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10 Best Sites to Get Free MP3 Music Downloads

Posted by Adam Gorden on May 25, 2022 6:00 PM • Category: Record Audio
5 mins read

One thing about the MP3 format sends every music fan crazy. That's its compatibleness with almost all devices. The MP3 files are duly compressed, making them consume very minimal storage space on your device. Even though the compression reduces the original quality, its advantages weigh more. You just need to download your music, save it to your device, and get listening to it offline. Find the best free MP3 music download sites to pull your favorite hits from.

free mp3 music download sites

1. YouTube Audio Library

The first free music download site for MP3 on our list is YouTube Audio Library. It suits those with a YouTube account as they can easily extract and download music from their YouTube Studio's library. It offers free royalty music which you can incorporate into your videos or any other content.

Try out a sample before you go full-blown. To do so, hit the "Play" icon and if it goes down well, then click on the "Download" button to access the free MP3 music. This site also includes sound effects to spice up the content you are working on.

mp3 free music download sites youtube audio library

2. Amazon Music

Here comes Amazon Music, the perfect free music download MP3 site that is rich in both online sales and free music tracks. You can choose your favs from the over 6,000 tracks that this site boasts of. Just go to the site, find the song you wish to download and tap on the ellipsis icon located next to the track. You can also use the "Filter" option to select a song of choice. But ensure you download songs marked as "Free".

amazon music mp3 download free sites

3. MP3Juice

Apart from being among the free MP3 music download sites, MP3 Juice is free from annoying ads. More so, the conversion speed is pretty fast, enabling you to download your free music in batches. You can also use it to download music on TikTok, MixCloud, SoundCloud and other streaming websites.

To use the free music download site MP3 juice, just search for the music of choice by title or artist then listen to it on this site, and you can click the "Download" button to download it to your computer.

free music download sites mp3 juice

4. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive offers you free legal music that's maintained by WFMU and other groups of curators like KEXP, KBOO, and CASH Music. Being curated by music-minded organizations, you are bound to get a new collection with every click. Each music on this download site is pre-cleared for use, having no further restrictions. Make use of FMA and enjoy up to 16 different genres from jazz, pop, blues, etc.

free music archive

5. Musopen

Musopen brings you legal and copyright-free music. You can listen to your music online or download them for offline playback. To get your music, you can browse by performer, form, instrument, or period. The "Music Discovery" is its feature that you not only use to download your music but also to filter your music by mood. Likewise, easily preview your collection without logging into your user account. However, a download will require a log-in first.

free mp3 music download sites musopen

6. Jamendo

Jamendo gives you lots of ways to browse for downloads as it provides free streaming services with licensing for artists. These are made available via "Creative Commons" licensing whereby artists decide to give out their music for free. Other ways to explore your music are by using tags, playlists, and finding mixes. You can also discover great music from the site's radio channels as well as stream your music online.

free mp3 music download sites jamendo

7. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is another free MP3 music download site that makes it easy for artists to share music with their fans. Even though artists can use the "Name your price" settings for pricing, you don't have to pay for some downloadable music. Just key in the "Zero" figure in the payment box to download your song for free. Likewise, this site lets you download your songs in several formats like FLAC, OGG, MP3, and WAV. Although the site may be packed with tons of music, discovery is a challenge to some users. Simply take your time to explore the site and you are sure to get some hits after a few clicks.

free mp3 music download sites bandcamp

8. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is an MP3-free music download site that offers you lots of free audio downloads from podcasts, radio programs, audio, and music. Internet Archive has a rich library that contains over 2 million audio files. Go a notch higher with your downloaded music and sort them by several forms such as date published, most viewed, or filter them by topic, among other options. Easily extract free music in multiple file formats like OGG and MP3.

free music download sites mp3 internet archive

9. SoundClick

Here is among the free MP3 music download sites, SoundClick, where to stream online music without spending a coin. With SoundClick, artists and other famous musicians upload content to the site after which you can search for your fav hits. Note that some hits require you to "Like" a Facebook page before you can obtain the track. However, you can also instantly get many free tracks on this platform from the "Free Download" button.

free music download sites mp3 soundclick

10. ReverbNation

ReverbNation is among the free MP3 music download sites that first opened its doors to artists to post their songs for free. It collaborates with a variety of genres in pop and hip-hop. It's currently home to about 4 million artists and users at large. Discover new hits from this site's "Discover" section before you download and play them for free on your device. To download, go to the left-hand side of the screen and check the box that's next to the "Free MP3s Required" tab. Next, click the "Refine Results" option to get your tracks.

free music download sites mp3 reverbnation


You just discovered the best sites to download music from both known and upcoming artists. These free MP3 music download sites let you enjoy your favorite hits without spending a dime. More so, you can specify your collection or get a curated list from professional groups like KBOO and WFMU for Free Music Archive site option. While YouTube Audio Library is best suited for all kinds of creators, Amazon is tailored to both online sales and free music. You definitely won't run out of options with these free sites.

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