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Top 7 Ways to iPhone Yellow Screen

Updated by Brian Davis on Apr 28, 2023 17:13 PM • Category: iOS & iPhone Tips
5 mins read

Despite the advancements regarding the iPhone and iOS, there are still common problems that users must contend with, with one of the most common being the iPhone yellow screen issue. When searching for solutions online, there can be some that refer to such instances as the iPhone is in the frozen screen of death, but in most instances, the problem can be resolved. However, the fix used for the iPhone can depend on the cause of the problem. If you have been searching for ways to rectify an iPhone screen that has turned yellow, then why not try out the following steps.

fix iphone yellow screen

Way 1: Disable Night Shift Feature

One of the most common causes of the iPhone screen yellow issue can be as simple as disabling Night Shift mode. To those unfamiliar with Night Shift, it is a setting that adjusts the colours of the iPhone and eliminates blue light, often giving the display of an iPhone a yellow tint.

Option 1: The Night Shift mode can be switched off via two methods. The first involves opening the Control Centre, pressing firmly on the control icon, and then switching the Night Shift Mode off.

night shift in control center

Option 2: Another way to disable Night Shift is to navigate to Settings, Display and Brightness, and then Night Shift, which can be toggled accordingly.

night shift in settings

Given the feature is designed to benefit users at the night, it will need to be turned back on using the same methods when using the phone before bed.

Way 2: Allow for Screen Adhesive to Cure

If you recently purchased a new iPhone and noticed there is a yellow tinge on the screen, then there could be a simple explanation. There have been instances where the adhesive used on the digitizer is still drying, which can lead to the screen having a yellow hue.

If this is the cause of the iPhone yellow screen, you will find that the problem rectifies itself in a few days once the adhesive has dried completely.

screen adhersive

Way 3: Disable True Tone

Although True Tone was first introduced in 2016 on the iPad Pro. The feature was included on the iPhone 8 onwards. The True Tone feature uses sensors that measure ambient light colour and brightness. The information is then relayed to the iPhone, which will then adjust the setting accordingly.

In some instances, this can give the screen a yellow tint. Although designed to benefit the user, there can be times when the yellow overture can be unsettling. Fortunately, this setting can be turned off to resume the original display.

Simply head to the Control Centre, touch and hold, then tap the option to turn True Tone off. Another way the feature can be turned off is by visiting Settings, then Display and Brightness > True Tone.

iphone true tone

Way 4: Change Colour Tint

Another common reason why the iPhone screen yellow issue occurs can be due to the colour tint. This is another feature that can be easily amended by visiting Settings, Accessibility, and then Display and Text Size (or Display Accommodations). From here, select the Colour Filters > Color Tint option. Then drag the Hue and Intensity slider until you obtain the display you are looking for.

iphone color tint

Way 5: Check for iOS Update

There can be instances when an outdated operating system can cause a series of problems for iPhone users. There can even be times when the iOS being used contains a bug, so updating to the latest version of iOS is always worth considering, even in instances where iPhone yellow screen is persistent.

To update the iOS on your iPhone, open the Settings app, and then Software Update. If there is an update available, it will appear, and give you the option to install it.

update iphone

Way 6: Use Tuneskit iOS System Recovery

Although there are many fixes available if your iPhone screen is yellow, some iPhone users still find it difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the issue. Fortunately, there is software available that can make diagnosing problems with your iPhone easy and seamless.

TunesKit iOS System Recovery Software can diagnose over 50 faults, including iPhone boot loop, red screen, green screen, etc. What’s amazing is that TunesKit will not erase your data in the process of repair. It works fast and efficiently. Apart from iPhone issues, it can also be applied to iPad, iPod, and Apple TV errors.

tuneskit ios system recovery

Characteristics of TunesKit iOS System Recovery:

  • Fix iPhone screen yellow without data loss
  • Repair different tvOS/iOS issues by yourself
  • Provide Standard Mode and Advanced Mode
  • Easy to use with friendly interface
Try It Free safe 600,000+ Downloads
Try It Free safe 600,000+ Downloads

Now, let us see how to use TunesKit to fix the iPhone yellow screen of death issue.

Step 1: By using a USB, connect your iPhone to your computer. Launch TunesKit. Then click Start to choose a repair mode. The Standard Mode is highly recommended. After choosing, click the Next button.

connect iphone to computer

Step 2: In this step, the firmware is needed to be done. Before downloading, you can check the device info. Then, click the Download option to begin the downloading process.

download firmware

Step 3: After the firmware package is ready, you will see the Repair option. Click on that to begin the repairing process. Within seconds, your iPhone will be successfully repaired. Please note that you need to keep your iPhone connected to the computer while the repairing process is on.

fix ios

Way 7: Contact Apple If Screen Is Defective

If you have tried all the other steps and still find you are faced with the iPhone screen yellow issue, then the cause could be a physical fault. Given the complexity of iPhones, they are not as easy to fix as other devices, and those with a warranty could find it invalidated if they use an unauthorised third party. If you suspect the device is defective, it is advisable to contact an Apple store to inquire about a replacement screen.

If you have purchased insurance or have an active warranty on the handset, then it can also be useful to provide this information, or touch base with the company that issued the insurance.

Final Thoughts

The reason for the iPhone yellow screen of death depends on several factors, including the iOS and the device itself. Using the above-mentioned steps can allow you to eliminate faults from the scenario, so a fix can be put in place.

Although some may refer to such instances as the iPhone screen of death, there is often a way to rectify the issue and ensure that your iPhone display is aligned to your requirements. Of course, if you are struggling to find the fix, you can be assured the TuneKit iOS Recovery Software can help eliminate issues including yellow screen boot looping and other common occurrences.

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