9 Best Game Recorders to Capture Games Easily

Posted by Nick Orin on Oct 1, 2019 3:55 PM.

Even though the console is on the rise, lots of gamers still depend on PC for their gaming needs. And as live streaming and YouTube Gaming emerges, it demands gamers to content creators. Besides, services like Twitch and Mixer have created a whole new world for gamers to play live games to a broad audience while interacting with the fans. If you aspire to put a show yourself, it all starts with the correct software to capture game-play. So, we're going to explore 9 best game recording software apps in the industry.

1. TunesKit Screen Recorder

tuneskit game recorder

Among the numerous similar programs in the market, TunesKit Screen Recorder is one of the best game capture software you can try. It enables users to record your computer games with good image and audio quality. You can choose to capture the system sound or microphone sound simultaneously or separately according to your needs. Besides, it supports lots of output media formats and devices, so that you can save it in MP4, MOV, M4V, WMV, etc. and then play it on different devices like Xbox, PS4, iPhones, Android phones, smart TVs, etc. Moreover, this program is easy to use, and no matter you're a tech savvy or not, you can easily handle it without any trouble.

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1. Records gameplay on computer with high quality;
2. Supports to record anything you want from desktop besides games;
3. Simple to operate with clear buttons and interface;
4. Provides tons of video formats and mobile devices.


1. Trial version will add watermark on the recordings.

2. OBS Studio


OBS Studio is all-in-one gameplay recording solution. You can consider OBS as the best game recorder out there because it is versatile. The tool combines nearly all the features you need in recording and editing a screen recording footage. The tool allows you to live-stream your gameplay as well as presenting you a wealth of utilities when it comes to transition and tools. You can fine-tune your recording professionally without limits of the frame rate.

And here's what makes it unique: The tool allows you to downscale on the fly and at the same time giving you control that's rare on other programs. Besides, OBS supports all major player like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook live. The tool is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac community. The only problem with OBS is that getting started with OBS for the first time can be a little intimidating. But it has tons of tutorials online in case you get stuck.


1. The tool records from the graphics cards thus can record full-screen;
2. It has a free open source;
3. Captures HD quality screen footages


1. The User Interface can be a bit intimidating for beginners.


action! gameplay recorder

Readily get an all-round game-recording solution. Are you looking for a speedy gameplay capture? ACTION! is the best game capture software you need. The tool captures everything, from OpenGL to NVIDIA and DirectX. And that's just the beginning. ACTION! brings a lot of feature to the table.

It allows you to add tabs on your recoding or add a little slow motion to your gameplay's footage. Besides, with a hit on the hotkey, you can take screenshots. And that isn't all. The tool has Greenscreen mode for any video that requires extra attention. Another exciting feature is the audio system which can record audios in M4A format. And here are more bonus features: Live audio commentary and high-resolution recording including 4K and even 8K videos. All in all, this is a do-it-all tool for Windows community alone.


1. Slick User Interface;
2. Provide a wide variety of formats;
3. Supports capture of 4K and 8K footage.


1. Not appropriate for an old machine.

4. NVIDIA ShadowPlay

nvidia shadowplay

Freely capture your gameplay directly from NVIDIA graphics cards. Does your system use Nvidia's graphics cards? Because NVIDIA ShadowPlay can be the best game recording software free of charge. The tool presents excellent gameplay streaming as it is integrated into the GPU. And here is the best part of the tool integrating to the GPU: The software will not use your system resource to handle the hefty work while you're gaming. Instead, your GPU will do the hard work. Better yet, the app has a seamless instant replay utility that features the action you execute in the past 30 seconds. And even more, the tool can highlight your top moments for quick sharing, painlessly broadcast your footage, make GIFs, and take 4k quality videos.


1. Completely free with features that other premium app cannot offer;
2. Intuitive user interface;
3. 4k recording at 60fps;
4. Have an instant replay utility.


1. Only available for NVIDIA graphics cards;
2. It lacks some crucial feature.

5. AMD ReLive

amd relive

Use this tool to record gameplay directly from your AMD graphics card. AMD ReLive is one of the best game recording software for gamers with AMD card. In fact, the tool is purposefully integrated to AMD card for games. It is reasonably quick and includes all the basic recording features at no cost. What's more, AMD ReLive allows you to separate audio tracks, stream your latest match online, or set an overlay. Like NVIDIA ShadowPlay, AMD ReLive captures gameplay using GPU'S power. And here is what makes it unique: The tool comes with a Screen Editor and allows capture of multi-channel audio. These two features make this tool stand out from other programs.


1. Completely free;
2. Comes with a screen editor;
3. Allows capture of multi-channeled audio.


1. Only useful for folks with AMD GPUs;
2. Has limited rates.

6. Fraps

fraps screen recorder

Tap into classical screen recordings. If you've been in the gaming world for long, Fraps might sound familiar to you. The tool is well-known as one of the industry best game recorders for it has been around for decades. The tool lacks update, but it is still standing strong. It lacks a fancy user interface. But that shouldn't fool you—Fraps can execute impressive results if your machine has enough power. Basically, the tool is a game recorder with benchmarking and capture utilities. With the benchmarking ability, Fraps can capture a wide range of footage resolution. However, the tool lacks a video editing tool, but it reliably works if you have an older version of Windows.


1. Captures multiple resolutions;
2. Offers custom frame rates;
3. Have a benchmarking statistics.


1. Have problems with the current operating systems;
2. Lack video editor;
3. Has no update.

7. Plays.tv

plays.tv game recorder

Uniquely capture your gameplay within the shortest time possible with this tool. Plays.tv readily records and edits gameplay. The process is super simple, even for a beginner. But what makes it unique? The tool has a social media portal of all sorts that enable a gamer to build an audience. This makes it stand as one of the best game recording software. The tool is lightweight to record gameplay without using most of your computer resources. Besides all the regular feature every screen recorder has, the app has a silk utility for Instant Replay that presents the last 90 seconds of your gameplay.


1. Present a unique bookmark system and Instant Reply feature;
2. Completely free;
3. Intuitive user interface.


1. It has few video editing tools.

8. XSplit Gamecaster

xsplit gamecaster

Unleash power-packed utilities for easy gameplay recording. XSplit is one of best screen recorder in the recording world. The software live-streams and records gameplay in high quality. It has an intuitive user interface that even a beginner can get started by a single button press. It allows you to put your customized watermark, add annotations, picture-to-picture mode, and social media integration.


1. Free version presents enough to get you started;
2. Provide options for local recording and streaming;
3. Support readily available.


1. Premium features unlock after paying for a subscription.

9. D3DGear


Access powerful recording solutions with a silky user interface. D3D Gear looks simple. But the looks don't say it all. The tool has a lineup of utilities that address nearly all of your gameplay capture need. It has a lightweight design to consume less of your computer resources and comes with a file compression system that can compress all your captured screen footage.


1. Simple UI;
2. Real-time compression.


1. Outdated user interface;
2. Limited feature.


As you can see, it isn't a must you spend a fortune to access best game recording software. You can tap into the freeware and as well as paid tools for advanced options. These top nine recorders are unique in their own ways. So, whether you prefer a light weight tool or one that provides a wide variety of formats then this is the place to be.


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