iPhone Screen Goes Black During Call? Fixed!

Posted by Brian Davis on Sep 14, 2020 5:48 PM

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Q: Sometimes while I am talking on a call, the screen goes black. I can't hang up or change anything on the screen. Tapping the screen, or the button is ineffective. I have to wait until it returns to normal by itself, which can take 5 minutes. What should I do to fix it?

Making and receiving calls are basic functions of any mobile phone including iPhone. Although the number of people using the WhatsApp, Telegram, Line and others to send information and chat is increasing rapidly, people still like to call others when something urgent or important happens. However, a problem occurs to iPhone of some people. That is, their iPhone screen goes black during call. And whatever they do they cannot hang up or return to the home page. The screen just stays black for a long time. And they can do nothing but waiting. Some people think this problem is hard to fix. Not at all! Actually, it is easy to fix following the advice of this passage. Welcome to read ahead if you have a similar problem on iPhone.

Possible Reasons
How to Fix iPhone Screen Goes Black during Call

Possible Reasons

You may find this fact early that the screen of iPhone turns black when you are having calls. That is because the Proximity Sensor functions to avoid screen being touched and leading to hanging up calls or other wrong operations. Generally, the screen will light up when you bring your iPhone away from your ear. If your iPhone doesn’t, there may be some problems from the Proximity Sensor itself, the screen or the iOS system.

How to Fix iPhone Screen Goes Black during Call

The following are 4 solutions we find for you to fix the black screen issue. You can try them one by one.

Method 1. Clean the Screen and the Sensor

When you use your iPhone, gust, sweat and other things may stay on the screen and sensor leading to iPhone screen not waking up during call. So, you need to clean the trash on them. Some of you have the screen protector to protect your screen which may block the screen and the sensor and hold dust. You should remove the protector and use a clean cloth to eliminate trash and have a call to find if that works.

clean iphone screen

Method 2. Disable the Reduce Motion

Motion effects of iOS can create the perception of depth on the Home screen and also within apps. But it will bring more burden to your iPhone, causing problems like iPhone screen not responding while on a call. You can use Reduce Motion to turn off these effects and save your iPhone. Follow the steps below.

Step 1. First of all, click the Settings of your iPhone.
Step 2. Click the General button and Accessibility button.
Step 3. Find out the Reduce Motion switch and turn it off.

reduce motion

Method 3. Fix iPhone Screen Goes Black during Call with TunesKit

If these solutions do not work on your iPhone, your iPhone may have some iOS system problems. But there is still a method to fix it. you need to use some iOS system repairing tools. TunesKit iOS System recovery is a good choice. TunesKit has a strong function of fixing 50+ iOS system issues, including iPhone stuck in Apple logo, white screen, recovery mode, iPhone cannot make or receive calls, etc. iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, even Apple TV can be fixed by this tool, if there are some system problems on them. Also, it can degrade iOS, fix iTunes errors and enable you to use one - click to enter or exit the Recovery Mode. It is loaded with two modes: Standard Mode (to solve common issues) and Advanced Mode (to solve serious issues). You can use the Standard Mode to fix some common issues like iPhone screen not responding while on a call.

You can use only 3 steps to fix your problem easily. First of all, download and install TunesKit.

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Step 1.Launch TunesKit

Connect the iPhone with your computer with a USB cable. Start this software. When the computer has detected iPhone, you can enter the Recovery Mode automatically. Or just click the Enter Recovery Mode button. You can use only one click to enter or exit Recovery Mode with the help of TunesKit, isn’t very convenient? Click the Start button finally.

connect ios device

Step 2.Choose the Standard Mode

Choose the Standard Mode to fix iPhone screen not waking up during call without data loss. Tap the Next button which is at the right corner.

select mode

Step 3. Download Firmware and Finish the Fix

download firmware

Check and edit the information of your iPhone on this page and tap the Download button. If that has been finished, click the Repair button. Wait until your iPhone is fixed.

fix ios

Method 4. Uninstall the Compass App

It seems the Compass app has nothing to do with the iPhone screen not waking up during call problem. But many users solve this problem by uninstalling and deleting it. The actual reason is not clear but it is still worth to trying. Anyway, deleting an app is very easy and this app is not often used.



In order to solve your problem that iPhone screen goes black during call, we collect some useful methods. What you need to do is to find one or two that you think suits your situation. If you are not sure, just try them one by one or use TunesKit to fix this problem directly. This software is designed for solving iOS system issues like the black iPhone screen problem. You can fix your iPhone easily and without data loss.

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