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10 Best Music Download Sites for Music Lovers

Posted by Nick Orin on Dec 12, 2022 6:00 PM • Category: Record Audio
5 mins read

Today's digital world has been greatly affected by technology. Music download sites are one of the ways to get quality music. The traditional method of downloading music by installing programs or computer software has gradually dropped out of the mainstream mode.

Gaining music from a helpful website is not time-consuming, space-consuming, or complex. But many people don't know which download sites are reliable and efficient. This article will provide you with the best music download sites you can rely on. Just keep reading and choose the best for you.

best music download sites

#1 Free Music Archive

FMA (Free Music Archive) is the best site to download music that offers a wide range of genres. It provides users with high-quality original music from many artists worldwide. Music is featured in numerous films, apps, videos, commercials, games, podcasts, and more.

The website offers users knowledge about licensing music tracks, which is a great help for new artists. Users can get newly released tracks with Free Music Archive. You can play, download and share your favorite music with anyone for free.

free music archive

  • Wide variety of music
  • Easy and friendly interface
  • Easy-to-use search engine
  • You can't add music to your playlist or library
  • The tracks' data is not accurate or up-to-date

#2 Jamendo

Another best site for free music download is Jamendo. It is the best platform for music lovers and independent artists worldwide. Young artists can get the best music licensing opportunities through Jamendo licensing services.

With Jamendo, you can listen to MP3 audio files and download them in OGG and MP3 formats. You can easily listen to and download unlimited music for free and without advertisements. Jamendo provides its interface with eight languages: English, Italian, Portugees, French, German, Spanish, and Russian.

hamendo best site to download music

  • It is available in eight languages.
  • Easy interface
  • You can filter music by different genres worldwide
  • Lack some artists

#3 SoundCloud

One of the best sites to download music online is SoundCloud. It is a simple and efficient site to listen to and download numerous music tracks. You can open the website on multiple devices, such as computers, tablets, Android, and iOS, and download your favorite music.

SoundCloud has both free and paid membership plans that you can avail of to get additional features. You must sign in to your SoundCloud account and download any music track.

soundcloud best site for music download

  • It offers free and paid plans
  • Provides a wide variety of songs and artists
  • It plays random music

#4 Amazon Music

Amazon Music is another best music sites for downloading or purchasing high-quality music and albums. The site updates and releases new download data so users can get all details. Users can get music from numerous artists all across the world.

With Amazon Music, you can get different genres of music, including RnB, rock, classic, and workout sessions. You can get good quality streaming music if you are a music lover.

amazon music

  • It provides multiple sharing options
  • It has an easy-to-use and simple interface
  • It lacks some features
  • It is not the best site for non-Amazon users

#5 SoundClick

The next best sites for music download is SoundClick. It is a music-based social platform that allows users to stream and download MP3 files. Users can use the website for free, and paid plan is also available.

Users can connect their friends and contacts with the social network option on the profile page. The profile page includes video uploads, blogs, photo albums, and message boards. You can create your station on the website and save soundtracks.

soundclick best site to download free music

  • It provides free and paid plans
  • It is a music-based social community
  • It needs some security improvements

#6 Audiomack

Audiomack is another best site to download and stream music. It has a wide variety of music tracks, and podcasts, by artists worldwide. Users can get the free playback of Audiomack MP3 and enjoy any music.

Music creators can store unlimited content for music licensing and interact with the world with their creativity. This global streaming site lets you download and listen to music offline. It also provides updates about new releases and features.


  • It has an easy-to-use interface
  • It offers a wide variety of worldwide songs
  • It is only available in English
  • It lacks information about artists

#7 Bandcamp

Bandcamp, one of the best sites for free music downloads, is a digital music provider you can use to play and download music worldwide. New artists can promote their music exposure to engage the world and promote their music.

Bandcamp provides millions of songs of different genres, including hip-hop, instrumental, German, and more. Getting your favorite music is one click away from you. The site offers all information, including free download releases and download highlights.

bandcamp best music download sites

  • It offers multiple sharing options
  • It has a simple and easy-to-use interface
  • It is hard for bands and artists to make good deals

#8 Internet Archive

The next music download site is called Internet Archive. It is a digital library that offers "universal access to all knowledg". You can download downable audio files in multiple formats, such as FLAC, MP3, OGG, and more.

Besides music, you can access an extensive collection of digitalized tools such as games, software apps, moving images, websites, and books. Users can get many filter options, genres, and audio content.

internet archive

  • Best for music and poetry lovers
  • It has a wide variety of audio content and genre
  • It lacks security options

#9 DatPiff

Looking for independent music download sites? DatPiff is one of the choices. Users can get their favorite tracks free and with paid membership plans. Although you can download songs for an offline listening experience, free access is restricted with some additional features.

DatPiff is a popular website that offers multiple loyalty, partnership, and rewards programs for its paid users. Also, with simple processing, you can get the songs with only one click.

datpiff best sites to download music

  • It offers both free and paid subscriptions
  • It takes a long time to upload music

#10 NoiseTrade

You should not miss another best music download site, NoiseTrade. Users are required to enter their email ID for downloading and streaming music tracks. It is an artist-to-fan platform that independent artists use to license their new music.

NoiseTrade is a global website that provides users with original music. You can freely download many books and albums worldwide. Also, you will have music from multiple genres and musicians.


  • It provides free and paid plans as well
  • It lacks some artists


Now that you know the features, pros, and cons of online music download websites, you can easily access millions of songs. The Internet is full of websites that offer downloading options, but you can't rely on one site only. That's why we have made it easy for you to get music download sites in this place. The article has provided you with the 10 best music download sites that are easy to use and offer valuable features. Go through the article and choose the best site for downloading music tracks.

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