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[2024] How to Fix iPad Has White Lines on the Screen

Updated by Brian Davis on Apr 26, 2024 6:00 PM • Category: Fix iPhone Issues
6 mins read

ipad has white lines on screen

The users of iOS devices usually face the issue of having vertical or horizontal white lines. They complain about white lines on their iPad screen when they are watching some videos or using an application. Issues like iPad having white lines on the Screen have reasons and causes such as software glitches and hardware damages. But do not worry about it; there are possible solutions to fix this issue. Multiple useful methods can be used to fix it.

In this article, we will provide reasons why the iPad has white line on the Screen and six useful methods for fixing this issue. Moreover, we will introduce you to the best iOS Fixing Program, the TunesKit iOS System Recovery tool. Go through the article and follow all details to solve iPad screen-related issues.

Part 1: Why iPad has White Lines on Screen

iPad users face the issue of the iPad screen having white lines on the Screen or the iPad having a white screen. The annoying white lines can cause your iPad screen to freeze, stop all processing, and more. But don't worry, let's first understand why this problem occurs so that we can fix it better.

Software glitches: Software issues or bugs in the iPad's operating system can sometimes cause graphical anomalies like white lines to appear on the display.

Loose connection: If there is a loose connection between the display and the internal components of the iPad, it can result in white lines appearing on the screen.

Display problems: The white lines may also be indicative of an issue with the iPad's display itself, such as a malfunctioning display panel or other internal display-related components.

Water damage: If the iPad has been exposed to water or other liquids, it can lead to display abnormalities like white lines on the screen.

Hardware damage: The white lines could be caused by physical damage to the iPad's screen, such as from drops, impacts, or other physical trauma.

Part 2: The Best iOS Fixing Program –TunesKit iOS System Recovery

To fix the issues that are probably caused by the glitches after the iOS 17 update, using a third-party tool is highly recommended. We present you with the best iOS fixing program, the TunesKit iOS System Recovery. This software will enable you to get your iPad out of white screen lines.

The process for using TunesKit iOS System Recovery is very easy. TunesKit iOS System Recovery tool works with all iOS devices and on both Windows and Mac devices. It solves many problems, including the iPad won't turn on, white, black, and blue screen on iPad and iPhone. The software provides lossless processing, so you don't have to worry about data loss.

tuneskit ios system recovery

Characteristics of TunesKit iOS System Recovery

  • Fix iPad has white lines on screen in minutes and without data loss
  • It enables you to get rid of 150+ iOS issues with ease
  • Factory reset iDevices without passcode
  • Supports the latest iOS versions including iOS 17
  • Downgrade iOS without jailbreak during validation period
  • Enter or exit recovery mode for free
Try It Free safe 600,000+ Downloads
Try It Free safe 600,000+ Downloads

The step-by-step guide is as follows. You can follow the steps to fix iPad has white lines on screen via TunesKit iOS System Recovery.

Step 1Launch TunesKit iOS System Recovery

Install and launch TunesKit on your PC or Mac device. Connect the iPad to your computer by using a USB cable. Then select iOS System Repair on the main interface. On the next page, some system problems are listed on the screen. Don't worry if you can't find your problems, simply click Start button to continue.

launch tuneskit ios system recovery

Step 2Select Repair Mode

There are two repair modes for you to choose from, Standard Repair can repair your iOS system and keep your data intact, Deep Repair can fix more complex iOS issues but erases all data. You can select the 'Standard Repair' to avoid data loss.

select standard mode

Step 3Download Firmware Package

Once the repair mode is selected, you need to download the firmware package for your device. Check if all information about your iPad is correct, and click on the 'Download' button to start downloading and verifying the firmware package.

download firmware

Step 4Fix iPad Has White Lines on Screen

After completing the download process, click on the 'Repair' button to fix your iPad white lines issue. Once the process is complete, your iPad having white lines issue will solve.

fix ipad has white lines on screen

Part 3: Six Common Methods for iPad has White Lines on Screen

This section will lead you to follow some useful and effective methods for iPad screens having white lines.

Fix 1. Check iPad Brightness

The first point in Settings you should mention when your iPad has white lines on the Screen is to check the brightness level of your iPad. Usually, brightness affects the speed and processing of iOS devices. So the brightness of your iPad can cause white lines on the Screen. The process of checking the brightness is very easy.

Step 1. Open the "Settings" folder on your iPad.
Step 2. Head towards the "Display & Brightness" option.
Step 3. Here you'll see a slider that increases and reduces the brightness of your iPad.
Move the slider to reduce or increase the brightness.
Step 4. This step is optional, but you can turn off the "Auto-Brightness" feature, so your iPad works properly and smoothly.

check ipad brightness

Fix 2. Reduce Motion and Transparency

If you have reduced the brightness and turned off the Auto-Brightness but still face the iPad has white lines on screen, you have to turn off the 'Motion and Transparency' feature. This feature helps to maintain the iPad's performance, but now for the white screen issue, you have disabled it.

Follow the given steps to disable the Motion and Transparency feature.
Step 1. Open the 'Settings' from your iPad and tap on the 'General' option.
Step 2. Tap on 'Accessibility'.
Step 3. Click "Increase Contrast" and enable the 'Reduce Transparency' feature.

check ipad brightness

Step 4. Go back to Accessibility and enable the 'Reduce Motion' feature. This is how the iPad having white lines issue can be solved.

Fix 3. Reboot iPad to Fix White Lines on iPad Screen

Rebooting the device is an effective method for iPad white lines on screen issue. Restarting gives the device a refreshing time to boost all working applications to work fast and smoothly. Restarting your iPad is very easy—all you need to follow the instructions below.

restart ipad with ipad

Press and hold the Power key and Home key one after another for seconds or until you see an Apple logo on your iPad's screen.

Fix 4. Software Update

Outdated system may cause white lines on iPad screen. You can check if you are now using an outdated iOS version, or if there are wrong iOS settings. Go to Settings on your iPad, tap on General > Software Update. Click Download and Install if there is any update available.

update software on ipad

Fix 5. Restore iPad via iTunes

Another possible solution for fixing iPad white lines on screen is restoring via iTunes. Restoring the iPad via Recovery mode solves many software crashes and minor glitches. The process is easy; follow the given steps to solve the issue.

Step 1. Update iTunes to their latest version and connect your iPad to the computer using a USB cable. (iTunes automatically detect that your device is in recovery mode. It would be best if you had to put your iPad on recovery mode.) But iPad with white lines cannot be detected by iTunes.
Step 2. Press the Power and Home keys and hold them for about 10 seconds. Release the Power key and hold the Home key for some seconds or until you see the Apple logo appear on the Screen. Wait for the 'Connect to iTunes' option.

put ipad into recovery mode

Step 3. Once complete, click on the 'Restore iPad' option. After the restoration, your device will be new as you will use it for the first time.

restore ipad via itunes

Fix 6. Replace iPad Screen

If your iPad does not have any software issue, there must be any hardware problem causing the white lines on iPad Screen. Your iPad contracted with any hard surface, or you may have used it with wet hands or liquids. For this reason, you need to replace your iPad screen by contacting Apple Support or technicians who are professionals in solving hardware-related issues of iOS devices.

replace ipad screen


With advancements, every problem has its solution. Previous iOS systems were hard to detect, but now, easy methods have been introduced to solve software-related issues of iOS devices. iPad users will likely see white lines on their iPads and search for ways to solve this issue.

This article has provided some common solutions like rebooting and reducing brightness options for the issue of how to fix the iPad has white lines on screen. Moreover, we introduced the TunesKit iOS System Recovery Tool, a great option for getting the iPad out of the white lines Screen. Follow the given guide and solve the issues related to your iPad's screen.

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