3 Common Ways to Download & Record Music from MySpace

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Q: "MySpace, as a social networking website, apart from enabling me to make friends, write blog posts, watch amazing videos, is also my favorite place to listen to music. But there is no way to download MySpace music tracks offline, since it is limited to provide online music only. Do you know an effective solution to download or record music from MySpace to my mobile smartphone for offline listening?"

In our daily life, we always withstand pressure from work, study, or something else. In order to release from these invisible pressures, most people choose to put themselves into the digital entertainment world, for instance, listening to music. But if you are using MySpace, one of the largest streaming music services in the world, you'll find it's hard to enjoy MySpace music on portable devices. Don't worry though. This post will introduce the 3 most common yet easy ways to download MySpace music with the help of the free online MySpace music downloader and the best MySpace audio recording software.

Solution 1. Download Music Tracks Directly from MySpace Site

Although MySpace itself doesn't provide offline songs, it connects with iTunes and Amazon so that users can directly buy the specific songs or albums from these two websites instead. Here's the full tutorial to buy music tracks through MySpace.

buy music from myspace

Step 1. Open MySpace official website and log into your own membership.

Step 2. Search for any track or album you want to download offline. Then click the title of the specific song and move your mouse to the "circle" icon at the end of each column.

Step 3. Click on "Buy Song" button and you'll be directed to the purchase page on iTunes or Amazon where you can buy the music track.

Step 4. Sign in your iTunes or Amazon account and complete the payment as instructed.

Solution 2. Download MySpace Music with MySpace Music Recorder

You should notice that not all songs offered by MySpace have the buy link. Therefore, another popular way to download music from MySpace is using some dedicated MySpace music recording software to record the songs on computer.

Created by TunesKit Studio, TunesKit Audio Capture is a worth mentioning software, which is specialized in downloading and recording any audio track from MySpace and other streaming music sites. When you are using this tool to record MySpace music, It's also capable of preserving all metadata info of MySpace digital copies, including title, year, artist, album, genre and others. Plus, you are allowed to add and customize these ID3 tags manually. Once recorded, you can save and convert the MySpace songs as MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, M4B and other common formats. Hence, you will freely enjoy all MySpace music tracks on any device for offline playback.

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Guide: How to Record Audio Tracks from MySpace Music and Videos Losslessly

By adopting leading-edge audio recording technology, you can keep the truly lossless audio quality of the captured MySpace audio tracks with TunesKit Audio Capture. It is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. You can choose the right version and install it on your computer. The following tutorial is to show you how to use this smart MySpace music recorder to download and reproduce music from MySpace without losing any quality.

Step 1Open TunesKit MySpace Audio Capture

set capture preferences

Once installed successfully, please double click to launch this smart MySpace audio recording solution on your Mac or PC. And then you will see a new window, in which there is a list of your installed media playing programs, browser or web players, and other programs. In this step, the other thing you can do is to define the output format by touching the "Format" button at the bottom right corner of the main interface.

set output format

Step 2Begin to play and capture music from MySpace

record myspace music

Choose the favorite browser from the list mentioned above, like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Internet Explorer, and click it to enter the search page. Then please enter into the MySpace website and login in your account. Now, you can start to play audio tracks from your MySpace video or music menu at the left of the main page. When playing MySpace songs, TunesKit Audio Capture will start to launch the recording process automatically.

Step 3Cut and trim unwanted part from recorded MySpace songs

edit myspace music

If there are some unwanted audio segments in the captured audio tracks or you just would like to clip the fascinating tracks for setting as ringtone or others, you can touch the "Edit" option at each recorded track and open a new window, in which you can trim and cut MySpace audio tracks flexibly.

Step 4Save recordings from MySpace

save myspace audio

When all MySpace songs are recorded by TunesKit Audio Capture, there are two methods for you to end the recording process. The common way is to stop playing MySpace music and videos. The other approach is to quit the whole web browser. And then you can click the Save button to save all recorded MySpace files onto your computer.

Download Download

Solution 3. Download Music from MySpace with Free MySpace Music Downloader Online

download myspace music online

For you who are on a budget, you may wonder whether there's any free software to download or record MySpace music. Fortunately, Grabthatfile.com is such a website that enables you to download MySpace tracks online for free. With the easy-to-use interface, you just need to import the MySpace URL into the text filed and then it will start to record MySpace audios as MP3. That's to say, you don't need to download and install any extra software on your computer. Now, you can follow this simple guide to rip MySpace music tracks as MP3s with this free online MySpace music downloader.

Step 1. Open your web browser and enter to the MySpace page with your MySpace account. And then you can discover the MySpace audio files and copy the URL of the music that you want to record.

Step 2. Go to the Grabthatfile.com site. It requires you to simply login in this website with FaceBook account or Twitter account.

Step 3. Once you have logged in this website, please paste the MySpace URL into the text field. And then, the only thing you should do is to press the "Download" button and this free MySpace audio recording tool will start to record and download MySpace music that you imported to your computer.


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