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Top 6 Best Apps for Recording Videos Creatively [2023]

Posted by Nick Orin on Jan 3, 2022 18:05 PM • Category: Record Screen
5 mins read

best app to record video

When you use an app to record video, there are a few factors to check for obtaining expected outcomes. Though, the gadgets are equipped with the best attributes to measure the quality of the recording content, still to enhance the overall capture you require special third-party applications. This article focuses on those parameters and assists the user to make the best video recording without compromising on any elements.

Despite the digital cameras, and high-resolution camera modules in iPhone and Android devices, the installed video recording applications bring wonders during the recordings. Apart from recordings, those applications are in-built with editor tools to improve the performance of the content. It is the perfect time to discover reliable apps for recording memorable events for further use.

Part 1. Some Effective Tips for Recording High-Standard Video

External lights and background volume

While recording videos using mobile devices, check the external lights are perfect. The light decides the clarity of the capture and hence working on it before your recordings help a lot in the results. Likewise, see to it that there is no external noise in the background that interrupts the quality recordings. It is a wise practice to plan the shoot with proper lights and volume controls.

Use high-resolution back camera

Many gadgets have a good resolution back camera when compared to the front camera. Choosing the back camera for video shoots is highly recommended. It gives better clarity and captures the content exactly in a realistic mode.

Pay attention to the storage space

Before making any recordings, check out the storage space in your device. Ensure the device has enough storage memory to store the recordings without any data loss. Insufficient storage may lead to content loss and therefore affects the overall video recordings.

Part 2. The Best App to Record Video on iPhone

Top 1. ProCam 8

procam 8 video recorder

ProCam 8 exclusively works on iPhones and it captures video with DSLR camera quality. You can install this program easily on your device and start customizing the attributes like focus and exposure manually according to your needs. The free version is sufficient to click the content for the expected quality. To add on extra functionalities while capturing the videos, you can purchase the package accordingly.

There are options to convert the video file format to the desired file type to overcome compatibility issues while playing them on any media player in the future. During the shooting mode, you can insert the grid overlays to enhance the focus on the target.

Top 2. MoviePro - Pro Video Camera

movie pro app to record a video

Movie Pro offers users multiple features to satisfy their needs precisely. To obtain impressive results during the video recordings, go ahead with the purchase of this Apple product at $999. While capturing the videos, use this app to include time-lapse, trigger the zoom feature simultaneously, enable the automatic white balance features, and you can also click photos amidst the video shooting mode.

Moreover, as an app to record video with background music, Movie Pro allows the users to switch between multiple cameras and choose the recording format. It is a powerful iOS video recorder tool that works on small details of focus attributes to enhance the overall video capture. It has an in-built video editor to modify desired changes to the content.

Top 3. MAVIS - Pro Camera

mavis app to record a video

Another filmmaking app for iPhone to capture videos at a professional level. A few manual controls in this app add magic to the recording's focus, exposure, ISO, shutter, and color temperature. You can customize the frame rate during the video shoot and work with multiple resolution parameters to capture the content uniquely. Connect with the customizable bit rate, zoom controls, and audio inputs.

This app assists you to set many technical parameters using the in-built vectorscope, and waveform monitor. The presence of a Zebra overlay helps the recorder to capture the target promptly without any issues of overexposure. You can use this app as a reliable shooting assistant while capturing memorable moments to cherish in the future.

Part 3. The Best App to Record Video with Background Music for Android

Top 1. Open Camera

open camera video recorder app for android

Open Camera is designed for Android and it provides you with professional video capture and edits. Despite the camera quality of the in-built camera in your device, use this app to enhance the overall recordings. Open camera works on various aspects of video shoot like focus, color effects, and white balance. It has an in-built module that triggers the click action soon after the face detection. Use the invert option in this program to get a unique view of the captured content. You can connect with the external lens to obtain quality results during the inverted view recordings. Microphones and other external tools integrate with this app to give out the desired outcomes.

Top 2. Screen Recorder Video Recorder

screen recorder and video recorder app for android

Screen Recorder Video Recorder is an Android app that allows users to take expected videos. It has in-built filters to add extra effects to the captured content. Use these filters to obtain a better view of the content and apply either the warmer or cooler effect according to the video theme. You can also opt for black and white tones to make your content unique.

Apart from the video captures, you can use this app to add subtitles to the recorded content and work on the audio too. Play the recorded content using its in-built video editor and customize the content using the built-in customize modules. Export personalized video content to any platform with a single click.

Top 3. Filmic Pro: Mobile Cine Camera

filmic pro video recorder app for android

Filmic Pro allows users to record videos in three different modes. They are manual, standard and hybrid. It permits the users to record the content either in portrait or landscape mode appropriately. Adjust the time lapse in the content to make the recording interesting.

Work with the Zoom control to enhance the focus on the target and modify the speed controls while capturing the motion elements. The Filmic Pro let you adjust numerous settings related to color and assist to bring out the best recordings irrespective of external disturbances.

Part 4. The Best Video/Webcam/Facecam/Screen Recording Tool - TunesKit Screen Recorder

best app to record video tuneskit screen recorder

If you want to record high-quality videos without time limits, you'd better consider software for video and screen recording. The best option is TunesKit Screen Recorder, which adds extra flavors to the recordings with ready-made aspect ratio and video format selections. You can download this tool from its official website effortlessly. The interface is clean and users have access to multiple recording modes to capture the window, webcam, audio, and gameplay without any lagging. This brilliant recorder is compatible with Windows and Mac systems.

tuneskit screen recorder

Key Features for TunesKit Screen Recorder

  • Set the recording quality and output format in advance
  • Choose your wanted codec, bit rate, and frame rate
  • Use specific recording projects to begin your work
  • Customize the width and height of the window for recording
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