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How do you Burn YouTube Video to DVD Flawlessly

Posted by Nick Orin on Oct 12, 2020 5:10 PM • Category: Record Screen
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How to burn YouTube video to DVD? Are you stuck up when burning a YouTube video on DVDs? It is the right time to figure out reliable measures to fix this problem. A reliable method should carry out the DVD burn without any data loss. The copied content must retain the original file's quality attributes Another important factor is that it must take a few minutes to complete the process despite the file size. Scroll down to discover exciting facts on the tips and tricks of recording YouTube videos and the burning of DVD procedures.

How to Save YouTube Video to Mac and Windows Systems

TunesKit Screen Recorder is a complete recorder for your system where you can record audio and video tracks. It is an efficient method as it retains the quality of the content the same as the source. You can record the screen happenings just by a single click. This recorder allows you to edit the recorded tracks as per your needs and save it according to your requirement. With the help of this screen recorder, you can swiftly burn YouTube video to DVD. TunesKit Screen Recorder works well to record the online activities in your system.

tuneskit screen recorder

The Remarkable Features of TunesKit Screen Recorder

  • Quickly record the computer's screen
  • Be compatible with Windows and Mac systems
  • Record the tracks within short span despite its file size
  • Save the tracks retaining the quality of the file
  • Save the recorded files at any destination location
  • Customize the recorded content using the built-in toolbox
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Try It Free safe 600,000+ Downloads

How do you save a YouTube video into your system using TunesKit Screen Recorder?

Step 1 Download TunesKit

Go to the official website of TunesKit Screen Recorder and download the appropriate tool in pace with your system OS. You must download either Windows version or Mac one as per your needs. Follow the instruction wizard and install the program. Then, launch the TunesKit Screen Recorder application by double-tapping the tool icon.

Step 2 Set to Recording Mode

adjust the settings

Hit the "Video" icon near the "Rec" button to enable the recording mode option.

Step 3 Draw the recording area

Tap the "+" icon button at the left top of the screen and draw the recording area at the working space by click and drag action. You can also adjust the recording screen size by modifying the values in "Width" and "Height" nearby the "+" icon option. Make sure the "Microphone" and "system Audio" icon near the recording screen size fields are active to record the video along with the quality sound.

Step 4 Modify the Settings

adjust the settings

Tap the "Gear" icon at the top right side of the screen and adjust various parameters like "Format", "save to", "WaterMark", "Keys", "start time", "stop time" etc.

Step 5 Trigger the record

start recording

Now, hit the "Rec" button and play the desired video file after the 3-second count down to commence the recording action. You will be able to find three more icons during the recording session at the bottom right side of the screen. The "Pause" button temporarily stops the recording and you can resume it by tapping the "scissor icon". The "stop" icon permanently stops the recording session and save the file as per the stated destination place.

How Do You Burn YouTube Video to DVD on Mac and Windows OS

You can easily burn the YouTube videos to DVD on any system's OS version quickly without compromising on quality factors. Before commencing the burning process make use of the above program TunesKit Screen Recorder to save the YouTube videos into your system's local drive. While saving the YouTube file using TunesKit Screen Recorder ensure it is compatible with the DVD file format.

#1 Steps to burn YouTube video to DVD Mac free

Step 1 – First, copy all the YouTube videos in a folder. Insert the disc in the disc drive and right-click the folder. Select the "Burn ‘Folder name' to Disc" option in the expanded list.

burn data disc mac

Step 2 – Enter the disc name, adjust the burning speed, and hit the "Burn" button to trigger the burning process. Wait until the process completes and eject the disc by tapping the "Eject" button.

trigger burn mac

#2 Stepwise process to burn YouTube video in Windows systems

Step 1 – Insert a blank disc in your disc drive and the pop-up window, choose "Burn files to disc". Then enter the "Disc title" and select the option "With a CD/DVD player".

select drive windows

Step 2 – Enter the disc name, adjust the burning speed, and hit the "Burn" button to trigger the burning process. Wait until the process completes and eject the disc by tapping the "Eject" button.

send to dvdrwdrive windows

Step 3 – Tap Renew Download, if available

burn-to disc windows

The Final Words

Thus, you had an enlightening discussion on how to burn YouTube video to DVD. There are surplus strategies to save YouTube videos in your system and one such reliable method is TunesKit Screen Recorder. It is an efficient way of handling YouTube videos with optimum quality factors. Choose TunesKit if you want to record YouTube videos and edit them professionally using its built-in toolbox. Stay connected with TunesKit Screen Recorder and explore its upcoming features in future. Hurry up! Try out TunesKit Screen Recorder application and discover its mind-blowing functionalities in the long run.

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