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Spotify Duo Overview - Plan, Price, and Tutorials to Use

Posted by Adam Gorden on May 30, 2024 5:40 PM • Category: Record Audio
4 mins read

As one of the most popular music services around the world, Spotify offers different subscription plans to deal with different requirements from users. Those plans include Individual Premium, Student Premium, Family Premium, and Duo Premium. According to users’ needs, they can choose one of these plans to enjoy their music conveniently. Among the four plans, Duo Premium is a special one that requires the same location between plan members. To give a detailed explanation about Spotify Duo Premium, we summarize all the information of Spotify Duo in this post. Keep reading and get your answers.

spotify music

Part 1. What is Spotify Duo?

Spotify Duo is a subscription plan offered by Spotify that is designed for two people who live at the same address. Spotify Duo users get all the benefits of Spotify Premium, such as music downloads, ad-free listening, and unlimited skips, but its discount is more than two individual Premium subscriptions. Here are the detailed descriptions about features of Spotify Duo.

1. Individual Premium Accounts

Each plan member of Spotify Duo gets their own separate account, allowing for personalized music libraries, playlists, and recommendations without interference from the other user.

2. Duo Mix Playlist

Two Duo members get a unique playlist that combines music they enjoy. Duo Mix is regularly updated, providing a shared musical experience that reflects the tastes of both users.

3. Ad-Free and Offline Listening

Spotify Duo users can enjoy uninterrupted, ad-free music streaming, and it is available for them to download songs for offline listening.

4. Unlimited Skips

Both users can enjoy music with unlimited skips when they want to skip a song and go to the next one.

5.Access to Spotify Audiobooks Subscriber Catalog

Plan managers can access to the audiobooks subscriber catalog on Spotify for 15 hours/month of listening time.

6.Cost Savings

Spotify Duo (14.99/month) is more affordable than buying two separate Premium subscriptions, making it a cost-effective option for couples or roommates.

Part 2. How to Invite or Remove Someone to Spotify Duo Plan

If you want to be a plan manager of Spotify Duo, you just need to pay for it. After that, you can invite your member to enjoy Spotify Duo plan services together. Here are the methods to invite or remove someone.

Step 1. Go to your Spotify account page;

Step 2. Select Spotify Premium Duo in the menu;

Step 3. Under People on this plan, choose the corresponding option to invite or remove someone.

spotify duo invite

If you are the one who is invited, you can get Spotify Duo account by referring to the following steps.

Step 1. Click the link from your plan manager;

Step 2. Log in or sign up for your own account on this page;

Step 3. Confirm your full address.

spotify duo accept

Part 3. How to Cancel Spotify Duo Premium Plan

If you are a plan manager, you can refer to this tutorial to cancel your subscription.

Step 1. Visit the website:;

Step 2. Under the Manage your plan, click Change plan;

Step 3. Find Cancel Spotify and click Cancel Premium.

spotify cancel premium

After that, your Premium will stay until your next billing date and then turn to be a free account.

If you are a plan member, you cannot cancel your Premium by yourself. You need to ask your plan manager to cancel it.

Part 4. Comparison: Spotify Duo vs Family Plan

Both Spotify Duo and Spotify Family allow users to share Premium music services with more than one Premium account, but the number of accounts is different from each other, and specific services are different from each other. This table will give you a clear explanation about their features.

  Spotify Duo Spotify Family
Price $14.99/td> $16.99
Accounts 2 accounts 6 accounts
Offline Listening
Ad-Free Listening
Cancel Anytime
Access to Spotify Kids x
Control Content Marked as Explicit x
Audiobooks Subscriber Catalog (15 hours/month)

Part 5. Bonus: Best Way to Listen to Spotify Music without Premium

Whether which Premium plan you choose to subscribe to, you have to keep subscribing if you want to download music on Spotify and enjoy offline music on Spotify. However, there is another way to help you get offline Spotify songs and enjoy them without Premium. TunesKit Audio Capture is the key tool to complete this task.

TunesKit Audio Capture is a useful audio recorder and downloader that allows users to get audio downloads from music services like Spotify and audio websites on computers. Those downloads can be listened to forever for free. In addition, TunesKit Audio Capture offers many popular audio formats so users can transfer downloads to many other devices.

tuneskit audio capture

Key Features of TunesKit Spotify Music Downloader

  • Download Spotify music to MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, etc.
  • Download and capture streaming audio from any programs and websites
  • Feature customization functions like trimming, cutting, and merging
  • Preserve Spotify songs with the original audio quality
Try It Free safe 600,000+ Downloads
Try It Free safe 600,000+ Downloads

How to get Spotify downloads for offline listening via TunesKit Audio Capture

Step 1Prepare to get Spotify downloads

Download and install TunesKit Audio Capture software on your computer;

Click the + icon to add Spotify to Audio Capture as a music source;

add spotify

Click the Format drop-down arrow to choose the output format for your downloads.

presrt for datpiff music downloads

Step 2Play music and start downloading

Enter Spotify software from TunesKit Audio Capture by clicking the Spotify icon just added; find the music you want to download and start playing it; Audio Capture will download it automatically.

datpiff song download list

Step 3Stop downloading and save downloads

Click the Stop button to end downloading, and then click the Save button to save all downloads to your computer; you can find all of them in the History list; the Open icon in the History list will guide you to the location of those downloads in your computer folder.

download datpiff music tracks


Spotify Duo is an ideal solution for two people living together who want to enjoy the full benefits of Spotify Premium. It offers individual accounts, personalized music experiences, and a unique shared playlist, all at a reduced cost. This plan is perfect for couples, roommates, or any pair of individuals sharing the same address. If you don’t want to get Premium, you can try to use TunesKit Audio Capture to enjoy offline Spotify music.

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