How to Record and Download Bandcamp Music

Posted by Adam Gorden on Aug 14, 2019 6:15 PM.

Bandcamp is a well-established music website where music lovers can listen to or purchase the music distributed by musicians. However, users may get confused when they try to download from Bandcamp, which takes a complicated process.

If you are wondering how to download Bandcamp music, this article will be very helpful. It introduces methods to download purchased music and a Bandcamp downloader and recorder, with which you can download, in a sense, the music without paying for it.

download bandcamp music

Part 1. Download Purchased Bandcamp Music
Part 2. Record Bandcamp Songs Free of Charge

Download Bandcamp Music That You Have Purchased

If you have purchased songs or albums on Bandcamp, you can download them on the official website of Bandcamp.

Method 1 After the checking out process of buying songs or albums, you can see your purchased music on the collection pages shown on the image below. Click the "download" caption at the bottom of each album or track to download.

download bandcamp on collection page

The purchased albums can also be found on the Purchases page. Click the "download album" caption to download your purchased album.

download bandcamp music from purchase page

Method 2 When you have successfully purchased the album, an e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address to inform you of the purchase. Click the download enclosed link to download the album.

download bandcamp from e-mail

Record or Download from Bandcamp without Paying for It

Maybe you are thinking if there is a way to record or download music from Bandcamp without cost, which is understandable because, after all, music is not cheap. Actually the answer is yes, but you will be needing a powerful tool to help you.

TunesKit Audio Capture is a capable streaming audio recorder that can record music from almost any software on your computer, website of Bandcamp included. Contrary to the conventional impression of audio recorders, this software can record high-quality audio from Bandcamp to mp3 and 5 other formats. The other main features of TunesKit Audio Capture is listed in the chart below.

spotify music converter

Key Features of TunesKit Audio Capture:

  • Record streaming audio from any website
  • Save all recordings to common audio formats
  • Preserve audio quality and track information
  • Support multi-track recording, trimming and merging
  • Support various audio effects like trimming
Download Download

Therefore, if you record music playing on Bandcamp into tracks of remarkable quality, then you are downloading the music in a sense.

You are free to download the trial from the links above and try to use TunesKit Audio Capture according to the following tutorial:

Step 1Open TunesKit Audio Capture

set capture preferences

Launch TunesKit Audio Capture, and you will see the main interface, where the list of target software is placed on the top , while the trumpet-shaped settings icon and history icon rest at the bottom. Note that you don't have to open the target software now, because once you select the target software before recording, the original window of the target software will be closed and a new window of it will be created by TunesKit Audio Capture.

Step 2Configure All Options

set output format

The customizable options need to be set before you start recording. Click the trumpet-shaped icon, and the format interface will show up, providing recording formats, codec, channel, sample rate and bit rate for you to adjust according to your demands. For users who are not familiar with the musical jargon, the Preset option allows you to simply choose from High-quality and Small-size so that all the other options will automatically set the rest of the options accordingly.

Step 3Start to Recording Bandcamp

record and download form bandcamp

Select the explorer with which you open Bandcamp, and TunesKit Audio Capture will open it for you. Then play music in the newly launched explorer, and the recording process will start in a few seconds, which will not, however, interrupt the integrity of recorded tracks. If you plan to record multiple tracks, TunesKit Audio Capture can identify the silence interval between songs and split them automatically into different tracks. You can see the tracks are saved into the designated formats, for instance, the user record music from Bandcamp to mp3 in the image above.

When all target songs have been recorded, press the Stop button to end the recording process.

Step 4Trim Recorded Bandcamp Audios

edit bandcamp music

After you have finished recording, you could click the Edit button at the rear of each track to trim the audio track by time length. You can cut one recording into several different segments or merge all recordings into one file. In addition, you can edit the tags of the music, including title, artist, album,etc., or rename the tracks.

After all is done, click the Save button to store the tracks in local storage.

Bottom Line

All in all, there are two ways of downloading Bandcamp music. For the purchased music, you can download it on the Bandcamp website or the e-mail sent from it. And with the support of TunesKit Audio Capture, you are able to record and download music from Bandcamp free of charge.


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