How to Fix iPad Blue Screen

Posted by Brian Davis on Aug 15, 2019 5:35 PM

ipad blue screen

"Since the day I updated my iPad, I suffer multiple blue screen of deaths (who would've thought!), where while using the iPad, it will randomly show a blue screen briefly and then restart. Any idea how to solve it?

Does this look familiar to you? iPad blue screen is one of the most common issues of iPad, which means many users has suffered or is suffering from the issue. As shown in the example above, it may occurs occasionally, but it can also linger for a very long time. Whichever the case, it greatly affects our usage of iPad.

To help people who run into blue screen error on iPad, I conclude several causes and solutions to resolve this problem based on my personal searching and experiments.

Causes of iPad Blue Screen

Solution 1: The Best Way to Fix iPad Blue Screen

For all the iOS system issue and app glitch, the best solution is TunesKit iOS System Recovery, which can make your iPad back to normal with the highest efficiency.

TunesKit iOS System Recovery is a system repairing tool that can fix over 30 iOS related problems, including those that can cause iPad bluescreen. The most critical advantage of this software is that it can repair the malfunctions without any data loss. In addition, it saves your time and efforts that would have spent on identifying the sources of the problem and finding specific solutions.

The rest of its main features and download link can be found in the box below.

ios system recovery

TunesKit iOS System Recovery Key Features

  • Covers 30+ iOS issues and iTunes glitches
  • User-friendly interface
  • 3 easy steps to finish the whole operation
  • No data loss in the Standard Mode
  • Lowest price among similar products

The following tutorial can be a reference when you use TunesKit iOS System Recovery or try the free trial to experience it. Note that you should download the version that matches your operating system.

Step 1Connect iPad to the Computer

Connect your iPad with the PC / Mac. After the detection of your device, click the Enter Recovery Mode button and the software will usher the iPad into the recovery mode.

connect iphone

Step 2Choose Mode

In the next window, choose the "Standard Mode" and press the "Next" button to continue. The Standard Mode can repair common troubles like iPad blue screen without data loss, while advanced mode will repair extremely serious issues but get your data erased.

select a mode to fix ipad bluescreen

Step 3Download Firmware Package and Recover iPad

Follow the prompts to manually put your device into recovery mode if you haven't entered the recovery mode yet, and then start to recover your iPad. The info of your iPad will be shown on the window, and what you need to do is make sure the info is correct so that the software can download corresponding firmware. After the examination, download the firm package matched to your iPad and click the "Repair" button, and your iPad will get rid of the blue screen within a few minutes.

download firmware to fix ipad bluescreen

Solution 2: Fix Blue Screen by Hard Restart

If your iPad stuck on blue screen for a long time, a hard restart, also known as force reboot, might be helpful. Actually, anytime your devices get stuck in other problems, you can always try hard restart to make it resume to normal. To initiate a hard restart, simply hold the home button and the power button at the same time until the iPad reboots.

hard reboot guide

Solution 3: Fix iPad Blue Screen by Asking Apple Official Support

As I mentioned in the first chapter of this article, the blue screen may result from hardware issues or the bugs of iOS. While a large number of similar guiding articles tell users to iTunes restore under this circumstance, I cannot agree with this method, because it leads to a complete data loss but will not necessarily resolve the blue screen. Why taking risks while the outcome cannot guarantee success?

Therefore, it is a lot safer to resort to official assistance, where the professional technicians can replace the malfunctioning hardware or conduct other reliable rescuing plans.

The Bottom Line

In most cases, the blue screen is caused by software or iOS malfunctions instead of hardware. Therefore, before you ultimately decide to replace certain hardware, I recommend you to use TunesKit iOS System Recovery, with which you don't have to waste time energy and time identifying the problems and solving it by yourself.


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