How to Quickly Fix iPad Volume Button Stuck

Updated by Brian Davis on Mar 10, 2022 3:30 PM

"Hello, I am an iPad user, and yesterday I found that my iPad volume button stuck when I was going to adjust the volume. Is there any easy-to-use method that can fix this problem effectively? All of the advice would be greatly appreciated."

ipad volume button stuck

I see many of you have encountered or are experiencing the problem of iPad volume button stuck, so that's why you are reading this article, which I can make sure that you won't be disappointed. Now let's get to the point. Actually, when the iPad gets volume button stuck, you must feel irritated as this circumstance could be one of the worst ones that iPad users face. But don't worry, to fix this issue is what we are going to talk about next, and you can try out the following 7 simple yet effective methods.

Video tutorial: Fix iPad volume button stuck easily
Top 7 methods to fix iPad volume button stuck
    1. Press it for a few times
    2. Clean the volume button
    3. Force restart iPad
    4. Update the iPadOS system
    5. Reset all settings
    6. Use a third-party tool
    7. Contact Apple store
FAQs about iPad volume button stuck

Video tutorial: Fix iPad volume button stuck easily

The following is a video tutorial for how to fix iPad volume button stuck with 4 effective methods.

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Top 7 methods to fix volume button stuck on iPad

1. Press it for a few times

If your iPad has no hardware damage, for example, being dropped or water damaged, then the situation can be that the iPad may be just temporarily landed into the volume button stuck. In this case, what you can do firstly is to put some pressure on the iPad volume buttons. Namely, constantly press and hold the volume up or the volume down button until the volume icon appears on the iPad home screen, finally check out whether the volume button is still stuck on the iPad.

2. Clean the volume button

At most times, the volume button on iPad stuck can be attributed to the dust and debris accumulated in the groove. If it is the case, you need to carefully clean the volume button. To do that, make a cotton and some water prepared, drip several drops of water on the cotton, then gently wipe it, finally use a dry cloth to tub it again.

clean the iPad volume button

3. Force restart iPad

If the above ways fail to do the trick, then this matter could result from software errors or macOS system glitches. In this way, you can solve iPad volume button stuck by force restarting the device. The specific steps of rebooting iPad are presented below.

For iPad with Home button users, press the Home and Power buttons down at the same time until the Apple logo is shown on the interface.

For iPad without Home buttons customers, swiftly hold and release Volume Up and Down buttons respectively, then keep the top button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

restart ipad

4. Update the iPadOS system

Besides, updating the iPad to the latest iOS system may be helpful in dealing with the iPad volume button stuck issue. Please give it a shot with the procedures below.

Step 1: Tap on the General option in Settings of your iPad.

Step 2: Hit on Software Update and Download & Install buttons.

Step 3: Affirm the request.

update ipad system

5. Reset all settings

Moreover, resetting iPad's all settings is also worth trying to resolve the iPad volume button stuck issue. However, this solution, though effective sometimes, will bring the device back to the factory settings which erases all of the data and files on the device.

Step 1: Head to Settings > General > Reset of iPad.

Step 2: Enter your apple ID and the according passcode.

Step 3: Click on the Reset All Settings option.

reset all settings

6. Use a third-party tool - TunesKit iOS System Recovery

In order not to make you feel regretful later, here I will introduce you another fix to get rid of the iPad volume button stuck trouble. That is employing iOS system repair applications such as TunesKit iOS System Recovery. Compared with other methods, what make this one stands out is that this program can settle the problem with almost 100% working efficiency and won't cause you any data loss on the iPad.

ios system recovery

Spotlights of TunesKit iPad System Recovery

  • Solve all iOS system matters including iPad white screen and more
  • Supports other iOS devices like iPhone, iPod touch
  • Supports all iOS versions including the latest iOS 15
  • With standard mode and advanced mode in hand
  • Resolve problems with the fastest speed and highest success rate
  • A simply understand interface and not complicated operations

Let's go along the following steps to fix iPad volume button stuck.

Step 1Choose repair mode

Firstly, launch TunesKit iOS System Recovery for Mac on your computer. Then you need to connect your iPad with the computer. After the device has been detected, tap on the Start button. Next, choose the Standard Mode. You have to select which device you've connected. Then follow the steps and put your device into DFU mode. After that, click on the Next button.

connect ios device

Step 2Download iOS firmware package

Check if the related info of your iPad including the model version, iOS version, right, correct it if there's anything wrong. If all information is right, hit on the "Download" button and the firmware package matched with your device will be downloaded. Then verify the package quickly.

download firmware

Step 3Fix the iPad volume button stuck

When the firmware has been downloaded and verified successfully, you just press the "Repair" button and the program will automatically start to fix your iPad. Don't disconnect your device until the whole process is finished.

fix ios

Download Download

7. Contact Apple store

If you consider the above ways may take risks in breaking down your iPad, then go to the nearby Apple center and receive the professionals' help might be a good idea. But it will be more expensive and takes up you much more time.

contact apple support

FAQs about iPad volume button stuck

What caused the iPad volume button stuck?

This issue can be due to various reasons. Mostly, the volume button malfunction will lead your iPad to this situation. Besides, you should clean your iPad regularly to avoid button jamming. The rarer situation is that your iPad encounters software bugs, and the volume button is stuck on volume up or down. For this condition, using an iOS repairing tool is always the best choice.

Can I adjust the iPad volume if the volume button is broken?

The answer is absolute YES. You can go to Settings, and then navigate to the Sounds option. You can adjust the iPad volume in this interface. An alternative way is changing volume via the iPad control center.

Can I disable the volume button if it is keeping volume up my iPad?

You can disable the volume button feature via Settings > Sounds > Change with Buttons. Toggle the switch off to disable this feature. If there are hardware damages on your iPad volume button, it would be a wise choice to fix it in Genius Bar.


When you are facing the issue that iPad volume button stuck, don't be fretted and stressful, just use the tips mentioned above to fix it. Or you can download TunesKit iOS System Recovery and take it a try. It will not let you down when you are facing iOS malfunction. Finally, please give your feedback to us and leave your comment below to let us know if this article is workable for you.

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