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Forgot Lock Screen Passcode on iPhone? How to Reset

Posted by Brian Davis on Apr 10, 2019 10:52 AM • Category: Fix iPhone Issues
4 mins read

forgot iphone passcode how to reset

Setting a screen passcode on your iPhone is a safe way to protect your data and privacy. Sometimes, you need to change it regularly to ensure a higher security. What if you just forgot lock screen passcode on iPhone after you switched for so many times? No worries. In this guide, we will cover 4 effective methods to help remove lock screen and reset it effortlessly.

1. Remove Screen Lock with Third-Party Tool [Highly Recommended]

When you forgot the passcode and can't access to your iPhone, there is currently no other way but to restore your device, which means all the existing data on your device will be erased. Don't worry. You can still get your data back by restoring your iTunes or iCloud backup file if you have one.

Using a third-party professional tool can be the best choice as it has no restriction. Among various such programs in the market, TunesKit iOS System Recovery is a dependable one which can crack iPhone passcode within a few minutes. No matter what kind of password it is, a 4-digit or 6-digit one, Touch ID or Face ID, etc. TunesKit software can remove it without effort. Besides, it has a wide range of compatibility as it supports almost all iOS models and systems, including the latest iPhone XS, XR, iPad pro, and iOS 12.1, etc.

Next let's come to the detailed instruction on how to reset iPhone without password instantly.

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Step 1Open TunesKit and connect iPhone to the computer

Launch TunesKit iOS System Recovery after download and install it on the computer. Use an original USB cable to plug your device to the computer. Once it's recognized by TunesKit, click the Start button to get started. On the next interface, you will see two repair modes. Here you need to choose the Advanced Mode to remove screen lock since you forgot iPhone passcode. Click the Next button to continue.

connect iphone

Step 2Download and verify the iOS firmware package

Now you need to check your device info once it's detected. If something is wrong, choose the right option. Then click the Download button at the lower right corner and TunesKit will start downloading and verifying the corresponding iOS firmware package.

download firmware

Step 3Remove screen lock and reset passcode

When the process is completed, you can press on the Repair button and ask the program to remove lock screen for you. Wait a while until the repairing process ends. You can now set a new passcode on your iPhone.

fix ios

2. Restore Your iPhone with iTunes

Another method to restore your device and remove screen lock is to use iTunes program, but you need to connect to a computer that you've ever synced with, so that it will not ask you to Trust This Computer again. If you have such a computer, you can now follow the step-by-step guide below to remove lock screen.

Step 1. Connect your phone to a synced computer via a USB cord. Open the latest version of iTunes program on the computer;

Step 2. If it's successfully detected by iTunes, hit your device icon and go to the Summary > Restore iPhone...;

Step 3. Confirm Restore option and iTunes will start to restore your device and remove the screen password as well.

restore iphone with itunes

3. Erase Your iPhone Remotely with iCloud

If you have turned on the Find My iPhone feature on your device, you can use iCloud to erase your device remotely. It only takes a few clicks to remove lock screen passcode on iPhone. Here is how:

Step 1. Visit www.icloud.come on the browser of your computer or iPad, etc. Log in your iCloud account with correct Apple ID and password;

Step 2. Click on the Find iPhone option and choose your iPhone under All Devices list;

Step 3. Press the Erase iPhone button and it will efface all the data on the device including the screen password.

erase iphone with icloud

4. Restore Your Device in Recovery Mode

The last possible solution introduced here is to try putting your iPhone into recovery mode and then use iTunes to restore iPhone and screen lock. The following are the quick steps you can follow:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes (make sure it's the newest version);

Step 2. Follow the guide from Apple Support to manually boot your device into the recovery mode, or use TunesKit iOS System Recovery to freely put iPhone in recovery mode in one click;

Step 3. iTunes will detect your iPhone in recovery mode and ask you to Update or Restore it. Choose the Restore button and wait until the restoring completes. You will be able to set new passcode on iPhone.

restore iphone in recovery mode

The Bottom Line

Now you must know how to reset it when you forgot lock screen passcode on iPhone. The most reliable and efficient way is to use TunesKit iOS System Recovery to fix it. You can quickly remove screen lock on iOS devices by yourself at home even if you've never used such program before. Additionally, this tool also allows you to fix some iOS related problems such as iPhone stuck in recovery mode, iPhone won't turn off, iPad white screen of death, etc. Just go ahead and download this software for Mac or Windows to get you out of locked iPhone and other trouble.

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