10 Best Free YouTube Video Downloaders for 2022

Updated by Nick Orin on Nov 9, 2022 14:00 PM.

best free youtube video downloader

When it comes to accessing content online, YouTube is among the streaming services that is packed with millions of videos for access. The only drawback is the constant advertisements. That aside, what beats the odds is the ability to download your favorite videos for offline, personal use. That again leaves us with the question of which are the best YouTube video downloading and saving tools.

Well, most people use the YouTube platform as a tutorial platform while others deem it for marketing purposes. These are important aspects that YouTubers wish to keep memorable. And that calls for grabbing the best YouTube video downloaders for you. You can use them for recording or auto-downloading via the video URL. Here they are!

Top 5 Online Websites to Download YouTube Video Free
Top 5 Best YouTube Video Downloaders for Mac and Windows
Comparisons among Those YouTube Video Downloading Tools
FAQs to Saving YouTube Videos You May Want to Grasp
An Alternative Way: Download YouTube Videos by Recording
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5 Best YouTube Video Downloaders Online Free

First thing first. You may want to find an online YouTube video downloader that can help you save that media on high-quality without downloading any software or applications. Right here, online programs are available for downloading a YouTube video for free. When it comes to the resolutions, 144p, 240p, 720p, 1080p, and even 2160p can be your output options. Let's dive into this part.

Top 1. Btclod

With Btclod, you can freely download YouTube videos in different resolutions like 360p and 720p. It is allowed to choose to download the YouTube video at .mp4 or .webm format in the downloading panel. This panel is separated into MP3, Audio, Video, GIF, and Thumbnail. In other words, you can save the file on various channels based on specific requirements.

User Guides: Go to open up Btclod on internet. Choose the mode for downloading YouTube videos online or just save the background MP3 audio file online. Then, copy the video URL and paste it under the blank box. After analyzing, you see multiple downloading options to choose from. It allows users to play the media with the performance monitor. For advanced features, you need to register and get a licensed account.

btclod youtube video downloader

Top 2. Y2mate

Y2mate is an online video downloader for YouTube that is very simple to use. It will download YouTube videos and convert them to MP4 without losing the original quality. One of the advantages of Y2mate is that it is no need to log in for unlocking premium features. That is to say, you can use it for completely free. Unlimited conversion and video download are at your disposal.

User Guides: With that said, you won't be asked to register. Just find this website on your browser. You can choose "YouTube to MP4" or "YouTube to MP3". To be detailed, if you select "YouTube to MP3", this program is about to export your YouTube video at .mp3 format without pictures. Next up, paste the URL, and go to the downloading plate, choose the target such as "Video - 360(.mp4) - Download".

y2mate downloader for youtube

Top 3. YT1s

YT1s is a very basic but powerful online free YouTube downloader. It works fast, enabling you to download YouTube playlists in one go, supporting users to download YouTube videos for 480p, 720p, and 1080p. This website is safe and clean due to the intense supervision based on the security database. Also, it supports saving the converted files to DropBox or Google Drive.

User Guides: Visit YT1s.mobi and choose the ready-to-use file project according to your needs. It is available to choose "YouTube Downloader", "YouTube to MP3", "YouTube to MP4", or "Facebook Downloader". In other words, you can download Facebook videos as well. Later, paste or search the YouTube link, and download the file online.

yt1s youtube file downloader online

Top 4. SnapSave

SnapSave is a YouTube video MP3 downloader that doubles up as a powerful and practical converter. Use it to convert the YouTube downloaded videos to any format within a short time. Compared to other YouTube downloaders, you have fewer output options in the media downloading formats. But there is no advertisement on the webpages. When exporting, you will see the file size.

User Guides: Navigate to the SnapSave website. If you won't share the video on social platforms, it is no need to register. Paster the YouTube video link under the dialogue and click "Download". Unfold the downloading options, choose the video or audio format, and press "Get Link".

snapsave online youtube video downloader

Top 5. Online Downloader

online video downloader

If you want to compete against time then look no further than Online Downloader. This tool works across various devices and operating systems and is capable of converting YouTube videos easily with high quality. You don't have to be glued to the screen to download YouTube videos. Simply set it up and it will run to completion without further instructions.

User Guides: Use the website of Online Downloader. It is free to use and has a few advertisements. Add the video URL to the interface, or paste it from the clipboard, then hit "Download". Scroll down you will see output options. Each of them shows many details, such as the file size, media type, and resolution.

5 Best Free YouTube Video Downloaders for Mac & Windows

Why use a YouTube video downloader on Mac or Windows systems? Video downloading software generally support offline work and bath conversion process. Compared to the single track provided online, users are capable of editing the downloaded YouTube video with more tools like audio extraction and file size compression.

Top 1. YouTube Downloader Pro

This best free YouTube video downloader (also has paid version) for windows 10 is superb for faster downloads and conversion to your Windows PC. It is pretty easy to use and encompasses highly customizable features. Freely use it to download YouTube videos in 4K, QHD, 2K, 1080P, and other quality resolutions. It is also an Instagram and Facebook video download.

User Guides: Download YouTube Downloader Pro on Mac or Windows. Go to the panel of "Download", find "+ Paste URL" on the interface, and click "Start" when it is ready. For downloading multiple YouTube videos at once, add more URLs by "Add URL" on the menu. It is allowed to find the file in the folder or preview the video.

youtube downloader pro user profile

Top 2. YTD Video Downloader

This is another best free YouTube video downloader for PC Windows 10 for good quality output. YTD offers the exact video quality as the original one. However, you can't download several videos with this tool – just one at a time. It has modes for downloading or converting media on the timeline.

User Guides: YTD Video Downloader has no preview window. You'd better download the latest version of this software to prevent some bugs. Then go to "Download" and add your files to the interface. Click "Play" for further downloading. The files will be automatically downloaded and saved.

ytd video downloader interface

Top 3. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is a tool for downloading YouTube videos easily that can be used on Windows PC, macOS, and Linux. Apart from downloading YouTube videos, the 4K Video Downloader lets you freely grab videos from other platforms like Facebook and Vimeo. This app also supports various output formats like DivX, WMV, M4A, MOV, MP4, MPEG, and many more.

User Guides: Get 4K Video Downloader to your computer. When entering the interface, find "+ Paste Link" to upload the videos you want to download from YouTube. The timeline contains multiple files with metadata like name, duration, and file size. To discover the saving path of the YouTube video, highlight the clip and navigate to the location.

4k video downloader

Top 4. ByClick Downloader

This best YouTube videos downloader is very easy to use - ByClick supports users to download YouTube videos with the quality they want and can download YouTube video playlists with only need some simple clicks. What makes ByClick so popular is that the user interface is lovely and offers basic steps. Beginners find it effortless to grasp in a short time.

User Guides: After downloading ByClick YouTube Video Downloader Mac or Windows, choose your video from YouTube. Other platforms are supported as well, like Facebook and Vimeo. Copy the URL address and paste it under ByClick. Click the button to launch the whole process and save your video.

byclick youtube video downloader

Top 5. VideoProc Converter

Meet VideoProc, available on Windows and Mac, is a 4-in-1 powerful YouTube downloader for Mac and Windows. Besides being a video downloader, you can use it as a screen recorder, video editor, and DVD conversion tool. Also, it can be a YouTube playlist downloader so that can keep the music and videos in batches. One of the qualities of this software is the diverse output choices.

User Guides: VideoProc Converter is simple-to-learn and gives a free trial version for both Mac and Windows. Click "Add Video" > "Paste URL & Analyze" to upload the video. After a while, pick up the video and tap "Download Selected Videos" when you want to download it. It is permitted to set parameters of quality and bit rate.

videoproc converter interface

Which One Is The Best YouTube Video Downloader? Compare Them in a Table

Although we've already divided those recommended popular video downloaders for YouTubers into an online group and a software group. It is still easy to find that many of you cannot tell which one is more proper for you. In this case, we will compare their features and qualities of them in the following chart.

  OS UX Pricing Multiple Formats Recording Batch Downloading Download YouTube MP3
TunesKit Screen Recorder Windows & Mac Easy $14.95/m, $29.95/y
Btclod Online Easy $9.9/m, $99/y ×
Y2mate Online Easy Free × × ×
YT1s Online Easy Free × × ×
SnapSave Online Medium Free (Ads) × × ×
Online Downloader Online Easy Free × × ×
YouTube Downloader Pro Windows Medium $29.99/y ×
YTD Video Downloader Windows & Mac Easy $6.99 - $12.99 × ×
4K Video Downloader Windows, Mac, & Linux Medium $10 - $65 ×
ByClick Downloader Windows Medium $19.99/one-time ×
VideoProc Converter Windows Hard $25.95 - $57.95

Frequently Asked Questions about YouTube Video Downloading

1. How to Choose a Proper YouTube Video Downloader

As for downloading YouTube videos, you need to take three points into account before making the decision: The software is safe, offers various output formats, and you can change a range of qualities depending on specific needs.

2. How Long Should the YouTube Video Downloading Process Take

With the highest quality output, you may need to wait longer than ever. But after practical testing, most options provided on the page require you only minutes of downloading on average. Normally, if you set the format at .mp4, then the time will be shorter than others.

3. What Is the Best Format for a YouTube Video

YouTube itself recommends users upload MP4 videos of the highest quality. The according video codec is H.264 and the audio codec is AAC-LC, with a 16:9 aspect ratio. When it comes to the resolution, YouTube even supports 4K and 8K right now.

4. Which Is the Best Way to Download YouTube Videos

Theoretically, it is suggested to use an URL-Import tool for downloading YouTube videos. But users may confront problems like file size and internet quality. Alternatively, screen recording can be a very efficient method to download YouTube videos with or without background music. And one of the advantages is you can decide which part to record and save.

An Alternative Way to Download YouTube Videos - TunesKit Screen Recorder

tuneskit screen recorder

Downloading YouTube videos is an everyday affair. Therefore, settling for the perfect tool will save you the pain and agony of getting substandard video output. We have made it easy for you with the aforementioned tools. Better still: Compromising on quality should be a bygone case. Now, try the best alternative way in the following.

Screen recording is one of the easiest ways to download a YouTube video. So you can try TunesKit Screen Recorder to record your desired YouTube videos. If you're planning to compose tutorials, video lectures, video conferences, and how-tos, use this 2-in-1 video and audio recorder for optimum quality. Let's download this software and begin downloading/recording your YouTube videos.

tuneskit screen recorder

Key Features for TunesKit Screen Recorder

  • Record any type of YouTube video with screen recording
  • Has audio recording options that can record YouTube MP3
  • Record video and audio simulaneously or separately
  • Customize the aspect ratio of the canvas on high quality
  • Export streaming video to MP4, MKV, MOV, or other formats
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Now you have many options to download YouTube videos with ease. The best YouTube Video Downloaders above are all very easy to use. Their different features are also suitable for people with different needs. If you're not only looking for a YouTube video downloader but also want to record or download other screens or videos, we still recommend TunesKit Screen Recorder. Anyway, try them out and find the suitable one for you!

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