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iOS 18 Beta Bugs & Solutions [20 Bugs Updated July]

Updated by Brian Davis on Jul 23, 2024 5:13 PM • Category: iOS 18
10 mins read

Apple tends to release new big iOS updates every year, and the hype around these iOS updates is breathtaking. Some people enjoy the presence of the mesmerizing iOS 18 features, but a lot of people often complain about the iOS 18 Beta bugs.

Before releasing the iOS 18 update, Apple introduced the iOS 18 Beta version, allowing you to test the improvements and new features this new iOS update brings to the table. If you regret installing iOS 18 Beta because of the issues, don't worry. This post will introduce all the potential problems along with their solutions.

ios 18 bugs problems fixes

Part 1. iOS 18 Beta Bugs Related to System [16 Bugs]

Till now, many users are complaining about the released iOS 18 Beta glitches. Since there are so many problems, and we category them into two parts. In this part, all the listed bugs are related to the iPhone operating systems, along with their solutions.

1. iOS 18 Beta Not Showing up

After it's released, various people have claimed that they were unable to locate the iOS 18 Beta in the settings. Generally, updating the new iOS update by visiting the Software Update and installing it from there must be enough to fix.

Despite installing the new update, if you still can't see it there, it could have happened that you didn't sign for your Beta program. Apple offers the Beta update to the users having signed up for it. Look at the solutions given below to solve the issue.

ios18 beta not showing up


  • 1. Download the iOS 18 Beta via the Beta Profiles website and install it on your phone.
  • 2. Use iTunes on your Windows or Finder on your Mac to get iOS 18 Beta update.
  • 3. Use TunesKit iOS System Recovery to upgrade to the latest iOS 18 Beta 2.

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2. iOS 18 Beta Stuck on Preparing Update

If you encounter issues while installing the iOS 18 Beta update, such as getting stuck on preparing update, it could turn your fascination with installing the update into anger and frustration.

These types of iOS 18 Beta issues are fairly common, and Apple tends to struggle with them every year. Since many people are trying to install the iOS 18 Beta version, this could be the main reason behind the issue you're dealing with.

ios18 beta stuck on preparing update


  • 1. Restart your internet router, as internet issues can cause this annoying problem.
  • 2. Check the internet speed and connection might also assist you in dismantling this issue.
  • 3. Access Apple system status to check whether the servers are down. If yes, wait for a while.

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3. iOS 18 Beta Stuck in Recovery Mode

iOS 18 Beta stuck on recovery mode is also one of the major iOS 18 Beta bugs. If you're installing the iOS update from the unverified sources, these updates could get corrupted pretty quickly causing the whole chaos. If the installation of the iOS 18 Beta version is stopped, this type of issue may also occur.

Moreover, if the iOS device goes into recovery mode but gets stuck during the installation process, it might be due to the iOS 18 issue not enabling the mobile device to boot normally. You can try the following solutions for these types of iOS 18 Beta glitches.

iphone stuck in recovery mode fixes


  • 1. Force restart the iOS device to fix the deplorable issue you're currently dealing with.
  • 2. Perform the restore via iTunes could also help you to fix this iOS 18 Beta bug.
  • 3. Update the iPhone through iTunes to avoid iOS 18 Beta stuck in recovery mode problem.

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4. iPhone Overheating

After installing the iOS 18 Beta, several users have complained that their iOS devices got overheated. Many things can cause this problem, such as iOS system bugs, too many apps running in the background, or a long time usage of the system, etc. You can solve this issue by looking at the solutions below.

iphone overheating


  • 1. Restart your iOS device to fix some simple iOS system glitches.
  • 2. Remove your iOS device's back case, so it is easier to dissipate heat.
  • 3. Don't use the iOS device in direct light to avoid becoming too hot.

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5. iPhone Laggy

iPhone becoming laggy or sluggish after the iOS 18 update is also common. If you open too many applications on your device, or your iPhone is exposed to some extreme whether, such problem will arise. Another reason is that the device has some iOS system bugs. Fortunately, you can fix this issue courtesy of the solutions below.

why is my iphone laggy


  • 1. Restart the iOS device to repair some unknow system errors.
  • 2. Close your apps running in the background or turn off Background App Refresh feature.
  • 3. Removing the iPhone's back case could help you to fix the issue.

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6. WiFi Not Working

WiFi not working is also one of the most annoying iOS 18 Beta bugs, and it has frustrated hundreds of users around the globe. The problem usually happens after an iOS update, due to iOS glitches. Sometimes, the wrong network settings can also cause the issue. Now, this issue could be solved by looking at the solutions given below.

ios wifi not working


  • 1. Restart your iOS device to solve the WiFi not working issue after iOS18 update.
  • 2. Reset the network settings, so all the settings will return to the default.
  • 3. Update your device DNS on your iOS device and the problem may be fixed.

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7. Your Apple ID is Not Eligible

Some users have complained about encountering the "Your Apple ID is not eligible to use this applcation at this time" issue upon logging in with This annoying issue could be solved thanks to the following solutions.

your apple id is not eligible


  • 1. Clearing all the data of Safari browser might enable you to fix the issue.
  • 2. Update browser and device and try again to log in Apple Developer website.
  • 3. Use TunesKit iOS System Recovery to upgrade to iOS 18 Beta without Developer Account.

8. iPhone Running Slow

After installing the iOS 18 Beta, your iPhone could run or operate slowly as the background processes index the optimizing settings and new files. You can wait for two days, and if the problem still persists after that, you can perform a factory reset or restart the iPhone device.

fix iphone running slow


  • 1. Force restart your iPhone and it will remove all those that have occupied system resource.
  • 2. Reset all settings on your device, and all stored data on the device will be cleared.
  • 3. Turn off some unnecessary features such as Background App Refresh, Auto Update Apps, etc.

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9. Apps Crashing

Incompatibility with the iOS 18 Beta bug can lead you to face app crashes frequently. You must ensure that all the apps are updated or installed to your latest version. If this also doesn't solve the issue, you can delete or uninstall the problematic app, or contacting the app developer's support might also help you resolve the annoying issue.

apps keep crashing iphone


  • 1. Ensure all installed apps are up to date to resolve compatibility issues.
  • 2. Quit the problematic app and then relaunch it.
  • 3. Reinstall or remove app caches to solve the iOS 18 Beta bug.

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10. Battery Drain

The battery drain issue is one of the main iOS 18 Beta bugs. Many iOS users reported that their battery quickly drained after updating to iOS 18 due to its high battery consumption. To fix this issue you can assess the app consuming the excessive battery. Turning off the background app refresh, enabling the low power mode, and lowering screen brightness might also enable to dismantle the battery drain issues.

iphone x battery draining fast


  • 1. Disable irrelevant background app refresh to optimize iOS device battery usage.
  • 2. Remove unnecessary system services and quit unused apps in the background.
  • 3. Turn on the Low Power mode to save more power on your iPhone.

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11. iOS 18 Notifications Not Showing

Many users reported that the lock screen is not showing notifications after updating to the latest iOS 18 Beta. This problem arises since Beta 1 and is continuing with Beta 2, according to a user in Reddit. It would be frustrating if you miss some important information due to the loss of those alerts or reminders. Since the software is still in the early development stage, so it is not stable yet. You can try the following solutions to fix the issue by yourself.

notifications not showing reddit


  • 1. Try disable the notifications, or turn them to banner or stack, and then back.
  • 2. Make sure that the Allow Notifications option is enabled.
  • 3. Restart your iPhone to fix some software-related glitches with lock screen notifications.

12. iOS 18 Eye Tracking Not Working

The eye tracking in iOS 18 allows you to control your iOS device by looking at it, without touching your phone. This is absolutely a new way for users to intertact with their devices. After enabling the feature from Settings > Accessibility > Eye Tracking, you will be able use it freely. However, some users reported that eye tracking fails immediately. The workarounds given below may help you solve the issue effectively.

eye tracking fails reddit


  • 1. Reset your iPhone to the factory settings and then reset the eye tracking feature.
  • 2. Restart your device, which is the simplest way to fix some software bug.
  • 3. Use TunesKit iOS System Recovery to fix iOS 18 eye tracking not working in clicks.

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13. iOS 18 Siri Not Working

Apple Intelligence will be available in beta on iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and Siri AI is one of them. Now communicating with Siri is more natural than ever. However, some users found that the "Hey Siri" is no longer working and cannot get a response. They happened after they updated to iOS Beta 3. If you have the same problem, you can try the following methods here.

ios 18 siri ai not working reddit


  • 1. Try again and hold down the Side Button to invoke Siri. It may start to work after that.
  • 2. If the problem is caused by an iOS minor bug, you can restart your iPhone to fix it.
  • 3. Use a professional iOS repair tool like TunesKit iOS System Recovery to fix Siri not working easily.

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14. iOS 18 Beta Update Paused

To experience the new features and improvements of iOS 18, you can choose to update the iOS to the public Beta. However, many users complained that the downloading process was not as smooth as expected. One issue is that the update is paused due to some errors. To quickly solve the problem, please try the useful tips below.

ios 18 beta update paused


  • 1. Switch off Beta updates, and turn off your iPhone for a few minutes. Then turn on the device and Beta updates. Try to update it again now.
  • 2. Force restart your iPhone to fix the update issue caused by software glitches.
  • 3. Reset network settings to set it to factory settings and reconnect to WiFi.

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15. iPhone Keeps Restarting

Many iOS users reported that their iPhone keeps restarting after updating to the iOS 18 Beta or public beta. It is just like a time bomb because the phone will crash, shut down, and restart every few minutes of use. Thus, it would prevent users from accessing the device successfully. The problem is probably caused by the software bugs. And you can try the solutions below to get it fixed.

iphone keeps restarting after ios 18 update reddit


  • 1. Trying to uninstall the apps that have live activities could solve your problem.
  • 2. Downgrade from iOS 18 Beta to iOS 17 or wait for a new stable version to come out.
  • 3. Erase and reset all content on your iPhone, but remember to back up your important data in advance.

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16. Satellite Messages Not Showing up

With the incoming of iOS 18, iPhone 14 and later users can send and receive messages via satellite when out of cellular range. This feature automatically connects to the nearest satellite when you're in the Messages app and SOS Mode, allowing you to send texts, emojis, and tapbacks over iMessage and SMS. If you failed to send messages via satellite or the satellite message did not show up, you can try the following ways to resolve it.

satellite messages not working reddit


  • 1. Make sure your carrier has activated the capability and you're in the satellite coverage.
  • 2. Check your network. Messages via satellite is only available when you don't have cellular data and WiFi simultaneously.
  • 3. Reset your network settings and go back to the default, which may solve the issue.

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Part 2. iOS 18 Beta Bugs Related to Apps [4 Bugs]

The second part here are all known iOS 18 Beta bugs that are related to the Apps, no matter they are built-in apps or third-party apps. Now take a close look at them and get your problems solved instantly.

1. iOS 18 Beta Shortcuts Not Working

After installing the iOS 18 Beta, you may discover that the iOS 18 Beta shortcuts aren't working properly, which is one of the most frustrating iOS 18 Beta glitches. Fortunately, you don't need to worry about this type of iOS Beta 18 bug as you dive into the solutions below to get rid of this annoying issue.

ios18 beta shortcuts not working


  • 1. Try recreating the shortcuts, which might help you get rid of the whole situation you're currently in.
  • 2. Since a software issue could make the Shortcuts disappear, restarting the iPhone device could be helpful in fixing these annoying issues.
  • 3. Resolve this iOS 18 Beta but by re-enabling the automation, ensuring that you can use the iOS 18 Beta shortcuts without any fuss.

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2. iOS 18 Beta Music Haptics Not Working

Multiple users have reported the issue of the iOS 18 Beta music haptic not working after installing it. Unfortunately, music haptic also does not appear in the settings, which could make the scenes annoying and deplorable.

This implies that the iOS 18 Beta has not tuned the music haptics feature in the newly introduced vera version yet. Although this type of iOS 18 Beta problem isn't acceptable, you aren't alone in struggling with it. You can creep below to explore some solutions to fix the issue.

ios18 beta music haptics not working


  • 1. The first thing you need to do is to update your Apple Music app.
  • 2. Clearing the Apple music cache could also make the music haptic work appropriately.
  • 3. Waiting for the arrival of the iOS 18 public Beta is also recommended.

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3. iOS 18 Beta Math Notes Not Working

The iOS 18 beta update will introduce a new feature called Math Notes, allowing users to type or write simple math problems in a note, with the Notes app solving them in real time. A lot of users have shown the disappointments over using the Math Notes app after installing the iOS 18 Beta. Since this type of an issue is annoying, you can get rid of this unwanted issue by looking at the solutions below.

ios18 beta math notes not working


  • 1. Using the Apple pencil for Math Notes might help you to fix the issue.
  • 2. Checking the internet connection could be instrumental in getting rid of the issue.
  • 3. Updating the apps on the iPad or iPhone will also help the issue.

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4. iOS 18 Beta Mail App Not Working

Many users reported that the Mail app cannot work properly after updating to iOS 18 Beta. One typical one is that it keeps saying "connecting" instead of getting mail, and keeps asking for passwords to IMAP. Other problems are that it cannot send emails, or the app keeps crashing. Usually, the Mail app not working issue is caused by software bugs or incompatiblity problem. To resolve it, you can try the solutions below.

ios 18 mail app not working


  • 1. Restart your iPhone by long pressing the Power button and Voume button.
  • 2. Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings to reset network settings.
  • 3. Uninstall the Mail app and reinstall it again to fix the issue.

See More Solutions: How to Fix iOS 18 Beta Mail App Not Working

Part 3. All-in-One Tool to Fix Any iOS 18 Beta Bugs - TunesKit iOS System Recovery

Whether you're struggling with the iOS 18 Beta bugs preventing you from performing some operations on the iOS device or you're dealing with different iOS bugs on an iPhone, TunesKit iOS System Recovery is the ultimate solution to your problems. It is a highly repeated third party iOS problem solving tool that enables you to get rid of the 150+ iOS bugs in one click.

Fixing many software bugs is one thing, but getting rid of all the issues without prompting data loss is one of the best attributes of the TunesKit iOS System Recovery. Apart from solving software bugs, TunesKit iOS System Recovery is also capable of upgrading or downgrading iOS.

tuneskit ios system recovery

TunesKit iOS System Recovery Key Features:

  • Fix 150+ iOS issues, including boot loop, Apple logo, black screen, etc.
  • One press to enter or exit recovery mode for free
  • Upgrade or downgrade the iOS with ease
  • Come up with the 100% success rate & No data loss
  • Support the latest iOS 18 Beta version
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Follow the detailed guide below to get rid of software bugs through TunesKit iOS System Recovery.

Step 1Open TunesKit iOS System Recovery

To begin with, please download and install the TunesKit iOS System Recovery on the PC and then connect the mobile device to the desktop computer. After selecting the iOS System Repair option, you need to choose the Standard Mode, as heading this way doesn't cause data loss. Choosing Deep Repair Mode, on the other hand, means you'll lose some important data stored on the iPhone.

select standard mode

Step 2Download Firmware Package

In this phase, you need to check your iOS device information. After confirming that the details are about your iPhone, you can tap the Download button to initiate downloading the appropriate firmware package.

download the firmware package

Step 3Fix Any iOS Bugs Without Data Loss

After entering all the necessary parameters, you need to choose the Repair button to initiate repairing the iOS device. Remember, if you want a smooth restoring process, you need to ensure that the internet connection you're using is fast and stable.

start to fix ios

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Part 4. FAQs Related to iOS 18 Bugs

The following are some hot questions from our users. Check the short answers to them, and you may get a better understanding about iOS 18.

1. Is iOS 18 Beta stable?

Not really. Beta updates are meant for testing and gathering user feedback to address issues before the final version is launched. Thus, bugs and glitches are common in iOS 18 Beta versions, as reported by many iPhone users, including some that were fixed in iOS 17. These issues are typically resolved in future updates before the full iOS 18 release.

2. Should I upgrade to iOS 18 Beta?

The iOS 18 Beta version is released for developers and non-developers to test and explore new features in advance. However, as it is not the final version, it may be buggy. If you have a secondary iPhone, you can upgrade to iOS 18 Beta and have a try.

3. Why can't I get iOS 18?

The first reason is that your iPhone may have not enough storage for the new iOS 18 Beta. You can go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage to have a check. Next, go to Settings > General > About to verify your phone model, as older models won't support iOS 18. Apple routinely phases out support for older iPhones as they can't handle new features over time.

4. How to downgrade from iOS 18 Beta?

To downgrade from the iOS 18 beta, the easiest way is to use TunesKit iOS System Recovery. It helps you to get back to iOS 17 in just 3 steps. Connect iPhone and install the program on your computer, select the Upgrade/Downgrade iOS option, and then click iOS Downgrade. Done!

Part 5. Summary

Struggling with the iOS 18 Beta bugs isn't a good sight, and dealing with these types of issues can prevent you from exploring the mesmerizing features of the new iOS update. We have listed the 10 most common iOS 18 Beta issues, and apart from mentioning the credentials of these bugs we've also highlighted the amazing solution solving these issues.

Opting for the TunesKit iOS System Repair software remains the most pinnacle and efficient way to dismantle the iOS 150 bugs, prompting the highest success rate. Apart from supporting the Mac and Windows, it doesn't cause data loss courtesy of the Standard Repair Mode. Share your experience with us while using iOS 18 or TunesKit!

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