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A complete guide to iPhone lost mode

Posted by Brian Davis on 09/21/2018 12:13:12 PM • Category: iOS & iPhone Tips
5 mins read

Smartphones have become quite expensive in the recent past. This makes your iPhone even more valuable to you. However, what happens when you lose your valuable phone? It can be a very frustrating event. But, thanks to the genius behind the iPhone, you don't have to worry a lot if you misplace your iPhone or you suspect that it has been stolen. The iPhone is designed with lots of unparallel features and services. One of its amazing features is the iPhone lost mode. The lost mode on the iPhone is a feature that helps you track your smartphone when it is misplaced or you think it has been stolen.

iphone lost mode

What is iPhone Lost Mode?

The iPhone lost mode is an inbuilt feature for iPhones starting from those with iOS 6. When a phone is locked remotely with the lost mode it cannot be accessed and usually display a message containing the names and contacts of the owner on the screen. This is designed to help whoever finds it trace the owner of the device in case it was misplaced.

This is an important feature of the iPhone that enables you to remotely lock a lost iPhone so that no one can access your private information on the phone. The remote locking only locks the information and blocks alerts and messages but does not turn off the phone hence it can still be used to receive calls. In addition to locking your messages, you can trace the location of the phone by obtaining alerts on its location. This is important because it enables you to recover your lost phone whether it was stolen or just misplaced.

Note: If you're sure your iPhone is stolen, you should first use lost mode to lock your iPhone to prevent others to access your iPhone, and then use Tuneskit iPhone Data Recovery (Click to get Mac version) to recover data from lost or stolen iPhone via iCloud or iTunes backup easily and quickly.

How to Activate the iPhone Lost Mode

enable iphone lost mode

If you lost or misplaced your iPhone, then instead of panicking, the first thing you should when you realize your iPhone is missing is to activate the iPhone lost mode. This will lock your device and this protects your data from falling in the wrong hands. In addition, it will give you an opportunity to pass a message to whoever finds your devices with an alternative number they can contact you. To activate the iPhone lost mode, follow these steps:

Step 1. Find a computer and log into your iCloud account;

Step 2. When you sign into the iCloud account find and click to open the "Find iPhone" tab;<

Step 3. On the map that pops up, Select the "All Devices" button and then at the top of the new display click on the device you misplace (it could be an iPhone or even an iPad).

Step 4. A box will appear with a number of features, select the "Lost Mode";

Step 5. On the box that pops up enter the message you want to appear on the screen of the lost device and the alternative contact numbers someone can reach you on and submit.

This should lock your lost device by displaying your message and the alternative contact numbers on the screen. You can also now start tracking the location of the device.

Using the iPhone Lost Mode to Find a Missing iPhone

One of the greatest benefits of the lost mode on iPhone feature is the fact that it can enable you to find your missing devices more easily by tracking the location. Even if your iPhone was stolen and the thief turned off the location services, the iPhone lost mode can turn on the services remotely while the device is located to help you track it down.

To track your iPhone using the lost mode follow these steps:

Step 1. When you log into your iCloud account on a computer and activate the lost mode for your phone a map will appear and the location of your phone will be denoted by a green circular icon on the map. Remember, this will only happen if your iPhone has an internet connection at the time.

Step 2. To track the exact location of the phone you will have to zoom the map out .

If your device cannot connect to the internet either because it ran out of data, it is out of range for the WiFi network or it is off, then the last location where the device accessed the internet will be shown.

How to Turn Off the iPhone Lost Mode

turn off iphone lost mode

Other than locking your data and keeping it safe from unauthorized individuals, the other great job the iPhone' s lost mode does is to track down and locate your phone. However, once you find your missing phone you need to turn off the lost mode in order for you to use it.

The two most popular methods of turning off the lost mode are to use the passcode or turn the lost mode of in the iCloud account. The use of the passcode is straightforward and does not take much time, however, if for one reason or the other you do not have a passcode for your iPhone then the only option you have is to use the iCloud account. Here you have to follow these steps:

Step 1. Log into your iCloud account on a computer or even another iPhone

Step 2. Click to open the "All Devices" tab and then navigate to the "Lost Mode" feature

Step 3. Open the "lost mode" feature and then click on the "Stop Lost Mode" button

This should turn off the iPhone Lost Mode on your iPhone and allow using the phone.

Important Common FAQ's About the iPhone Lost Mode

There are a lot of questions that people ask about the lost mode on the iPhone. Some of the important Common FAQs include:

Q: If I activate the iPhone lost mode, Can I still call my number and try to reach out to whoever may be having my Phone?

A: Yes. Although the iPhone lost mode is designed to lock your phone to protect your data from unauthorized access it does not turn off you're the device. The iPhone can still receive calls but all other alerts will be turn off.

Q: Can I still track my iPhone when it has been switch off?

A: Yes and no. Tracking a lost iPhone using the iPhone lost mode relies on the internet connectivity of your devices. When it is off it is will not be located. However, you will still locate the last location when it was on and within the network range. In addition, the command will be sent but it will only send an alert once it is switched on.

Q: Will tracking my iPhone be Impossible if I have turned off location services?

A: No. The iPhone lost mode is designed to remotely turn on location services and track your phone even when you have disabled the location.

Q: Will the iPhone Lost mode still be useful if I misplaced my iPhone within my home?

A: You can still use it to locate your phone, but there is a more useful feature in such situation known us "Play Sound". Once you log into your iCloud account and navigate to the missing devices. You will have to choose the "Find My iPhone" feature. Then simply select "Play Sound".

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