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With 16 million monthly active users, the French Internet-based music streaming service Deezer provides access to over 73 million tracks to users in more than 180 countries. Now the service is available on most platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and Web. But if you want Deezer to download music for offline listening, you need to upgrade to a Premium account with a $9.99 monthly fee.

You might wonder whether there's an effective solution to download music from Deezer for free. Luckily, there are so many tools that can download Deezer tracks, playlists, or albums offline on either a computer or mobile device. Here you can follow these top 4 ways offered in this post to easily download music from Deezer and then transfer the songs to any device.

download deezer music

Method 1. How to Download Music from Deezer with Premium Account
Method 2. Download Music from Deezer with Deezer Music Recorder
Method 3. Best Free Deezer Music Downloader to Record Deezer Tracks
Method 4. Download Free Deezer Music for Android

Method 1. How to Download Music from Deezer with Premium Account

Deezer Premium, Deezer Student, Deezer Family, and Deezer HiFi subscribers, can download Deezer audios including albums, audiobooks, favorite tracks, playlists, and podcast episodes.

How to Download Music from Deezer on Android or iOS

download music on deezer

Step 1. Go to Favorites > Music to see the songs you want to download.

Step 2. Use the DOWNLOAD slider to let songs available on offline playing.

How to Download Music from Deezer to PC

Step 1. Find the album or playlist you want to download.

Step 2. Click the Download button to download all the tracks in the playlist or album.

Note: You cannot download single tracks with Deezer. If you want to download any single tracks, you need to add it to a playlist or heart it first.

Method 2. Download Music from Deezer with Deezer Music Recorder

Is Deezer free music download possible? Can I download Deezer music by single tracks? Yes, but we will need some extra help. That is, to use some professional music recording program, like TunesKit Deezer Recorder. It's a powerful audio recorder well designed to download Deezer music by losslessly recording the audio tracks to MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, and other common audio formats.

This excellent audio recording tool is available for both Windows and Mac computer systems. It has magnificent compatibility, as it is able to record audio from Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or other web browsers. As a multi-track recorder, TunesKit Deezer Recorder also allows you to capture multiple music tracks from Deezer simultaneously, each undisturbed by other audios except for the target music itself. You don't need to worry about the ID3 tags of the songs either, since TunesKit Deezer music recorder comes with an intelligent ID3 tag editor which allows you to customize the metadata info of recorded Deezer streaming songs, such as year, cover, genre, artist, etc.

deezer music downloader and recorder

Key Features of TunesKit Deezer Recorder:

  • Record streaming audio from Deezer
  • Save all Deezer recordings to common audio formats
  • Preserve audio quality and track information of the original Deezer music
  • Support multi-track recording, trimming and merging
  • Support various audio effects like trimming
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Guide: How to Record Music from Deezer with TunesKit Audio Capture

Since TunesKit Studio provides the free trial version of Audio Capture, you might as well give it a try from the links above. Once it's done, refer to the following step-by-step guide to learn how to record and download Deezer music without losing any quality.

Step 1Launch TunesKit Audio Capture and Set the Basic Settings

set capture preferences

Once you have launched TunesKit Deezer Recorder, you can see there is a complete list of target software in the main interface. Please make sure that the web browser you need is in the program list. In this step, the other thing you need to do is clicking the Format button to set the output format for recorded Deezer music, like MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, etc., as well as other adjustable options, which determine the sound quality of the recordings.

set output format

Step 2Begin to Play and Record Deezer Music

record deezer music

In the main interface, click the icon of Chrome, Safari, IE, or other browsers to enter into the home page of Deezer. You can start to sign in to your Deezer account and locate the Deezer library. Now, you can play the Deezer music stream that you would like to record and download. TunesKit Audio Capture adopts multi-tracks audio recording technology, so you can play all Deezer music at the same time and they will all be automatically captured.

Step 3Customize Exclusive Deezer Music by Cutting and Trimming

edit audio

This step is optional, so you can skip to the next step if you don't need to edit the tracks. Each recorded Deezer audio track has an Edit icon at its rear, and you can simply click it to open a cutting window, in which you need to set the start time and end time to make a clip. Also, you can edit the ID3 tags in the same window.

Step 4Export Recorded Deezer Tracks as MP3

save deezer music

If you would like to stop the recording process, you have to press the Stop button and then the Save button at the right bottom. Now, you can locate the downloaded Deezer music in the History window. In order to make all Deezer songs meet your requirements, there is a real-time preview for you to detect output quality and cut unwanted segments again.

Method 3. Audacity - Best Free Deezer Music Downloader to Record Deezer Tracks

Beyond all doubt, if you would like to download Deezer music files with lossless sound quality, TunesKit Deezer Recorder is the No.1 choice for you. However, if you prefer a free Deezer music recorder, we highly recommend Audacity, a free and open-source streaming music recorder, which is specially designed to record streaming audio tracks from Deezer and other streaming music websites for free.

Audacity enables you to easily adjust pitch, bass, and treble, normalize noise or add effects like reverb and phasing to recorded Deezer audio files as you like. However, the shortcoming of this free Deezer downloader is that the recorded Deezer audios can only be saved as WAV or AIFF. Besides, the editing tool can sometimes damage the original audio tracks.


Method 4. Download Free Deezer Music for Android

If you want to download Deezer music on Android devices, there are also many great options. Among them, the app called Smart Recorder is of high quality. With this smart tool, you'll be able to record Deezer songs in high quality and enjoy them offline.

This application lets you record Deezer tracks on Android in the background even when the display of the screen is off. You can also share the songs with others as it will automatically sync the recorded music to Dropbox and e-mail. Check these steps to learn how to download music on Deezer with Smart Recorder.

smart deezer recorder

Step 1. Download the Smart Recorder app from the Google Play store and install it on your Android phone.

Step 2. Open Deezer Music app on your device and start playing music tracks you need to download to Android.

Step 3. Run Smart Recorder and click the red Record button to start recording the music from Deezer.

Step 4. While recording, you can minimize the recorder. To stop the recording process, simply click the Stop button and tap on Recordings. Then your recordings will be saved on Android as expected.

Summary & Suggestion

Among all the mentioned ways of Deezer free music download, there are paid-for software and free software for desktop as well as a great android app. It is worth mentioning that TunesKit Deezer Recorder is definitely the best tool for it is easy-to-use and outputs high-quality audios. Although it is not free of charge, it still more economical compared with paying for Deezer. But if you need the free Deezer music downloader, Audacity is still good enough. After all, which tool to use is up to you.

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