How to Download and Convert Amazon Music to MP3 in 4 Ways

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Amazon Music is one of the most famous music services in the world, providing millions of songs for its users. To fully enjoy the music on this platform, you will have to pay, but which plan to choose is up to yourself. Among all these plans, Amazon Prime Music may be the best deal, because it is a free gift for subscribing Amazon Prime and enables users to listen to millions of songs on Amazon Music.

Yet why a large number of users are still searching for the way to convert Amazon Prime Music to MP3? We all know that the format of songs downloaded from Amazon is MP3, but the Amazon MP3 is encoded, which stops you from enjoying the songs once your Amazon Prime Music expires. In this article, we will introduce several ways to help you convert Amazon Music to MP3.

convert amazon prime music to mp3

Part 1. Best Amazon Music to MP3 Converter for You
Part 2. 2 Best Audio Recorders to Get Amazon Music to MP3
Part 3. How to Convert Amazon Music to MP3 for Free
Part 4. Summary

Part 1. How to Download Amazon Music to MP3 (All Amazon Music Included)

To download and convert Amazon Prime Music to MP3, there is an easier way available for you now. That is to use an Amazon Music downloader, and we do recommend Tunelf Amatune Music Converter to you. It's a professional music downloader and converter that is capable of downloading MP3 from Amazon Music including Amazon Prime Music and Music Unlimited. Those music files are saved as unencoded MP3 files.

Differing from other Amazon Music converters on the internet, you can use this converter to download Amazon Music to MP3 while listening to music, instead of stucking on the converion of Amazon Music to MP3. More importantly, it's not required to install the Amazon Music app. You can directly access the whole music library of Amazon Music within the converter, and start listening to and downloading any track you like.

Here's a detailed rundown of all the features in Tunelf Amatune Music Converter

6 types of output format: MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV, FLAC

6 options of sample rate: from 8000Hz to 48000Hz

14 options of bitrate: from 8kbps to 320kbps

2 output channels: Stereo or Mono

2 conversion speed: 5×(default) or 1×

3 ways to archive output tracks: by artists, by artists/album, by none

tunelf amatune music converter

Main Features of Tunelf Amazon Music to MP3 Converter

  • Download unlimited number of audios from Amazon Music
  • 6 formats like MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, and M4B available
  • Save streaming music with the original audio quality and ID3 tags
  • Handle the audio conversion of Amazon Music at a faster speed of 5×
Download Download

Follow the steps below to download and convert Amazon Prime Music to MP3 with ease:

1Configure the output audio preferences

set output format

Launch Tunelf Amatune Music Converter on your computer then click Sign In to log into your Amazon Music account. Now go to set the output audio parameters for Amazon Music and click the Menu bar > Preferences then switch to the Advanced window. In this window, you can set the output format as MP3 and also adjust other audio settings.

2Add Amazon songs to the conversion list

add amazon music

After configuring the settings, you can go back to select a playlist you want to download and open it. Then you will enter the list and click the yellow Add button suspended on the lower right side. You will see a pop-up window and start to select the music you want to download listed in the playlist.

3Download and convert Amazon Music to MP3

download amazon music

Now click the Convert button on the bottom right corner, and Tunelf Amazon Music Converter will begin downloading and converting Amazon Prime Music to MP3. During the conversion of Amazon Music to MP3, you can still listen to the music on the converter. After the conversion is complete, you can click the Converted icon on the top to view all the converted music tracks.

Part 2. How to Rip Amazon Prime Music to MP3 by Recording

To enable Amazon Music convert to MP3, those audio recording tools could also give you some help except for Amazon music downloaders. With an audio recording tool, you can rip Amazon Prime Music to MP3, but the output audio quality may be degraded. First of all, let's take a look at the tool we need.

#1 TunesKit Audio Capture

TunesKit Audio Capture is one of the most powerful streaming audio recorders, which can record sound from all the software on your computer. It can save the recording tracks into different formats, including MP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, M4B, and FLAC. Then you can play them on any device. Unlike traditional recording software, the sound quality of the recordings won't degrade.

Steps to Convert Amazon Music to MP3 with TunesKit Audio Capture

With the help of TunesKit Audio Capture, you can follow the detailed tutorial to record and download Amazon Music songs into MP3.

tuneskit audio capture main interface

Step 1. Open it and you can see the main interface of this software, where the target software is listed. Drag the Amazon Music app or the browser to the main interface, and they will be added to the list of target software.

Step 2. Before starting converting Amazon music, we need to manage the output options. Tap the trumpet-shaped icon on the right bottom to enter the Format menu. Here you can select the format as MP3 and adjust the other options according to your demands.

Step 3. Tap the icon of the Amazon Music app or the web browser in the main interface, and TunesKit will open them for you. To start recording, simply play songs in the app or on the web player of Amazon Music, and the recording will automatically begin.

Step 4. Once you have finished recording, stop playing music and click the Stop button at the right bottom. You can click the Edit icon at the rear of each track to open the editing window. Or click the the OK button and then Save button to save these tracks in your computer.

#2 TunesKit Screen Recorder

TunesKit Screen Recorder is an efficient screen recording tool that can grab anything you like on the PC or Mac screen. It's not only a high-quality video recorder, but also an independent audio capture that can rip any audio being playing on the computer, including streaming music or other appearing sound through browser, media player or many other applications.

tuneskit screen recorder main interface

Step 1. Launch it on your computer and then you can see the main interface. Because you want to download Amazon Music to MP3, you could just select the Audio recording mode.

Step 2. Next click the Settings icon at the lower right corner of the interface, and there are lots of options available for you. You can set the output format, bit rate, channel, and sample rate. To convert Amazon Music to MP3, simply set MP3 as the output format.

Step 3. Now click the red REC button and get ready to start playing your target songs from Amazon Music. To stop the recording completely, just click the Stop button. You could preview all the recorded audios in the history list.

Part 3. How to Convert Amazon Prime Music to MP3 with Free Tools

Another tool we recommend is a free online music converter - It is simple and clean website that can convert both audio and video into an audio format. As for converting Amazon Music, it may require lots of steps to conduct and seems inconvenient when you have a large number of songs to convert, but it still works fine if you just want to convert a few songs.

free amazon music converter

The following part is an easy guide to use this website:

Step 1. Enter the web player of Amazon Music and download the music you want to convert.

Step 2. Enter and you can see the page shown in the image above. Upload the file and press the Convert button, then the conversion should be finished in a minute.

Part 4. Summary

Now you probably have figured out what our plan is – rip Amazon Prime Music to MP3. The tools introduced above are all excellent. All can help you get unencoded MP3 audios of your Amazon Music song that you can enjoy your heart content forever. Both Tunelf software and TunesKit software provide multiple functions and better sound quality, while is free and easy-to-use. Which one to choose depends on yourself, but the most important thing is that you now know how to convert Amazon Prime Music to MP3.


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