iOS 12 Software Update Failed! How to Fix

Posted by Brian Davis on January 4, 2019 18:02:11 PM.

ios 12 update failure

Apple has been as one of the most innovative mobile phone company all over the world. Their quality products have continued to attract massive popularity. It is highly recommended that your Apple device is regularly updated. Every iPhone user, for example, wants iOS 12 updates on their devices. These intentions, however, have been cut short by popping notification messages "iOS 12 software update failed". It is demoralizing. Well, this article will focus on tips that will help you solve iOS 12 update problems.

The To-do List: Before Solving the Update Problem

Before commencing on the issue always makes sure that:

1. You iPhone is charged to reasonable capacity

2. You have a stable internet

3. Most importantly, make sure that your iPhone has enough space that can allow for the installation package of iOS 12 update.

4. Make sure your device can support iOS 12 update.

After ensuring that the above conditions are fulfilled, you can now then proceed to solve the iOS 12 software update failed error. Here are 6 tips which will go in a long way to assisting you to solve the problem:

Tip 1: Close and Try Again Later

Perhaps it is one of the easiest ways to solving this predicament once and for all. On the "iOS 12 software update failed" notification text are two options; "Close" and "Settings." Confidently, click on the close option. The notification will automatically disappear. Stays put for few hours and once again access the settings on your menu and scroll to "General" and proceed to software update. Attempt to download and install the iOS 12 update.

Tip 2: Reboot your iPhone

Force restart is one of the most known remedies for simple iPhone problem. We can all agree on that. Well, iOS 12 software update failed error is no different.

1) For the X series iPhone,

You are required to hold the side button and the Volume Down button together for a few seconds until an Apple logo appears.

2) For iPhone 8,

Press and hold the side button until a slide notification to switch off the phone appears. Drag it to turn off the phone. Hold the button again to switch it on.

3) For iPhones 6s and previous models,

Hold the sleep button and home button concurrently until an Apple logo appears.

After the restart, you can now proceed to download and installation of the iOS 12 update. If it does not work, try option 3.

hard reboot iphone

Tip 3: Use iTunes for the Update

Update on air may not work for some people. It is at this juncture that you employ iTunes as a bridge to fix the iOS 12 update problem. The procedure is rather easy to follow:

Step . Download and install the latest iTunes on your computer. Connect the iPhone using a USB cable. iTunes will automatically launch. In the event it does not, open it manually.

Step . Once you iPhone reflects on the iTunes program, click on the iPhone icon on the left side.

Step . Lastly, click on "Check for Update" on the right and then proceed to "Download and Update".

In the event, a notification message "iOS 12 software update not available" do not get stressed out. There is a chance that there is an unpacked iOS 12 update in your phone. Simply access the Settings menu, choose General then Storage & iCloud Usage, scroll down to Manage Storage. Look for iOS 12 update list and delete it.

use itunes for update

Tip 4: Reset Network Settings

Network connectivity may be a hindrance for the iOS 12 update. It is therefore advisable that a network setting reset is done. It is a proven method. Resetting will clear all the customized setting to its original state. It offers new grounds on which you can install the updates unlike in previous settings configurations. All you need to do is: Access the Settings tab on your menu, click on General then Reset option, and eventually Reset Network Settings. The process will not affect any stored information in your memory. After that, you are good to go! Download and try installing the iOS 12 update.

reset network

Tip 5: Restart Internet Connection

Checking your internet connection should be a top priority. It is possible that a weak internet connection is the main reason for the iOS 12 software update failed error. Hence it is vital that you try restarting the source of internet connection. Probably restart your cellular data or reboot the Wi-Fi router from which you are connecting. You could also reset Wi-Fi connectivity on your iPhone.

restart internet

Tip 6: Manual Update

Well, the process can be a little bit complex for ordinary iPhone users. It is for this reason that one is advised to seek professional assistance. It is also vital that you create a back for your device. The process involves manual download of the iOS 12 IPSW file without using Apple servers and then using it to update your device with iTunes. Here are few steps to guide you:

Step . Download the iOS 12 IPSW file. Always make sure it is the correct file for your model before downloading it.

Step . Connect your iPhone using a USB cable and manually launch iTunes if it does not start automatically.

Step . Navigate to the summary tab of iTunes.

Step . Hold the Shift button in Windows or Alt/Option key on Mac and click the "Restore iPhone" key.

Step . Navigate and select the iOS 12 IPSW file downloaded earlier. After that iTunes will start the installation method.

The Bottom Line

Anytime you use this method you risk losing your data. However, that should not scare you. Tuneskit iPhone Data Recovery offers you with the perfect solution for any lost data. The software is easy to use, fast and secure. It can recover over 20 types of iOS data. Do not give up on iOS 12 update for your iPhone. The above tips are destined to work with all factors constant. Share the post with your friends out there. I am confident that the tips will work. Additionally, do not forget to leave your comments!

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