Top 5 Ways to Fix iPhone Screen Sensitivity too High

Updated by Brian Davis on Mar 24, 2022 2:11 PM

iphone screen sensitivity too high

iPhone is famous for the quality of its screen, which is designed to be very sensitive to finger touches. After all, who would want to use a phone whose screen only reacts when the screen is pressed really hard? But there are users complain that the iPhone screen sensitivity is too high that a mistouch or even a dot of dust can trigger something on the screen. No matter the cause being over design screen or certain system errors, the sensitive screen hinders our usage.

Therefore, we collect a large volume of information concerning the problem and conclude the 5 best solutions to help those bothered users.

Why is My iPhone Screen so Sensitive
Top 5 Solutions to Fix iPhone Screen Sensitivity too High
    Solution 1. Clear out Easy-to-ignore Obstructions
    Solution 2. Hard Restart iPhone
    Solution 3. Turn Down iPhone Touch Screen Sensitivity
    Solution 4. Use the iOS System Recovery Tool hot tip
    Solution 5. Ask Apple Support
    Video Tutorial: How to Fix iPhone Screen too Sensitive
Final Words

Why is My iPhone Screen so Sensitive

Screen protector - You can try to remove the iPhone screen protector to see if the screen sensitivity issue still exists. Sometimes, an inferior protector will even damage your screen.

Clean screen - It is important to keep the iPhone screen dry and clean. A wet screen will become extremely sensitive. If you want to clean the screen, please use alcohol-free fluid and a lint-free cloth.

iPhone is charging - If you find that your iPhone screen becomes sensitive only when it is charging, you can try to unplug it to get rid of the issue.

Top 5 Solutions to Fix iPhone Screen Sensitivity too High

1. Clear out Easy-to-ignore Obstructions

There are some obstructions that can be ignored easily but still impede the screen from reacting to finger touches normally, for example, small dust, a screen protector. To eliminate these causes, you should:

1) Clean the screen with a cloth. To clean the screen to the finest condition, wipe the screen cloth soaked with ethyl alcohol (not wine, spirit or beer!) and then dry cloth.

2) Remove the screen protector and see whether the screen functions normally without it. If you have to use a screen protector to ensure the safety of the screen, use a well-established brand that will not block normal screen usage.

clear iphone screen not working

2. Hard Restart iPhone

Easy as it seems, a hard reboot, also called hard restart, can solve a large number of problems for iPhone users. It is different from the normal reboot in that it is more complete.

1) iPhone 6s Plus and earlier models:

Press and hold the Power button and the Home button at the same time button until the Apple logo appears as illustrated.

2) iPhone 7 and derivative models:

Simultaneously press and hold the Volume Down and the Power button until the Apple logo appears on your screen.

3) iPhone 8 and other latest models:

Press and release the Volume Up button and then do the same to the Volume Down button, and finally hold the Home button till the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Before using this method always make sure that your iPhone is not running out of power.

hard reboot iphone

3. Turn Down iPhone Touch Screen Sensitivity

Up until now, iPhone 3D Touch is installed on models from iPhone 6s to iPhone XS Max. 3D Touch can sense how deeply the user presses the screen, intending to provide a multi-functional touching experience. However, over sensitivity of iPhone 3D Touch will cause screen touch hard to use.

To turn down the sensitivity of 3D Touch, you should first find the 3D Touch menu as shown in the image below, then use the slider under the menu to adjust the sensitivity.

turn down iphone touch sensitivity

4. Use the iOS System Recovery Tool

If you find your iPhone touch screen too sensitive only occasionally, it may be caused by the iOS system bugs. However, to identify and tackle the bugs is never easy. Finding out what the specific problem costs time energy, while an iTunes restore will have the data erased. But don't worry, we have prepared an effective and safe tool to help you.

TunesKit iOS System Recovery is a multifunctional iOS recovery tool that covers more than 150 issues, such as iPhone white screen, iPhone reboot loop, etc. It can eradicate the glitches that cause iPhone screen sensitivity to become too high without any data loss, which is its most significant feature. All in all, convenience and safety are the reasons why we choose it. The other main features and the download links of this software are listed below.

ios system recovery

TunesKit iOS System Recovery Key Features

  • Covers 150+ iOS issues, including abnormal iPhone screen sensitivity issues
  • 3 easy steps to fix ios-related issues
  • Ensure no data loss using the Standard mode
  • Lowest price among similar products
  • Supports the latest iOS version including 15

Here is a brief guide of using TunesKit iOS System Recovery:

Step 1Connect your iPhone to the computer

Connect your phone with the computer with a Made for Apple Cable. Wait until TunesKit iOS System Recovery has detected your phone, you can see an image of your device displayed on the left side of the window. Now press the Enter Recovery Mode button under this image and your iPhone will be ushered into the recovery mode.

connect iphone

Step 2Choose the Standard Mode to safely repair iOS system

In the next window, displayed on the screen are two modes to choose, which are the Standard Mode and the Advanced Mode. Choose the former which can solve common troubles like abnormally high iPhone screen sensitivity without data loss, while the Advanced Mode is designed to cope with extremely severe issues at the expense of your data.

select a mode to fix screen sensitivity

Step 3Download firmware Package

In the window as shown below, TunesKit iOS System Recovery will automatically collect the info of your iPhone, and you need to make sure all of it is correct so that the iOS Recovery tool can download corresponding firmware. Then download the firmware matching your iPhone and tap the Repair button to start repairing. Wait a few minutes, your iPhone should be back to normal.

download normal screen sensitivity firmware

5. Ask Apple Support

iPhone touch sensitivity problem might result from the damaged screen or other software, reliable replacement of which you can only get from Apple Support. In addition, in most cases, Apple Support is the last place where customers get support from, because the professional staff there will help you find the best and the safest solution to whatever the problem you are facing. Thus, if the previous 4 solutions fail to resolve the problem, you should go to nearby Apple Support center.

ask apple support

Video Tutorial: How to Fix iPhone Screen too Sensitive

Final Words

To make your iPhone screen sensitivity change to the most comfortable degree, we suggest that you follow the steps above in the order they are listed in the passage. It is also worth mentioning that you can go to Apple Support at any point, but to save your precious time and energy, it would be better to eliminate as many causes as possible and try as many safe solutions as possible in advance.


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