Top 9 Tips to Fix iPhone Voicemail Not Playing Issue

Posted by Brian Davis on November 12, 2018 15:02:11 PM.

voicemail not working on iphone

There is joy in owning a higher version of iOS because of the numerous amazing features attached to it. For this reason, many users opt to update their iPhones to the latest versions like iOS 11.4, iOS 12 and the like. Among the looked upon features include iPhone Visual Voicemail feature which gathers all supported voicemails as audio files within your phone. However, there are conditions which may lead to iPhone voicemail not playing. The next step should be to fix this mess because it may hinder you from numerous functionalities such as the absence of notification sounds among others.

1. Restart your iPhone

Probably, this is the first step that can sort you out almost immediately. Restarting your iPhone will enable a refresh of all the apps available. Besides, a new software update installation also requires a phone restart for the features to be fully operational. To restart the phone, simply press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until you see the red slider. Swipe your phone's screen as you drag the slider to power off. Wait for about 30 seconds and then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button once more until the Apple logo appears.

how to reboot iphone

2. Verify whether voicemail is set up on your phone

It could be that voicemail was not correctly set up. Nonetheless, some updates may also reset the device settings configuration. If these are the scenarios, then definitely iPhone voicemail won't play. So, you need to verify that voicemail is set up and correctly configured on your phone. Go to 'Settings' then tap on 'Voicemail tab'. Next, tap on 'Set Up Now' and then enter a passcode so as to re-enter it. To verify, Tap Custom to record a personal greeting message and then tap on 'Record'. This should enable you whether voicemail is set on your phone.

how to reboot iphone

3. Check whether your iPhone mobile carrier supports Visual Voicemail

Even if some iPhone carries like T-Mobile support visual voicemail, others do not. If yours does not, then your phone will not give you this service. The best thing is to contact your mobile phone company so as to be sure. Nonetheless, switching cellular providers from a mobile company to another one may also lead to iPhone voicemail not playing. This being that the new company may not support visual voicemail.

check if your iphone carrier support voicemail

4. Confirm if your Voicemail password is correct

An incorrect password could lead you to such disappointments. You should see to it that the voicemail password is correct. It could be that you changed it or it simply needs you to re-enter it once more. Just go to 'Settings' and change or confirm your voicemail password from there.

voicemail password

5. Reset network settings

The network has a lot to do with fixing iPhone voicemail not working issues. Resetting the network will refresh it for the better. Re-entering a wireless password and making other necessary customizations will be of great importance. To do this, go to 'Settings' and then tap on 'General'. Then click on 'Reset' and choose 'Reset Network Settings' to reset it.

reset network settings

6. Call voicemail directly

Call voicemail directly by using your own phone number. You need to dial your own phone number and then key in your password so as to access the voicemail inbox. In the event that you cannot access your voicemail, then simply contact your mobile provider. They'll be at your service to fix all the unearthing issues.

7. Confirm adequate cellular service

It is important to know whether your phone has got a cellular service. The cellular reception also has to be sufficient in order to be able to make and receive calls or transmit data. In the event that your phone has very low coverage, then iPhone voicemail won't play. The not so friendly response of 'no service' is bound to great you each time you try to receive voicemails. In this case, visual voicemail is not able to access the voicemail if there is limited service or if iPhone is completely out of a coverage area.

8. Check and update carrier settings

Carrier settings may also be out of date leading to your phone's voicemail not playing issues. This is bound to happen if the cellular carrier pushes any update that is specific to their cellular service. This may interfere with the voicemail on your iPhone. To update this, go to 'Settings' on your iPhone and then click on 'General'. Then to go 'About' and look for Carrier Settings that is available update and installation.

update carrier settings

9. Reset Time Zone

A time zone that is out of date may also be a leading cause of iPhone voicemail not working. Resetting your iPhones time to the correct state will enable synchronization of various apps including visual voicemail. To reset the time zone, head to the 'Settings' then go to 'General' and click on 'Date & Time'. Turn on the 'Set Automatically' button to enable the correct time zone update.

reset time zone

Note: Remember that a system problem could also result in visual voicemail not functioning issues. It is ideal to have a reliable system recovering program to help out in such a scenario. TunesKit iPhone voicemail Recovery for Windows (or iPhone Voicemail recovery For Mac) has the ability to fix your voicemail issues without letting you lose any of your important data. Besides, it has got the highest recovery achievable rate with just a few clicks. Besides being able to recover data, TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery is a 100% secure and will let you preview your data before doing a recovery.

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  • The Bottom Line

    Even though there is more to visual voicemail problems, there are also several tips that you can use to help solve iPhone voicemail not playing issue. This is a common phenomenon that hits at the most inappropriate moment. We have brought forth the most useful ways of helping you deal with voicemail, not working issues. The solutions are easy to follow and will definitely get you out of the mess. Just factor in the concept of using the right steps and techniques in the quest to solve any non-functional voicemail issues and you'll get back to normalcy.


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