10 Most Common iOS 12 Update Problems and Fixes

Posted by Brian Davis on 09/11/2018 11:12:12 AM.

On June 4th, 2018, Apple Inc. announced the iOS 12 as the next mobile OS for iPad and iPhone. This announcement got many iPhone and iPad users excited because the iOS 12 operating system brings some delightful new and brilliant features which makes the devices faster and responsive.

ios 12 bugs

The new iOS 12 is yet to be launched but Apple Inc. has released a beta version of the operating system the developers and the public. Already many Apple disciples have upgraded their devices in an effort to try out the new great features of the new operating system. This trial phase has seen many of these users report experiencing a number of problems with their iOS 12 beta upgrade. Some of the most common iOS 12 Update Problems are:

1. Unable to Check for Update

Many early users of iOS 12 beta have reported that when they try to update their devices they get this error message unable to check for update. Unfortunately, this is not a new problem to Apple's mobile operating system. This has occurred over a couple of the past few years every time Apple released an earlier version of its mobile operating system.


There are a number of things you can do remedy this problem. They include:

2. Error 14

This is another common error that most iOS 12 early adopters have reported. Many users of this operating systems say that after upgrading to iOS 12 they receive error 14 "An Unknown Error Occurred". This simply means that the iPhone or iPad cannot be restored.


3. Software Update Failed

ios 12 update failed

This update failed bug is common to new Apple's mobile operating software versions. Many users have reported the same bug the iOS 12 beta version. Although this is an annoying problem it is very easy to solve as noted in early iOS versions where it was also reported.


4. Data Lost After iOS 12 Update

Some iPhone users may encounter this problem after upgrading their devices to iOS 12 beta. Specifically, some important data like contacts, or photos might disappear unexpectedly from the iPhone. But don't worry. With a few tricks, you can still get back the lost files from iPhone on iOS 12.


5. An Error Occurred Installing

This problem has been reported widely on social media platforms. Many users claim that their iPhones do not install iOS 12 developer profile. Many reports receiving the "Profile installation failed" or "Update Failed. An error occurred installing iOS 12" messages. This prevents the users from enjoying the many features of the new iOS 12 operating system.


6. iOS 12 Apps Crashing Constantly

ios 12 app crash

One of the most annoying problems with the iOS 12 upgrade is that the iOS 12 apps keep quitting or crashing constantly without any trigger. Many Apple disciples have complained that they cannot enjoy the amazing features of the iOS 12 because the apps once installed keep freezing. One of the reasons for this could be the latest version of the apps on your device are not compatible with the iOS 12.


7. Devices Keep Restarting

Many iPhone users have complained that once they update their devices to iOS 12 operating system the devices start experiencing problems with a constant restart. Some claim their iPhones reboot out of the blues, while others claim that their devices restart constantly, yet some others claim that the logo for Apple keeps appearing and disappearing without any trigger.


8. Battery Fast Draining

Nearly all iOS update have registered this issue. It is thus not a big shock that many people are experiencing the same problem with iOS 12 beta version. Many people report that after updating their iPhones to iOS 12 better, the battery life becomes extremely short and their devices tend to overheat. This problem will be solved with the launch of a more stable iOS 12 version. However, below are a few tips to contain it.


9. iOS 12 Download Stuck

The iOS 12 operating system is relatively large in size and this can cause problem downloading it. Usually, the issues happen if you have relatively small storage space on your dives. This may also happen if you have a poor internet connection which slows down the download considerably.


10. Devices Slowing Down

The iOS 12 is designed to improve speed and the responsiveness of your devices. However, some early users of the beta version have reported that their devices slowed down considerably after updating to the iOS 12 beta version. This is a common problem with past beta versions of the iOS can be solved.



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