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Listen to YouTube Music on Apple Watch Without iPhone

Updated by Adam Gorden on Jun 20, 2023 3:00 PM • Category: Record Audio
6 mins read

What kind of usage do you often perform with your Apple Watch? Maybe answer calls, track your fitness, pay with Apple pay, etc. Besides these basic features, you can still use your Apple Watch for entertainment, such as listening to music. There are lots of music apps that can stream on the Apple Watch, such as YouTube Music.

YouTube Music app was available on Apple Watch since October 2020. Users are allowed to browse music collections, control music playback, and select casting options from their Apple Watch device easily. Well, you can listen to YouTube Music directly when your Apple Watch connects to the WiFi or cellular, but what if it is disconnected? No worry at all. In this post, you'll learn an effective way to download YouTube Music to Apple Watch for offline playing without your phone. Besides, we'll also offer you the official way to play YouTube Music on Apple Watch with iPhone. Now please reading on this passage.

youtube music apple watch

Part 1. How to Download and Listen to YouTube Music on Apple Watch Offline without iPhone

Though YouTube Music allows you to add it to the Apple Watch interface, and give you quick access to control the playback within your twist. You cannot directly download YouTube Music to Apple watch as it offers no features of offline listening. It may come in the future, but currently, the Apple Watch works more like a music remote for your iPhone.

One more important thing you need to know is that Apple Watch allows you to add the music library to its local with music storage of up to 2 GB. Therefore, if you can download your favorite YouTube Music tracks to the local files, you can then add the downloaded YouTube Music tracks to your Apple watch for offline listening without your iPhone.

So the first step you need to do is to remove the limitations and get the songs downloaded from YouTube Music to the local folder. All you need is the professional YouTube Music Downloader-TunesKit Audio Capture, well-designed to help you download your preferred YouTube Music to your computer in the forms of MP3, AAC, and WAV which can be played on your Apple Watch. In addition, it can capture multiple audio tracks at the same time and remain the original audio quality and ID3 tags. With it, you could easily download your preferred music tracks whether from YouTube Music or YouTube music videos.

tuneskit audio capture

Key Features of TunesKit YouTube Music Downloader

  • Download YouTube Music to USB, MP3 Player, iPhone and other devices
  • Download YouTube Music in MP3, AAC, FLAC, M4A, M4B, WAV
  • Preserve audio with the original audio quality and full ID3 tags
  • Support many customization functions like trimming, cutting, and merging
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Try It Free 600,000+ Downloads

2.1 How to Download YouTube Music for Apple Watch

Just click the "Try It Free" button above to install the smart program and follow the steps below to download your favorite YouTube Music for Apple Watch.

1Add YouTube Music source to TunesKit Audio Capture

Launch TunesKit Audio Capture on your computer. First, you need to add the YouTube Music source to its main interface by clicking on the + button. It could be a browser like Chrome or the YouTube Music desktop app.

add youtube music source

2Customize output format of YouTube Music for Apple Watch

Tap the Format button in the lower right corner. There you'll be allowed to adjust the output format to be compatible with Apple Watch, such as MP3, AAC, and WAV, And you can still change other options like bit rate, sample rate, and channel.

set youtube music output format for aaple watch

3Start to download the YouTube Music for Apple Watch

Next, open the YouTube Music source to search for music tracks you want. All you need is to start to play the song and the TunesKit YouTube downloader will start capturing it simultaneously. When you finish, click on the Stop button.

download youtube music to apple watch

4Edit the Downloaded YouTube Music

Now you can trim or merge the YouTube Music songs as you need. To manage the YouTube Music downloads more effectively, you can tap the Edit button to cut the length and edit the ID3 Tags in the way you like, including reset the artwork cover, title, year, artist, genre, etc. After editing, hit on the Save button to export all the YouTube Music songs to the local files of your computer.

edit youtube music to apple music

2.2 How to Sync and Use YouTube Music on Apple Watch for Offline Playing

Now your preferred YouTube Music songs are downloaded and converted on your computer, and you can add them to your Apple Watch with your iPhone. Then you are free to listen to YouTube Music offline without iPhone.

Step 1. Add YouTube Music Library to iTunes. After launching iTunes on your computer, click File > Add File to Library to add the downloaded YouTube Music music to iTunes.

add music to itunes

Step 2. Sync YouTube Music to iPhone from iTunes. Connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable, and tap your iPhone in the upper right corner of iTunes. Then click the Menu bar and select Sync Music > Entire music library to sync the YouTube Music downlaods to your iPhone.

sync music to iphone via itunes

Step 3. Transfer YouTube Music to Apple Watch. Turn on the Bluetooth on your iPhone by navigating to Settings > Bluetooth. Launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and switch to the My Watch option. Then click Music > Add Music to add the YouTube Music songs to your Apple Watch.

youtube music on apple watch offline without phone

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Part 2. How to Play YouTube Music on Apple Watch Officially

If your Apple Watch is series 3 or above and running watchOS 6 and later, you're able to access the playback of YouTube Music with the official YouTube Music app for the Apple Watch. To directly play YouTube Music within your Apple Watch, you'll need to get a YouTube Premium Music subscription. Here's the full guide to getting YouTube Music for Apple Watch.

How to Play YouTube Music on Apple Watch

Step 1. Install the YouTube Music app from the built-in App Store or by using the paired iPhone.

Step 2. Launch the YouTube Music app on your Apple Watch.

Step 3. Click Library to browse the playlists and albums on the YouTube Music app.

Step 4. Select a song to play according to the instructions.

You can now easily control the playback of YouTube Music, such as pause, forward, backward, and even the option to give thumbs up for your preferred songs on the app.

play youtube music on apple watch


Apple Watch does not currently support offline YouTube Music playback.

Part 3. FAQs about YouTube Music on Apple Watch

Q1: How do I add YouTube Music to my Apple Watch?

1. If you paired your Apple Watch with your iPhone, you can follow the steps:

1) Open your iPhone and laucn Watch app;
2) Click on My Watch, find the YouTune Music app that you already downloaded on your iPhone and click on Install;
3) Then you will see the YouTube Music app is on your Apple Watch.

2. If you want install YouTube Music directly on Apple Watch:

1) Press the Digital Crown to enter the Home screen, then go to App Store;
2) Find YouTue Music in the search box and clikc on Get.

Q2: Can I use YouTube Music on Apple Watch without phone?

Yes, you can. Simply connect your Apple Watch to the internet and launch YouTube Music app on it to stream the music directly. The official way doesn't support offline listening, and you're suggested to use TunesKit Audio Capture to download it and listening to YouTube Music on Apple Watch without your phone.

Q3: Why is YouTube Music not working on my Apple Watch?

Make sure that your Apple Watch and paired iPhone are running the latest version of the YouTube Music app. Then relaunch it on your Apple Watch. If it's still not working, you can reinstall it or download the latest version from App Store on your Apple Watch.

Part 4. Conclusion

Though Apple Watch currently doesn't offer users the ability to download and stream YouTube Music for offline listening, TunesKit Audio Capture makes it possible to listen to your preferred YouTube Music songs on Apple Watch offline without phone wherever you go. As long as you follow the methods we listed above, you can play YouTube Music on your Apple Watch, whether you go for a walk or run in the park. Don't hesitate to get one to have a try!

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