Best Ways to Cut Audio from YouTube

Posted by Adam Gorden on Oct 2, 2020 00:23:51 AM.

You can now cut audio from YouTube anytime, anyplace. Don't worry about losing the quality of the song, don't worry about your storage space, and don't worry about burning your precious data. Just listen to your favorite song without unnecessary worries.

We bring you two of the easiest tools that you will know how to cut audio from YouTube videos. You don't have to be an audiophile, nor do you have to be a sound engineer to do that. All it takes is a YouTube video and few clicks of the mouse, and you are on your way to hear nice, crisp and clear audio. Tune in to your favorite songs while driving, while relaxing, or hum along while working.

But the best part of it all is that it's absolutely free. You can do it the easy way, and once you get good at it, there's nothing to stop you. Now, scroll down to get 3 best YouTube video cutters, including online and offline tools.

Part 1. Tuneskit Video Cutter (Offline)
Part 2. YouTube Cutter & oDownloader (Online)
Part 3. Summary

Cut Audio from YouTube with TunesKit Video Cutter

Large videos or small, Tuneskit Video Cutter gives you full freedom to do what you want with a YouTube video. All you need to do is just download the free version of this easy-to-use software and follow the steps listed below:

tuneskit youtube video cutter mac

Download Download

Now simply follow this tutorial to cut audio from your YouTube video clips losslessly on Mac/Windows with TunesKit Video Cutter.

Step 1 Download one YouTube video and import it into Tuneskit Video Cutter

add youtube video

Your first step would be to download the desired video from YouTube. Open your Tuneskit Video Cutter software and click on the Open button. Locate your video, and load it into the Tuneskit Video Cutter software. Alternatively, you can even drag the video into the Tuneskit Video Cutter software.

Step 2Select the audio format

set output

As soon as you load your video into the Tuneskit Video Cutter, it will start playing. You can pause the video playback by pressing the pause button. Now locate the Format button and click on it. A new window will open where you will see modes into which the video can be converted. Select General Audio and you will see all audio formats into which you can convert your video. You can even customize the Sample Rate and Bit Rate for the desired output by clicking the icon beside the audio mode.

Step 3Convert video into the audio output

cutting youtube video

The next step would be to select the output folder where you want your audio to be saved. You can change the default folder and select any location on your hard disk. Click on the Start button. You will then see a progress bar that indicates the conversion in progress. The location which you selected for saving the audio file would open after this conversion process. Open the audio file and see it playing in any audio player of your choice.

Cut Audio from YouTube by YouTube Cutter and oDownloader

#1 YouTube Cutter

Wondering how to cut audio from YouTube video online? That also without downloading any software? YouTube Cutter is here for you, and it's free and super easy! The steps are very easy to follow and self-explanatory:

youtube cutter

Step 1: Copy the YouTube address and paste it into the cutter

Open the YouTube video, which you want in audio format. Copy the URL, and go to YouTube Cutter . The screen that comes will prompt you to paste the URL of your YouTube video. Paste it in the blank space given and then click on the Start Cutter button.

Step 2: Select sections from the video for cutting audio

Once the video gets displayed, play it. You will see the progress of the video in the cutter through the Current position bar below the video. After the video playback starts, select the Start time and End time buttons to select the start and end of your audio output.

Step 3: Select audio format

Select the Filetype as MP3 (Audio). Click on the Cut Video button. The next screen will show the progress bar and the percentage of video conversion. It will then prompt you to download the audio. Right-click on the Download file button and from the menu options, select Save Link As option. In the window that opens, select the location where you want the audio file and click on the Save button. Your audio is ready.

#2 oDownloader

oDownloader is another free online tool that lets you cut audio from YouTube videos online. It offers a very simple interface that is free of buttons or menus. There is just a screen where you can paste the URL of the YouTube video, which you want to convert into audio format.


Step 1: Load YouTube video into oDownloader

Paste URL of the YouTube video and click on Cut. Once the video gets loaded, it will be displayed on the screen. Audio and Video buttons can be seen below the YouTube video, so that you have the choice of converting YouTube videos into audio or video formats.

Step 2: Select audio quality

Select Audio. Then it will ask you to select the Bitrate from the drop-down menu. Select the quality that you would like, i.e. 128 kbps, and click the Cut button that comes once the audio gets cut from the video.

Step 3: Download the audio

Once the audio format is ready to be downloaded, a Download button gets displayed on the screen. Click it and a pop-up window will ask you to open or save the audio. Select Save File and save it in the location that you desire, and click on OK. The audio gets cut audio from the YouTube video and is ready to be played in your favorite audio player.


There are many such online tools that you can use to cut audio from YouTube. But the above ones are the best tools that are available for free. And they do not take time to do the task of cutting, converting, or saving audio. While the oDownloader is super easy and available online for free, Tuneskit Video Cutter is free for downloading and does the job just as easily, with the added benefits of encoding the video into a variety of audio formats and devices. So why not try these and listen to your favorite songs and audio clips totally free.


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