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[iOS 17] iPhone Error 1110 While Updating: Fix Now!

Updated by Brian Davis on Oct 17, 2023 5:00 PM • Category: Fix iPhone Issues
5 mins read

iPhone error 1110 has hit many iPhone users globally, and people have no clue how to solve the issue. The problem appeared consistent with iOS updates, especially the iOS 17. During this error, an iPhone user will notice that the Apple logo repeatedly appears on the screen in a loop.

The problem appeared even when the update was through iTunes. In general, the error code 1110 relates to the low memory on the device. A simple process is to delete a few things before beginning the updating process. But, as the device is stuck at the Apple logo, it is impossible. So, we will look at the various solutions you can execute to ensure that you can back the phone into running condition, create a backup, free up space, and then proceed with the update to avoid the error.

iphone error 1110

Part 1. Cause of iPhone Error 1110

iPhone error 1110 when updating to iOS 17 occurs due to a lack of memory space supporting its update process. Suppose you are unsure about the free space on your device. In that case, it is advisable not to proceed with the update procedure, as you will succumb to the error. The only way for smooth execution of the update is by freeing up space from the device.

Part 2. 5 Methods to Fix the iPhone Update Error 1110

The following methods will help attend to error 1110 iPhone without causing data loss.

Method 1: Freeing Up Space on the Device

The error occurs because you have less space on the iPhone for updating to the latest iOS. You can look at the space consumed on your device by heading to the Settings app and then selecting the General option. Under this, locate iPhone Storage and tap the same. You will see what is consuming the space, such as photos, videos, apps, messages, and others. Depending on the need, you can delete a few unwanted images, videos, and messages to free up space.

clean iphone storage

Method 2: Restore iPhone Using iTunes

iPhone error 1110 occurs because of insufficient space on the device. As the best bet, restoring the device to the original setting is preferable using iTunes. Remember that the procedure will result in data loss if you do not create a backup.

Ensure to have iTunes installed before proceeding with the steps below:

Step 1. Launch iTunes.
Step 2. Connect the iPhone to Mac or PC using a USB cable.
Step 3. You should see your device on iTunes.
Step 4. Once iTunes recognizes the device, it will display all the information on the home screen.
Step 5. Locate the "Restore iPhone" option and click it to proceed with the restoration.
Step 6. After completion, the device restarts as a new iPhone.

restore iphone via itunes

You can then proceed with the update process and check if the error 1110 iPhone exists.

Method 3: Remove Unused Apps from iPhone

Low memory space will lead to iPhone error 1110 when updating to iOS 17. You might have noticed which things occupy the most space on the device using method 1. You have deleted a few videos and images, which may not help with the requirement. A better way is to uninstall unwanted apps stored on the device.

The steps to remove unwanted apps are as follows:

Step 1. First, navigate to the Settings > General > iPhone Storage to identify the storage.
Step 2. Select an application that you are no longer using.
Step 3. You can remove them from the device by either offloading the apps (removes only the application but not the data) or removing both the application and data.

remove unwanted apps

Method 4: Force Restart the iPhone

If the above solutions failed to fix the issue, then consider the option of force restarting the unit. This option functions efficiently in many cases and allows the device to return to its stable working condition. Likewise, a force restart of the iPhone bypasses the Apple logo loop and fix iPhone error 1110.

Force Restart on iPhone 8 and Later:
Step 1. First, press the Volume Up and then the Down button.
Step 2. Next, press the Side button till the iPhone restarts automatically.

Force Restart on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:
Step 1. Press together the Side button and Volume Down button.
Step 2. Then, hold the keys together until the device restarts automatically.

force restart iphone

Method 5: Contact Apple Support

Suppose you could not fix iPhone update error 1110 using the above four solutions. In that case, seek assistance from Apple support. You should visit the nearest service center along with the device and allow the staff to help you with the issue. The service cost will vary from one region to another.

contact apple support

Part 3. TunesKit iOS System Recovery [Effective]

As you can see, most of the solutions discussed above result in data loss. However, many iPhone users do not want to lose their data. In this case, using a reputable third-party application, TunesKit iOS System Recovery, in this case, is preferable to fix the error.

The application functions with all the iOS versions and requires minimal effort from a user to fix iPhone 1110 error. Fortunately, the system recovery tool also solves more than 150+ troubles an iPhone device undergoes during its lifespan. The significant feature is its ability to fix the device without any data loss.

TunesKit iOS System Recovery allows users to choose between standard and advanced modes to fix their device. The standard method rectifies any problem without any data loss. At the same time, the advanced method attends to severe issues that cause data loss. The recovery tool is more than just a solution provider. It also helps the device get out of the recovery mode, upgrade, or downgrade the iOS, and solve issues with Apple TV.

tuneskit ios system recovery

TunesKit iOS System Recovery Key Features

  • Compatible with all iOS versions and almost all iDevices
  • Beautiful interface and easy-to-operate steps
  • Two repair modes: Standard and Advanced Modes
  • One-click to enter or exit recovery mode for free
  • Fix iPhone update error 1110 within several steps
Try It Free 600,000+ Downloads
Try It Free 600,000+ Downloads

Step 1Open TunesKit and connect iPhone

To beigin with, please launch TunesKit iOS System Recovery on your computer. Then, connect your iPhone to the computer and click on the Start button. Select the Standard mode to fix iPhone error 1110 when updating to iOS 17.

connect ios device

Step 2Download firmware package

Ensure that all the given information on the TunesKit iOS System Recovery is corresponding to your iPhone. When everthing is right, click on the Download button.

download firmware

Step 3 Fix iTunes error 1110

Click on the Repair button and TunesKit iOS System Recovery will start to fix the iTunes error 1110.

fix ios

Part 4. Conclusion

iPhone error 1110 is something that many iPhone users face when upgrading their iOS. Fortunately, the methods discussed here help fix the issue. But TunesKit iOS System Recovery is the appropriate tool everybody needs to rectify the error and many other problems without any data loss. Try it today!

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