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How to Fix Can't Download YouTube Videos Issue

Posted by Nick Orin on Sep 4, 2019 9:53 AM • Category: Record Screen
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Is it wrong with the system or internet connection? You will get a clear picture on this issue in the following discussion. As you all know that YouTube is an entertaining platform comprising of information and entertainment for all age groups to sharpen their skills. There is always a need to download YouTube videos for your future reference. You need to establish proper access to these valuable sources on YouTube at the time of need without any interruptions. Get ready for an informative journey on YouTube downloads.

Causes and Solutions for Unsuccessful YouTube Download

In this section, you will learn the causes and solutions for the unsuccessful YouTube download. Quickly surf through the causes and find appropriate solutions to overcome the interruptions for smoother YouTube videos download.

Reasons for why you can't download YouTube videos anymore

These are the common causes you might encounter when you are unable to download YouTube videos for offline watching.

cannot download youtube

• It can be a copyrights issue. Some videos on YouTube are private and it is inaccessible to the third person. If you try to download such videos then you will result in an error that it is a private video and requires permission for a download.

• There can be an error in the URL. If there are any slight variations in the URL you will end up with the message that there is no page available with this URL.

• An outdated YouTube downloader causes issues during the download.

• Sometimes an anti-virus tool prevents the YouTube download.

• Issues with an internet connection may cause the problem.

• An error during the download.

• If your system is devoid of sufficient storage space, that may lead to a download error.

• Certain videos in the YouTube database are the paid version and it is accessible only to the YouTube Premium members.

Possible ways to fix YouTube not downloading videos issue

The feasible ways to overcome YouTube not downloading video issues were as follows. Choose the right fix depending on the error during the YouTube download. You can make use of the error message to sort out the right solution for the problem.

fix it

• Do not attempt to download a private or copyrighted video without prior permission from the owners.

• Check the URL attributes before attempting for a download.

• Always make use of an updated YouTube downloader to avoid interruptions during the download process.

• Disable the anti-virus software at the time of your YouTube download to prevent its interference.

• Ensure your internet connection is good with high signal strength.

• Delete unnecessary files and applications in your system and create better storage space to download the videos from YouTube platform.

• If you access any paid version videos, then purchase the Premium subscription from YouTube to overcome unnecessary download problems.

Third-party YouTube Videos Downloader – TunesKit Screen Recorder

tuneskit screen recorder

The TunesKit Screen Recorder is an awesome program to record the screen happenings precisely in no time. This program is compatible with Windows and Mac systems. This extraordinary recorder kit stores all forms of audio and video files effectively. This application has a professional approach to capture live streaming videos by retaining its video and audio quality. You can record all sorts of screen activities quickly without any compromises. The TunesKit Screen Recorder completely resolves the above-discussed causes for unsuccessful YouTube downloads in your system.

tuneskit screen recorder

Stunning Functionalities of TunesKit Screen Recorder

  • Capture the screen activities and save the file in your desired file format
  • Few simple clicks are sufficient to download YouTube videos
  • User-friendly interface and easy-access controls
  • Built-in sophisticated editing tools to split and remove unwanted parts in your recordings
Try It Free safe 600,000+ Downloads
Try It Free safe 600,000+ Downloads

Fix YouTube Not Downloading with TunesKit Screen Recorder

The TunesKit Screen Recorder offers a quick fix to YouTube not downloading issues. Look down for more exciting facts on it.

Step 1: Download and Launch the Tool

Visit the TunesKit Screen Recorder website and download the app as per your system's OS version. Install and double-tap the tool icon to launch the program.

Step 2: Set the Recording Area and Adjust the Settings

adjust the settings

Now, tap the '+' icon at the top left side of the window and click and drag on the working space to fix the recording area. You can also adjust the attributes for width and height to modify the recording area dimension as per your requirement. Hit the 'Gear' icon at the top right side of the screen and change the field's attributes like 'Save to', 'Format', 'Start time' and 'Stop Time' etc according to your needs.

Step 3: Time to Record

record video

Press the 'Rec' button and play your favourite track within the 3 seconds of countdown to start the recording procedure. Pause the recording by tapping the 'Pause' button and resume it using the 'Scissor' icon. Use the 'Stop' icon to end the recordings.

You can save the video after a preview and edit it using the built-in tool kit. To access the recorded YouTube videos, go to the path stated in the 'Save to' option while adjusting the settings in the TunesKit Screen Recorder.


Finally, it is time to end this informative journey focussing on YouTube download issues. You can now fix YouTube not downloading problems quickly after surfing through the above content. The TunesKit Screen Recorder is the right tool to resolve issues related to unsuccessful YouTube downloads. You need not require any special skills to use this application. Follow the above guidelines to download your desired YouTube files quickly. Do not hesitate to try out this app while you are surfing through the videos on the YouTube platform. Choose TunesKit Screen Recorder and use its potential functionalities without any compromises.

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