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Newest Ways to Solve iPhone Do not Disturb Not Working

Posted by Brian Davis on Nov 2, 2020 2:00 PM • Category: Fix iOS Issues
5 mins read

iPhone Do Not Disturb not working

Do Not Disturb, a feature on iOS devices like iPhone, allows people to mange different kinds of upcoming notifications that they will receive and prevent them to cause a disturbing. Yet, it is reported online that this service not work suddenly, especially after the iOS update. Does this problem also happen on you who are reading on this post? If so, please go along and you will get top 6 methods to fix iPhone Do Not Disturb not working.

Part 1: Basic troubleshooting fixes to iPhone Do Not Disturb not working

Before doing more reset settings, there are two things you need to make sure. They are presented below and you can try out one by one.

1. Enable Do Not Disturb

If the Do Not Disturb service fails to function, the first condition is that you may not turn on it. So, you could follow the steps below to enable it to fix your iPhone Do Not Disturb not working.

Step 1: Launch Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Locate Do Not Disturb feature and switch it on.

enable do not disturb on iPhone

2. Restart your iPhone

Then have a try restarting your iPhone, which is a simple way to remove some software bugs that lead to your iPhone Do Not Disturb not working.

For iPhone X/11, simultaneously hold down the Side and the Volume buttons until the Slider pops up, then pull on the slider to turn off the iPhone, finally press the Side button to turn your device on.

For iPhone SE (2nd) /8 /7/6, hold the Side button until the Slider appears and drag on the slider to close the iPhone, finally press the Side button to open the device.

For iPhone SE (1st) / 5 and former, press down the Top until the Slider shows up, then slide the slider to switch off the iPhone, finally switch on your device again by holding the Top button.

restart iPhone

Part 2: Advanced solutions to solve Do Not Disturb not working on iPhone

At this time, you are able to try to reset some settings again to figure out the Do Not Disturb not working on iPhone.

3. Reset Restriction settings

The Do Not Disturb is greyed out and you could not turn on or turn off it? Chances are that it is limited on the Restrictions Settings of iPhone. The related steps are as follows to change the settings.

Step 1: Head to Settings > General tabs on your iPhone.

Step 2: Click on the Restrictions and input the passcode.

Step 3: Find Do Not Disturb While Driving and hit on Allow Changes.

reset restriction settings

4. Reset all settings

Resetting all settings may has the potential to make the Do Not Disturb work again. This will not delete all the data on your iPhone yet bring all settings to the default. You can try the following steps.

Step 1: Open Settings feature on your iPhone and head to the General option.

Step 2: Click the Reset All Settings button on the Reset tab.

Step 3: Input the passcode and confirm the order.

reset all settings

5. Factory reset your iPhone

If the above ways don't do the trick, then you could attempt to bring your iPhone to the factory settings, so as to fix iPhone Do Not Disturb not working. To factory reset your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset, and tap on Erase all Contents and Settings. Enter the device's passcode when prompted and then press on "Erase iPhone" to finish the process.

set factory settings

Part 3: Settle iPhone Do Not Disturb not working without data loss

Finally, we would like to recommend the best way to resolve iPhone Do Not Disturb not working, that is using TunesKit iOS System Recovery. Unlike the basic and advanced methods, this software can fix your problem with 100% success rate and without no data loss. Besides, with the fastest speed, this mighty program can fix 50+ iOS issues such as iPhone cannot download apps, screen problems and other errors. What's more, it supports diverse types of iOS devices including iPhone and iPad, and it is fully compatible with all iOS versions. Last but not least, TunesKit could help you enter or exit recovery mode with one click and supports downgrading iOS to the previous versions.

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Steps to Use TunesKit iOS System Repair to solve iPhone Do Not Disturb not working

Step 1: Download TunesKit iOS System Recovery from the frame above and install it on the computer. Use an Apple USB to connect your iPhone with the computer, and it should be detected by the program. Press the "Enter Recovery Mode" button to put the device into the recovery mode, which is essential to the repairing process. Press the "Start" button to proceed.

connect iphone

Step 2: Two repairing modes on the screen – Standard Mode and Advanced Mode appears. Choose the Standard Mode to repair your iPhone without data loss. If you run into very serious problems next time, you can try using the Advanced Mode. Tap on the "Next" button to go to the next step.

select mode

Step 3: The program will identify some basic info of your device and show it on the screen so that it can download the correct matching firmware for your device recovery later. Therefore, please ensure that the info is all correct. After that, press on the “Download” button to download the firmware.

download firmware

Step 4: Finally, push the "Repair" button to start the repairing process, which will take only a few minutes. By the time it finishes, the phone will automatically reboot. Unplug the iDevice from the computer and check if the Do Not Disturb on iPhone work properly.

fix ios

Part 4: Bottom line

In this tutorial, we have listed the top 6 fixes to iPhone Do Not Disturb not working. We sincerely hope that this feature functions well after the above effective ways and you won't be troubled by some irrelevant messages. Lastly, best wishes to you with a wonderful experience.

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