iPad Keeps Shutting off? Fixed!

Posted by Brian Davis on Dec 14, 2020 5:14 PM

ipad keeps shutting off

Q: Hi! My iPad keeps turning off randomly, so annoying. I am not good at fixing iOS products. I tried to restart it but I failed. Is there anyone who can help? Thanks in advance. – Susan from Reddit

Among all the tablets, the iPad stands out for its leading technology, stability, and user-friendly interface. Since it is released in 2010, it has won millions of uses for itself. Be it as it may, nothing can be flawless. iPad is no exception. Some small glitches pop up at times, which are not difficult to resolve but annoying enough. The problem Susan met is one of them. I believe that some other iPad users have this problem, too. If you are one of them, feel free to check the following suggestions to fix iPad keeps turning off.

Way 1. Charge iPad
Way 2. Delete Corrupted App
Way 3. Use a Professional Tool
Way 4. Hard Restart iPad
Way 5. Update iPad with iTunes
Way 6. Restore iPad to Fix iPad Keeps Turning off

Solution 1. Charge iPad

The reason why your iPad keeps shutting itself off may be the problematic battery of iPad. Before you try other suggestions, you can charge it first. Sometimes, iPad is fixed. You need to drain off the iPad battery completely first. Then charge it to 100% with the original charger. When it is full, see whether it will shut up randomly. If the problem still exists, go on the following reading.

charge ipad

Solution 2. Delete Corrupted App

Some people whose iPad keeps turning on and off find that their problem happens the instant they use some app. In this case, this problem is probably caused by this app. So, the best solution will be deleting the corrupted app completely. You need to go to Settings > General > iPad Storage > choose this app > Delete App.

delete apps

Solution 3. Use a Professional Tool

A professional and reliable iOS recovery program can fix this problem easily because they are designed to repair iOS system problems. TunesKit iOS System Recovery is a leading one of them.

This software can fix iPad won’t turn on, iPhone stuck on black screen, disabled screen, and other 50+ iOS system issues. Once you own it, you do not have to worry about any iOS problems on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV. You can select from two modes: Standard mode and Advanced mode. The first one can fix common issues and will not cause any data loss on your iOS device. You can use Advanced mode, which is more powerful, to fix other serious problems.

3 steps are listed below about how to use TunesKit to fix iPad keeps shutting itself off. Let’s start it by downloading and installing TunesKit for free.

ios system recovery

Features of TunesKit

  • Fix 50+ iOS/padOS/tvOS system with no data loss
  • Freely enter/exit the recovery mode with only 1 click
  • Easy to use with only 3 steps
  • Available for both Windows and Mac computer
600,000+ Downloads
Download Download

Step 1 Turn on TunesKit

connect iphone

To begin with, connect the iPad with your computer. Now you should start to run TunesKit iOS System Recovery. Click the Start button.

Step 2Choose Standard Mode

select mode

To fix this problem, which is a common one, you can choose the Standard mode. Tap the Next button.

Step 3 Download Firmware Package and Fix iPad

download firmware

Verify the information of your iOS device carefully. When you ensure that all the information is correct, click the Download button. Click the Repair button at last and wait until it shows repair completed.

Solution 4. Hard Restart iPad

It is recommended trying to hard restart your iPad to fix iPad keeps turning on and off. And there is no bad influence after the hard restarting. It is so easy that you can follow this guide below and do it by yourself.

iPad with Home button: Please hold the Home button and Power button till the Apple logo shows itself.

Other iPad models: Please press and then release the Volume Up button and Volume Down button respectively and fast. Then press the Top button till the Apple logo shows itself.

force restart ipad

Solution 5. Update iPad with iTunes

Outdated iPadOS will cause many problems. It is not strange that it makes your iPad keeps shutting off. And you can easily find out the solution if yours is caused by this reason. That is updating the outdated iPadOS. For those who do not know how to update iPad, I prepare a brief guide.

Step 1. Head to the Settings app.

Step 2. Choose the General option.

Step 3. Choose the Software Update button.

Step 4. Tap the Download & Install option.

update ipad

Solution 6. Restore iPad to Fix iPad Keeps Turning off

This is the last suggestion for this problem, which is restoring your iPad. Why I mention it at last? Some of you may already know. You will lose all the data on your iPad after restoring it. However, it sometimes works. To restore iPad, you need to connect it with PC using an original cable. launch iTunes, which should be the latest version, too. Next, enter the Recovery mode. At last, choose the Restore option.

restore ipad with itunes


When your iPad keeps shutting off, do not hesitate to follow the 6 solutions in this passage. Among those methods, some are highly suggested, like hard restart iPad and use a professional tool like TunesKit iOS System Recovery, which will not erase the data. And you need to think twice before using some of them, like restoring iPad.

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