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iOS 17 Bugs & Fixes: A Complete Guide 2023

Posted by Brian Davis on Jul 25 2023 5:13 PM • Category: iOS & iPhone Tips
4 mins read

The newly planned iOS 17 has new features and focuses on making the iPhone more stable and enjoyable. The beta version of iOS 17 has been released, and people shared their experiences revealing that they got affected by the iOS 17 known bugs.

Since iOS 17 has been released recently, you can't expect the beta or public version to act professionally. Regardless of which type of iOS 17 issue you're struggling with, this post apart introducing the iOS beta issues will also come up with reasonable solutions.

ios 17 bugs and fixes

Part 1. iOS 17 Known Bugs and Solutions

In this section, we've collected 6 common iOS bugs that are reported from users. Of course, we've put forward some useful tips to help you solve these issues. If you still can't get the problems solved, you can check the Part 2 to learn an efficient tool to fix any iOS glitch with high success rate. Of course, you can also choose to downgrade from iOS 17 beta to iOS 16, and reinstall it again when the more stable public version is released.

1. iOS 17 Beta or Public Download Stuck

The most frustrating iOS 17 Beta bugs you could face are seeing the iOS 17 Beta or the public downloading process getting stuck. Fortunately, you can fix this issue by looking at the instructions below.

  • Ensure that you're using the fast and stable internet connection.
  • Restart the device and force quit your Settings app might assist you in fixing the issue you're having.
  • You can also tackle the iOS 17 problems by resetting network settings and removing the temporary files on the device.

iphone stuck on software update

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2. iOS 17 Beta Not Appearing in the iPhone Settings

One of the major iOS 17 known bugs you may face is that the iOS 17 Beta or Public Beta update disappears from your settings menu. If you're also facing this issue, look at the guidelines below to resolve the issue.

  • First, you must ensure you're using a compatible iOS device meeting the iOS 17 Beta or Public Beta requirements.
  • If your iPhone is eligible to download the iOS 17 Beta, force quit or restart the Settings app.

ios update not show up

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3. Overheating

Most users complaining about the iOS 17 Beta or Public Beta have experienced overheating. When this issue occurs, it might be dangerous for the performance of the iPhone. The following are some fixes to this issue.

  • After ensuring you've installed the latest iOS version, you must quit the irrelevant background apps.
  • Don't expose the iPhone to direct sunlight; avoid using the iOS device at high temperatures.
  • Despite various things, if iOS 17 Beta bugs don't go away, consult Apple Support.

fix iphone overheating issue

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4. Battery Drain

Since Beta versions tend to consume a lot of battery, many iOS users have revealed that the battery drained quickly after installing the iOS 17 Beta or Public Beta. Don't worry; you can mitigate the issue by following the guide below.

  • Reduce screen brightness and turn off the irrelevant background app refresh to optimize the battery usage of iOS devices.
  • Turn off the unnecessary system services and quit the unused apps in the background.

iphone battery drain

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5. App Crashing

You may face the App crashing issue after installing the iOS 17 Beta, as it might be caused due to various software glitches. You can solve this issue by following the guidelines listed below.

  • Ensure that all the installed apps are up to date, as the compatibility issue might also prompt the issue you're facing.
  • Relaunch the problematic app after quitting it.
  • Reinstall the problematic app or remove the app caches could help tackle the iOS 17 known bugs.

fix apps keep crashing

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6. iPhone Cannot Connect to the Network

Struggling with connectivity issues, including the inability to connect to the network after installing iOS 17 Beta or Public Beta, can be frustrating. Luckily, you can fix the issue by following the guide below.

  • Ensure that cellular data connection or WiFi is functioning properly and is stable.
  • You can tackle the temporary network glitches by restarting the router and device.
  • Try resetting the network settings to solve the issue.
  • Restore the connectivity by updating the Carrier Settings of your iOS device.

iphone won't connect to internet

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Part 2. Most Recommend Way to Fix Any iOS Issue - TunesKit iOS System Recovery

Struggling with the iOS issue isn't a good sight; no one would like to be affected. Unfortunately, if the software issue occurs on your iOS device, TunesKit iOS System Recovery will help you fix it instantly. With fixing the 150+ minor or major software bugs, TunesKit iOS System Repair doesn't bother deleting any data from the iOS device. On top of that, TunesKit iOS System Recovery believes in the simple user interface, making it simple for newcomers to fix iOS bugs by repairing the iPhone.

tuneskit ios system recovery

TunesKit iOS System Recovery Key Features

  • Help you to get rid of 150+ iOS issues, including boot loop, Apple logo, black screen, etc.
  • One press to enter or exit recovery mode for free
  • Upgrade or downgrade the iOS with ease
  • Comes up with the 100% success rate & No data loss
  • Support the latest iOS 17 Beta version
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Next, let's get into the step-by-step guide below to fix the iOS issues through TunesKit iOS System Recovery. First, let's see a short video below.

Step 1: After launching the TunesKit iOS System Recovery, connect the iPhone to PC via a USB lightning cable.

connect ios device

Step 2: Choose iOS System Repair mode, and click Start button to begin. Press in the Standards Repair mode as it doesn't prompt the data loss. Deep Repair, on the other hand, can fix major issues but could end up causing data loss.

select mode to fix ios

Step 3: Confirm the information about your iPhone appearing on the screen, including the iOS and model versions, is correct. After confirming it, tap the Download option to download the firmware package.

downgrade iOS 17 to iOS 16

Step 4: Press the Start Standard Repair icon, and if you've got a stable and fast internet connection, the process only takes a few seconds before repairing the iPhone.

fix iphone stuck in boot loop

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Part 3. Final Words

Seeing the iOS 17 known bugs after downloading the iOS 17 Beta or Public is annoying. You can look at the potential iOS 17 Beta bugs listed in this guide, and we have also highlighted the most reliable methods to fix these issues. The best way to eliminate any iOS device bug is to opt for the TunesKit iOS System Recovery. With a 100% success rate, this tool doesn't cause data loss. Try this tool and enjoy your iOS 17 better!

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