOS 12 to iOS 11.4.

iOS 12 Update Problems: How to Fix
You may encounter some unexpected problems after upgrading to iOS 12. If so, simply check out this post to find the top 10 most common iOS 12 bugs as well as the solutions to them.

Efficient Tips to Save Battery Life on iPhone
Most iPhone users might be facing the issue that the battery only lasts a few hours each day. If you need to extend the iPhone battery life, simply read on these top 10 iPhone battery saving tips in this post.

3 Easy Solutions to Activate iPhone without SIM Card
Here we are discussing the top 3 simple solutions for how to activate an iPhone without SIM card, including using iTunes, emergency call and R-SIM.

How to Delete Kik Permanently or Temporarily
It's easy to delete Kik account. But it's different if you need to permanently delete it or temporarily. Here in this post, you'll find the complete guide to delete Kik account.

How to Fix iPhone Contacts Missing Problem
Sometimes you may find your contacts on iPhone missing suddenly. No matter what the cause is, you are highly recommended to try these top 7 tips in order to fix and get back the disappeared contacts on iPhone.

Top 8 iPhone X Issues, Problems and Fixes
We will encounter different problems and issues while using iOS devices. Here we make a statistics of iPhone x problems and issues. We also provides useful fixes tips here.

Top 10 Tips to Rescue Water Damaged iPhone
Drop your iPhone into the water? Don't worry. Just follow up these tips and rescue your iPhone from water damage.

A Complete Guide about iPhone Lost Mode
This article is about to tell you everything about iPhone lost mode, including how to activate iPhone lost mode, how to turn off iPhone lost mode and some common FAQs about iPhone lost mode.

7 Tips to Fix iPhone Storage Full
Facing the problem of insufficient iPhone storage space? This article will introduce 7 best solutions to fix iPhone storage full.

iPhone Get Stolen? Top 10 Things Need to Do
If your iPhone was stolen, there are top 10 things you need to do. Check it now!

4 Ways to Factory Reset An iPhone
For some reasons, we need to factory reset the iPhone. How to do it? There are 4 different ways for you to help you do this and give some tips on backing up your data well.

6 Tips to Fix iPhone Running Slow after iOS 12 Update
This article provides 6 handy tips to fix the problem of iPhone running slow after iOS 12 update.

iPhone Not Connecting to Wi-Fi: Here's Solutions
This article introduces 8 solutions to fix the problem of iPhone that cannot connect to Wi-fi.

5 Ways to Fix iPhone Not Charging Issue
In this article we will outline 5 solutions to fix an iPhone that won’t charge.

iPhone 8/iPhone X Stuck in Recovery Mode? Here's Solution!
iPhone stuck in recovery mode? No worries. This article focuses on 3 methods of fixing iPhone 8/iPhone X that is stuck in recovery mode.

iPhone Text Messages/iMessages Disappeared? Try This!
Lost your messages/iMessages accidentally? Read on to find 6 solutions mentioned on this article to help you fix the problem of iPhone text messages or iMessages disappeared.

Top 7 Solutions to Fix Phone Camera Black Screen
Facing the issue of black screen on iPhone camera? Read on this article to find 7 best solutions to fix iPhone camera black screen problem.

iCloud Storage Full? Try These Solutions!
The message of iCloud Storage is Full popping up on your iPhone again? Take it easy, this article outlines 7 best solutions to fix iCloud storage full problem.

Easily Turn iPhone Live Photos to Still Photos [Quick Tips]
This article outlines 2 easy ways to help you turn live photos to still on your iPhone. In case you lost or delete live photos unexpectedly, it also introduce one method to recover them.

iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode? Here's the Real Fix!
Is the Headphone sign keep displaying on your iPhone? Read on this article to find 10 tips to fix the problem of iPhone that is stuck in headphone mode.

Yes or No to Update to iOS 12?
The iOS 12 is here with us after it dawned on us a few days ago and quite frankly it has generated such a buzz from both iOS users and Android users. Here let's see if there is a valid argument for the iOS 12 updates.

Top 8 Solutions to Fix Safari Running Slow on iPhone
Safari running slow on your iPhone? No worries. Read on this article to find 8 solutions to fix the problem without any hassle.

Tips of How to Resolve iPhone Stuck on Apple White Logo
It's a common issue that iPhone would stuck on Apple white logo. If it makes you frustrated, please just look at this article and learn the solutions on how to resolve it.

How to Lock Notes on iPhone [Quick Tips]
This article introduces how to create, change and reset password in Notes on the iPhone, as well as how to lock a note with password or Touch ID and ways to unlock it.

3 Best Solutions to Reset Locked iPhone without Passcode
Here we are collecting the top 3 simple solutions for you to reset iPhone passcode in case your iPhone is locked by accident.

10 useful ways to fix touch id not working on iPhone
Apple Touch id usually stop working while using iPhone. In this article, you can learn how to fix touch id not working on iPhone with 10 useful methods.

iPhone Overheating? Get Solutions Here!
iPhone gets overheating? No worries. Read on this article to find 9 easy solutions to fix the problem without any hassle.

How to Factory Reset iPhone 6 [3 Ways Recommended]
This post introduces how to factory reset the iPhone 6 in 3 different ways, you can do it with the device only or from iTunes/iCloud.

iPhone Won't Turn on? Try These Solutions
iPhone can not turn on normally? No worries, read on this article to find 6 handy tips to fix the problem of iPhone won't turn on.


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