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How to Restore Jailbroken iPad with or without iTunes?

Posted by Brian Davis on Jul 2, 2021 4:00 PM • Category: Fix iPhone Issues
5 mins read

As an Apple user, many of us will choose to jailbreak the iOS device because of the customized interface and nice looking. While bringing convenience, there are also risk with a jailbroken device. So, can we restore our jailbroken devices to a normal state? The answer is yes. In today's tutorial, I will offer you 2 nice ways to restore jailbroken iPad without iTunes or with iTunes. You can restore your iOS device in several steps and won't meet any difficulty. In addition, there will be a tip about how to restore the jailbroken iOS device without losing jailbreak.

restore jailbroken ipad

Restore jailbroken iPad with iTunes

iTunes is a powerful tool, which can restore a jailbroken iPad, and fix regular iOS issues. When you meet an iOS trouble or an iOS issue, try to fix it via iTunes. Here is a detailed tutorial about how to make your iPad back to normal.

Step 1 Connect your iPad to computer

itunes fixed

First of all, connect your iPad to iTunes with an available lighting cable. Then launch iTunes and wait until your iPad is detected by iTunes. When your iPad is detected by iTunes, click the iPad icon.

Step 2Restore you iPad

restore jailbroken ipad

In this panel, you are able to see a blue icon. Click it and your iPad will be restored. Before the recovery, iTunes will download a firmware package and you need to wait until the downloading is finished.

Step 3Set up and use your iPad

When the restore process is finished, your iPad will restart and back to the normal state. It is worth noting that all of your data will be deleted after the process.

Restore jailbroken iPad without iTunes

There is another choice for you if you are not going to use iTunes. Here, I recommend a professional iOS system recovery tool, TunesKit iOS System Recovery, for you to restore jailbroken iPad without iTunes. Restoring iPad is one of TunesKit iOS System Recovery's essential features. Besides, TunesKit iOS System Recovery can fix most of the iOS system issues, such as iPhone stuck on Apple logo, Bluetooth not working, Wi-Fi not connected, and so on. What's more, TunesKit can protect your iPad data and your information. With the concise interface, it won't cost you too much time to learn how to use it. If you know little about iOS device fixing, I think TunesKit iOS System Recovery can be a nice and reliable assistant for you.

tuneskit ios system recovery

Key Features of TunesKit iOS System Recovery

  • Fix iOS operating system issues
  • Two repairing modes: Standard Mode and Advanced Mode
  • Supports different iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • Compatible with all iOS versions including the iOS 14
  • Easy-to-use and beginner-friendly
  • Restore jailbroken iPad easily
Try It Free 600,000+ Downloads
Try It Free 600,000+ Downloads

Here is a detailed tutorial for you to restore your iPad.

Step 1 Launch TunesKit iOS System Recovery

connect ios device

This is the main interface of TunesKit iOS System Recovery. With the concise design, you can restore your jailbroken iPad quickly and easily without any barrier.

Step 2 Select a mode to restore your iPad

select a mode

In TunesKit iOS System Recovery, there are 2 modes for you to choose to restore your iPad. The left one is the Standard Mode, which can fix some of the normal issues of iOS system. If your iPad meets some issues like Bluetooth not working, Apps not working, or keep crashing, you can try to use the Standard Mode to fix. Standard Mode won't cause data loss, and keeps your iPad in the jailbroken state.

The Advanced Mode is the better solution for how to restore jailbroken iPad, and make it back to the normal state. At the same time, Advanced Mode can fix most of the iOS issues in several minutes. It should be noted that Advanced Mode will erase all of your data. Please remember to back up your data before that.

Step 3 Download firmware package

download firmware

Next up, TunesKit iOS System Recovery will download a firmware package for you. Confirm that the device model information is correct.

Step 4Restore your iPad

fx your ios

When the download process is done, TunesKit iOS System Recovery will start to restore the jailbroken iPad for you. Wait for minutes and you can use a normal state iPad again.

Restore jailbroken iPad without jailbreak loss

You may meet a situation that your iPad went wrong and need to be restored. Is there any method to restore the jailbroken iPad, and without losing jailbreak? Sure. Firstly, connect your iPad to TunesKit iOS System Recovery via a working lighting cable. Secondly, select the Standard Mode and wait until the fixing process is done. Though Standard Mode can fix normal iOS issues, please choose Advanced Mode if Standard Mode is not working.

Should I jailbreak my iOS device?

It is a normal question that many iOS users will ask: should I jailbreak my iOS device? Firstly, jailbreaking your iOS can bring you many benefits, such as free customization, a chance to access the iOS files, download and install apps freely. But on the contrary, a jailbroken iPad contains obvious disadvantages. If you jailbreak your iPad, it means that you lost the protection of Apple Inc. Your iPad warranty will be invalid and the iOS system update will not be available. Everything does have two sides. Before the jailbreaking, it will be better to think about the advantages and disadvantages.

The bottom line

Jailbreaking doesn't mean that your iPad can't go back to the normal state anymore. You are able to restore a jailbroken iPad without iTunes or with iTunes. As an official software, iTunes is suitable for iOS devices. iTunes allows users to update or restore their iOS device safely. However, when users restore their iOS device via iTunes, their data will be erased. Hence, I think TunesKit iOS System Recovery is better for you. TunesKit iOS System Recovery is a professional tool that can help iOS users fix their iOS issues. Not only restoring jailbroken iPad without iTunes, but TunesKit iOS System Recovery also can restore the disabled iOS device, fix iTunes error 1611, or fix Apple Watch won't pair with iPhone. I think that TunesKit iOS System Recovery is a useful tool for apple users, for it can fix most of the iOS issues in several clicks and needs no expertise.

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