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Top 8 Best Chrome Screen Recording Software In 2020

Posted by Nick Orin on Jul 28, 2020 3:31 PM • Category: Record Audio
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The technological era we are in makes it almost impossible to avoid a screen recording tool in your office or even home. They work differently, with the ability to either record the whole screen or just part of it as directed. Recording videos works with any device from cameras, microphones, and some smartphones. However, it takes a different turn for recording activities that occur on your PC screen. This requires you to consider Google Chrome screen recording plugins and also choose the best chrome screen recorder to accomplish the task. Think of developing tutorial videos, capturing sessions of a game, or recording your employees’ activities. It all ends with a good screen recording plugin. But the tussle is still on when it coming to settling on the best. Check out these 8 options.

1. TunesKit Screen Recorder

tuneskit screen recorder

Our top list is TunesKit Screen Recorder because of its cutting-edge ability to grab anything you need from your computer. Yes, this tool has no limit when it comes to capturing online videos, webinars, video calls, computer games, and even live broadcasts. Furthermore, it is highly independent and will pick any sound effects, background music, among other appearing audio sounds.

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2. Apowersoft Unlimited


Apowersoft works in simple steps, enabling multiple recording modes from a custom area, full screen, or a selected portion of the screen. Furthermore, you can do other adjustments along the way such as apply callouts, text, among other notations. You don’t also need to bother cabling as this tool lets you wirelessly cast your device to the computer’s screen and use the later for capturing from your microphone, smartphone, or any other device.

3. ScreenFlow


This suitable screen recorder for mac comes with tons of functionalities. You have the choice to record your Mac at group video components, retina solutions among other options. Furthermore, you can add background audio for optimum productivity. And when it comes to additional settings, the Styles and Templates tools do magic. You can add drop shadows and color filters for an awesome recorded peace. Likewise, you can arrange or configure groups of annotations as you desire.

4. Outklip


This is another best chrome screen capture extension especially for those who do remote work. It has no limit when it comes to sharing videos to other social media sites. Likewise, Outklip is faster and easy to operate. Additionally, it has editing features to help you trim your videos, add background music or text as you desire.

5. Bandicam


Its robustness makes it stand-out from its peers. This tool supports both screen and gameplay captures. It also ensures that your video output quality is as the original. You can capture 4K HD videos at a reasonable speed of 120 frames per second. Apart from mobile devices and microphones, Bandicam lets you record videos from various other devices like APPLE TV, Playstation, HDTV, and many more.

6. Screencastify


This is another free best screen recorder for chrome highly suitable for both the novice and professional users. Once you install this app, you can directly capture screenshots, record any videos, and also enable the webcam and microphone among other uses. And when it comes to exportation to Google Drive, it is just a matter of seconds.

7. Hippo Video

hippo video

The Hippo Video is all about quality. Its advanced features open leeway to high video resolutions from 360p and 1080p. You can also customize your videos by adjusting the aspect ratio, webcam size, and decide whether to show or hide the markup tool among other functionalities.

8. ShareX


Despite being a free chrome screen recorder, ShareX doesn’t place watermarks on your recordings. Besides, you can save your file as a video or GIF with this tool. And when it comes to sharing your files, it’s a walk in the park as you can directly upload them to YouTube and other social media platforms. ShareX also comes with a built-in photo editor that helps you to freely customize your photos


You don’t need to be a tech-savvy to perfectly perform screen recording. These 8 tools have their unique qualities hence it will depend on what you need to achieve. Likewise, you can also opt for the free tools to enable you to get acquainted with the whole process of screen recording before you upgrade to the premium versions.

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