How to Record Audio from YouTube

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As one of the best online video sharing sites in the world, YouTube has made it easy for us to discover the hottest videos of different types. While we are exploring the videos, we may however be attracted by the background music in the video. For such scenarios, instead of wasting time to search for the unknown songs online, the best solution is to record the specific audio directly from the YouTube video. Luckily, it's easy to record YouTube audio thanks to the development of audio recording software. Here in the following article, we'll introduce you the best YouTube audio recorder as well as the quick guide on how to record audio from YouTube in a few clicks only.

record audio from youtube

Part 1. How to Record YouTube Audio with TunesKit
Part 2. How to Record Audio from YouTube with Audacity
Part 3. Download YouTube Music with Online Free YouTube Converters
Part 4. Conclusion

Part 1. How to Record YouTube Audio with TunesKit

TunesKit Audio Capture is an excellent streaming audio recording app designed for music lovers to record any sound plays through internet or other programs on computer. It's capable of recording music tracks from any YouTube video with original quality preserved. Besides, it supports multiple popular output formats so that you can save the recorded YouTube audios in common MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC and other formats for playing on any other device offline.

tuneskit audio capture

Key Features of TunesKit YouTube Audio Recorder

  • Record unlimited number of YouTube music
  • Convert YouTube to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, M4B
  • Keep original audio quality and full ID3 tags
  • Support multi-track recording, audio cutting and merging
  • Capture any other streaming music like Spotify, etc.
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Here you'll find the complete tutorial of recording YouTube audio directly with lossless quality by using TunesKit Audio Capture.

Step 1Set Audio Parameters for YouTube

Firstly, open TunesKit Audio Capture on your Mac or PC. In the opening window, you can see a list of some media playing programs installed on your computer like web browser, iTunes, etc. Click "+" button to add more applications if your target program is not there. Then click "format" icon at the bottom right corner to select the output audio format in advance, including MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, and M4B.

set output format

Step 2Start playing and recording YouTube audio

Click the browser like Chrome or Safari or IE from the list and then enter the link of the YouTube video where you want to record audio from. Then begin playing the YouTube video. TunesKit Audio Capture will then automatically process the recording task in the main window.

record youtube audio

Step 3Customize output audio quality

Next to the recording clip, you'll find the "edit" icon which will let you trim the recorded tracks flexibly. You can also edit the ID3 tags of the music in this window.

edit audio

To stop recording, you can simply quit the web browser. Then the Cancel button will turn to Save. Click it and all the recorded YouTube audio tracks will be saved in the folder you set before. You can locate all the tracks by clicking "history" icon and preview the sound individually.

Part 2. How to Record Audio from YouTube with Audacity

Audacity is a free and cross-platform audio recording tool, which allows you to capture and edit any audio from your computer with several steps. It now can run smoothly on on Windows, macOS, Linux and other iperating systems. To get started with Audacity, you acn follow the steps below to record YouTube Music.

Step 1. Download and install the right Audacity version on your computer from the offcial website.

Step 2. After launching the program, click Edit from the top menu, then select Preferences.

set audacity preferences

Step 3. Check and verify your playback and recording devices to ensure that audio output is properly connected and set.

Step 4. Go to YouTube and search for videos that you want to record audio from.

Step 5. Now switch to the Audacity program and click the record button

record audacity

You're all set! Now you can record music from YouTube whenever you like.

Part 3. Download YouTube Music with Online Free YouTube Converters

In addition to recording, there are some online YouTube Music Downloaders for you to choose from.If you just want to download a few songs, they are a good choice for you.But you still have to be aware that most online converters are accompanied with limited format options, unpleasant ads, low audio quality, etc.

#1. is such an online service to help you save the audio from a YouTube video as an MP3 file for free. The following are the easy steps to record sound from YouTube video using this free solution.

online youtube audio recorder

Step 1. Go to YouTube video page and copy the URL of the video you want to record as MP3.

Step 2. Access the site and paste that YouTube URL into the text field as required.

Step 3. Click the Convert button to begin recording the YouTube audio.

Step 4. After conversion, click the Download button on the next page to download the YouTube audio as MP3 file.

#2. ListenToYouTube

ListenToYouTube is a free and easy to use online tool that converts YouTube videos to MP3 audio without any registration process.

listen to youtube

Step 1. Copy the YouTube video URL taht you want to download.

Step 2. Paste the URL and hit Go.

Step 3. Click the Download button to start donwloading

Part 4. Conclusion

In this passage, we explored several possible ways to help you record music from YouTube. I would suggest that you take the time to try every method and do enough practice to decide which suits you best. TunesKit works well, but you have to pay s small amount of money. Audacity is free, but it sometimes crashes, and the recording process isn't all that easy. Online converters, as mentioned earlier, are free but have many flaws. In short, TunesKit is worth what you pay for. You can just download it and set out the free trial.

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