Top 6 Ways to Fix iPhone Screen Flickering after iOS 12 Update

Posted by Brian Davis on December 28, 2018 18:02:11 PM.

fix iphone screen flickering

Well, you might be wondering; why is my iPhone screen flickering? iPhone screen flickering is rather inconveniencing and annoying. Today, we are going to focus precisely on solving the quagmire. Here are a number ways through which you can solve iPhone screen flickering especially after iOS 12 update.

Most importantly you need to understand the root causes of the screen flickering before undertaking any of remedies.

Reasons Behind iPhone Screen Flickering

Memory hitch: this could be either because of insufficient storage or running low of storage capacity. It may, in turn, cause sluggish performance especially when running applications, random crashes, and iPhone screen flickering and unresponsive displays among others.

Damaged hardware: have you accidentally dropped your phone? Probably in water, floor; this could have caused damage in the iPhones motherboard and hence tampering with its display abilities. Even though the problem did not arise immediately, there is always a chance of gradual damage.

Corrupted software:the software issue is a rather complex. It means the software update you did on your iPhone may contain malicious files that may cause iPhone screen flickering.

As they say, there is always a solution to every problem and here are a number of ways that you can borrow and fix your iPhone screen flickering misfortune.

1. Hard Reset

Let’s say it is one of the ordinary and easiest ways to solve a whole number of problem for iPhone users. It is also referred to as rebooting or force restart.

1) For iPhone 8 and other latest models:

you just need to press and release the volume up button then press and release the volume down button and finally press and hold the home button till the Apple logo appears on the screen.

2) For iPhone 7 / 7 Plus:

For these two models it is much easier, you need to simultaneously press and hold the volume down and the power button until the Apple logo appears on your screen.

3) iPhone SE, 6s, and earlier models:

concurrently, press and hold the power button and the home button until the Apple logo appears as illustrated.

Before using this method always make sure that your phone is charged to reasonable capacity as could this could case iPhone screen flickering.

hard reboot iphone

2. Turn Brightness Down

It is absolutely the easiest way to solve a flickering screen problem. You are simply needed to access the menu page; go to Settings, scroll down to the Display & Brightness and click on the option. Disable Auto Brightness and turn down the brightness to a possible level. Let the phone stay in that condition for about 10 minutes and then reset it to its original state. There is a chance that the iPhone screen flickering will stop.

turn brightness down

3. Memory Check

When your memory (RAM) is loaded, there is always that possibility of unresponsive screen and applications, since there is not enough space for the OS to run optimally. Besides, the situation causes iPhone screen flickering. To stop this, you need to free up some space by deleting old text messages, media files, and unused applications.

iphone storage usage

4. Enable Reduce Transparency

Even though it is a passing solution for iPhone screen flickering, the methods may be of help to reduce the annoying display. Here is the procedure: Access the settings page, click on the General option, scroll down to the Accessibility tab and click it. Opt to Increase Contrast and finally turn on Reduce Transparency.

reduce transprarency

5. DFU Restore

Device Firmware Update Mode is our next solution if reducing brightness does not work. The method will assist you to make changes on the OS. However, it a little bit complex and different with regard to the various iPhone models. Follow the following steps;

For iPhone7, 8 and latest models:

Step . Connect the phone to the PC using a data cable, launch iTunes and switch off the phone.

Step . For a few seconds, press power button and press hold down the down volume without releasing the power tab

Step . Hold both tabs for about 10 seconds, release the power button and keep holding down volume button for around 5 seconds.

Step . As long as the screen is dark, you are already in DFU mode, and the iPhone screen flickering is fixed.

For iPhone 6s and earlier models:

The steps are the same only that you will be holding the side tab and the home lock this time around. Let go the side button and keep pressing the home button and the rest of the procedure follows.

iphone dfu mode

Fix iPhone Screen Flickering without Data Loss

Tuneskit iPhone Data Recovery is such a valuable tool that helps recover lost data after you have fixed the iPhone issues among them iPhone screen flickering. The software is a must have for all iOS users for it is fast, effective and easy to use.

Here are a few steps to help you to operate TunesKit;

Download Download

Since that most of the users don't have the conscious of backing up their iPhone regularly, we will introduce how to recover lost tex messages/iMessages directly from iPhone with TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery, simply follow the instructions below.

Step 1 Connect your iPhone to computer

Download and install TunesKit, connect your device using a data cable. Grant permission after the pop up message. Select the recovery mode of your choice and click "Recover from iOS". Your iPhone’s info will automatically appear.

connect iphone

Step 2Scan for the lost data

All the file types will be displayed in the window after it finishes scanning. At this time, you need to choose the file you want to regain and click on the "Scan" button to continue.

scan deleted whatsapp chats

Step 3Select the data you want to recover

The scanning process time will be determined by the amount of files on your iPhone. Once it gets done, you can view all recoverable files listed in different categories, select the specific files and click on the "Recover" button to revert them to your computer in seconds.

recover whatsapp messages

If you correctly follow these steps, then your issue will be solved. You could try a trial version of the software.

6. Hardware Fixing

If your problem is yet to be solved, check out and try fixing the hardware aspect of your iPhone. Well, you can return your phone if you still have a warranty. However, if you do not you could try;

Step . Dusting and cleaning the screen that may be causing unresponsiveness and display problems.

Step . Replacing the spoilt LCD screen. It is advisable you check out for a professional to do the replacing to avoid further damage.

The Bottom Line

All the above are perfect solutions for your iPhone screen flickering predicament. However, it is vital that you follow the correct steps when implementing any of the solutions. Altogether, consider your problems solved today but always remember if it is not broken do not try fixing it.


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