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Posted by Brian Davis on November 5, 2018 11:12:12 AM.

iphone stuck on Apple white logo

iPhone stuck on white logo, this is an issue that many iPhone owners have encountered many times in their association with this device. It is a chilling occurrence that can leave confused on the functionality of your device. Basically over here, the iPhone device on booting will stick on the white logo without showing any signs of proceeding to the other functions. Yes, the Apple logo on the background looks so beautiful but when it sticks for long you definitely know that you have a problem on your hand. So how does it come by and how do you fix an iPhone stuck on Apple logo white screen.

In a bid to solve this issue we first need to know clearly what causes it. Among the causes of the iPhone getting stuck on white logo include:

These are some of the issues that will get your iPhone stuck on the white Apple logo. So the question most people facing this problem have is on how to solve it. There are many ways to solve the prevailing issue that you can handle on your own without having to visit your local Apple store technician. Here are various ways on how to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo.

1. Initiate a Restart

This is the first way to try and eliminate this nuisance. Try to switch off the device then restart it again to see if the issue is gone or still proving to be a headache. The restart may fail in this frozen state so the only valid option would be forcing a restart. All the Apple devices have different ways of initiating a restart. The following is how to initiate a restart depending on the device that you are using.

• For the iPhone 8 or X and the newer models, when the Apple logo gets stuck on the home screen, you will initiate the force restart by first pressing and releasing the volume up button then do the same for the volume down button. Then press and hold the side button for almost 10 seconds then release it. This action should be performed in quick succession and will reboot your device and is a good solution for iPhone stuck on Apple logo iOS 12 operating system.

• Forcing a restart in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7plus, you will go as follows; press down on the power and volume buttons simultaneously. As the screen darkens, release the buttons then click again on the power button until the Apple logo reappears. If the phone restarts normally then you will have the problem out of your hands.

• For the iPhones 5, 5s, 6,6s and 6 plus, when the Apple logo gets stuck on the screen, you will force restart by long pressing on the home and power buttons at the same time until the screen darkens then you can release the buttons. Then try turning on your device again by pressing on the power button. If there is no underlying issue, the device should start normally and it will be considered fixed.

In case this does not resolve the issues you can follow these other steps.

2. Fixing an iPhone Stuck at the Apple Logo Without Data Loss

This is a very efficient way of fixing your Apple device that is stuck at the Apple logo. To accomplish this you will need a repair software that will help you in fixing this issue. A notable program that will solve this issue with awesome results is the TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery software . This is a tool that can also help in the restoration of your lost data from your device.

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To go on with this process you will need to download this software from its website and launch it from a well-functioning PC When done with this step, connect your phone with a USB cable to the PC and click on repair device when the device will be noticed by the software. On the repair window, a pop-up window will emerge and will ask of your issue and you will click on the frozen Apple logo on the welcome screen. It will then proceed to ask you of your device make which you will select and it will proceed with the repair process. Once done you will restart your phone and the nuisance will be no more.

3. Restore iPhone in Recovery Mode

This way will do away with the problem by restoring your iPhone device in recovery mode. Using this mode, you will have to connect to iTunes and you will lose all your data on your device. To proceed with this process you will need to connect your device to a PC and log in to iTunes. Then dependent on the version of your iPhone you will need to initiate a procedure that will show the white Apple logo and a prompt to connect to iTunes. This is how to go on the various iPhone versions.

set iphone recovery mode

After putting your device on recovery mode, click on the restore key in the dialog box and the issue will be totally done with.

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4. Restore iPhone in Default Firmware Update

This is a very serious way of sorting out the issue and will lead to the irreversible erasing of all your data. It is considered a last-ditch method after the other methods have failed.

To go on with this mode of solving the problem, you will need to connect your device through a USB cable to your PC and sign in to iTunes. For the respective iPhone devices, you will need to initiate the pressing of the keys reminiscent of the force reboot manner. This is until a message pops saying that iTunes has detected a phone in recovery mode. After this release the buttons when the screen goes blank and you will be able to restore your device.

The Bottom Line

The iPhone getting stuck on the Apple logo is a big nuisance to many iPhone users and really has them frustrated. At least with these many solutions, the problem will be a thing for the past as you can see how easy it is to solve the hitch. However, if the problem persists it will be advisable to reach out for the Apple customer center or seek the services of a valid technician.


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