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Posted by Brian Davis on Dec 30, 2020 2:00 PM

iphone frozen on lock screen

Recently, some iPhone users have been reported a newly appeared iPhone stuck issue, that is the iPhone frozen on the lock screen. The problem mostly happens on iPhone X and no matter how they enter the passcode, it is just unresponsive. Do you also ever encounter the trouble or are you meeting with it right now? Although this issue seems to be annoying, yet we collected the reasons behind it and some ways to solve it.

Part 1: Why is my iPhone frozen on the lock screen?
Part 2: How to fix iPhone frozen on lock screen?
Part 3: How to better customize your iPhone's lock screen?

Part 1: Why is my iPhone frozen on the lock screen?

It is not uncommon to have the iPhone stuck on lock screen, but no specific causes can be used to explain it. As for your confusion about "why is my iPhone frozen on the lock screen", there are several general situations, firstly software bugs, then some apps errors, lastly iOS glitches. Whatever the reason is, you can completely get rid of it through following methods introduced.

Part 2: How to fix iPhone frozen on lock screen?

Fix 1: Ask someone to call you

Whether you input the passcode or not, does your iPhone merely stay stuck on the passcode screen? In such a case, you could simply ask somebody next to you to call you. Through the call, your iPhone's lock screen may get unfrozen and thus locked.

Fix 2: Restart your iPhone

However, if your iPhone is still frozen on the lock screen after the call, then you can try to power off the device. To restart an iPhone, just press down the Sleep/Wake button until the slider that slide to power off is shown, then drag it to the right to turn off your device, finally hold the same button to turn your iPhone on.

restart iphone

Fix 3: Hard reboot your iPhone

Also, simply hard rebooting your iPhone might also work wonders, and the specific operating steps are presented below.

For iPhone X/11, hold down the Side and the Volume buttons at the same time until the Slider appears, then drag on the slider to close the iPhone, finally press the Side button to open your device.

For iPhone SE (2nd) /8 /7/6, hold down the Side button until the Slider appears and drag on the slider to switch off your iPhone, finally hold the Side button to switch on the device.

For iPhone SE (1st) / 5 and former, hold down the Top until the Slider appears, then pull on the slider to power off the iPhone, finally press the Top button to power on your device.

hard reboot iPhone

Fix 4: Fix the frozen iPhone by TunesKit

To get out of the trouble we discussed in the article after one attempt, you are suggested to use professional iPhone recovery tools. Here TunesKit iOS System recovery is recommended. No matter whether your iPhone stuck on the lock screen or stuck on the recovery mode, this powerful third-party software can help you to fix them with the fastest speed and with an almost 100% success rate while causing no data loss.

ios system recovery

Main Functions of TunesKit iOS System Recovery

  • Solve 50+ iOS and TVos problems.
  • Support almost all iOS devices like iPhone,iPad and iPod.
  • Compatible with all iOS versions including the latest iOS 14.
  • With Standard and Advanced Modes to fix common and complicated issues.
  • One-click to enter or exit recovery mode for free.
  • Support downgrading iOS versions.

Step 1Connect iPhone and open TunesKit

Connect your frozen iPhone to a computer and launch TunesKit iOS System Recovery. Enter the recovery mode through one-click, then click the "Start" button.

connect ios device

Step 2Choose reparing mode

In the following window, select the Standard Mode to fix your iPhone frozen on the lock screen without any data loss.

select mode

Step 3Download and verify firmware package

Check your iPhone's information and correct it if anything is wrong. Next, tap on the "Download" button to let the application download and verify the firmware package matched with your device.

download firmware

Step 4 Fix iPhone stuck on lock screen

After the downloading is finished, click the "Repair" button to fix the iOS. When the process is completed, you can successfully unlock your iPhone.

fix ios

Fix 5: Restore iPhone via iTunes

In fact, there is another alternative can be applied to resolve your iPhone frozen on the lock screen. That is restoring your device through iTunes, but it will remove all data on your iPhone. If you have backed them up before, you could do the steps below.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to PC and launch iTunes on the computer.

Step 2: Make your iPhone enter recovery mode.

Step 3: When iTunes detects your iPhone in recovery mode, click Restore iPhone option on the message popping up.

restore iPhone via iTunes

Video Tutorial

Part 3: How to better customize your iPhone's lock screen?

In conclusion, these are the tips offered for you to fix iPhone stuck on the lock screen. Finally, since the lock screen of iPhone is an important entrance to the use of the device, here we will teach you how to better customize it. To begin with, you could head to Settings > Notifications and disable the "Show on Lock Screen" option if you don't want then to bother you. Then, unwilling to see some events on the lock screen, too? Please navigate to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, scroll down to locate "Today View" option to switch it off. Lastly, thanks for your time spent on the post. Contact us if you need.

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