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Best Way to Restore iPhone Without iTunes

Posted by Brian Davis on Oct 17, 2019 6:52 PM • Category: Fix iPhone Issues
4 mins read

how to restore iphone without itunes

For the users of iPhones, iTunes is a useful and vital tool. It is able to sync, update or restore iPhone; it can also function as a media store where you can find music, videos or books to enjoy. However, what should we do if iTunes cannot be used and we want to restore iPhone? In other words, how to restore iPhone without iTunes?

This question is asked by many users, and our team decided to provide you with the best method available and the scenarios where it can be applied.

Video Tutorial About How to Restore iPhone without iTunes

1. Scenarios of Restoring iPhone without iTunes

Normally, most users will restore iPhone from iTunes. But under special circumstances, they need to restore iPhone without iTunes. So what are those circumstances?

1) iPhone is disabled / stuck in recovery mode:

When your iPhone is disabled or stuck in recovery mode / DFU mode, you cannot make it enter the recovery mode normally, which means iTunes will not be able to restore it.

2) iTunes errors occur during the restoring:

When you try to restore your iPhone, a notification of error 4013, error 9, or error -50 pops out, informing iTunes fails to restore your iPhone. In fact, iTunes will not be able to restore your iPhone until you resolve the iTunes errors.

3) You need to restore the iPhone without data loss:

It is known that restore with iPhone will erase all your precious personal data, which is certainly undesirable. Therefore, when you just want to fix some small problems with a restore but still want your data to remain intact, iTunes cannot be your option to restore iPhone with.

4) You have just got the iPhone and not yet authorized it:

Some users are so lucky that their iPhone got issues not long after they received their iPhone. This happens so fast that they barely have the time to authorize the phone, and iTunes won't be able to restore this phone.

2. How to Restore iPhone without iTunes

How to restore iPhone without iTunes when disabled? How to restore iPhone without iTunes in recovery mode? The answer to all these questions lies in this software - TunesKit iOS System Recovery. This is a remarkable iOS recovery tool that guarantees to repair more than 30 issues of iPhone / iPad / iPod / Apple TV by restoring the device. And surely, it can restore your iPhone without iTunes, because the program has the ability to automatically usher your iPhone into the recovery mode.

There are two modes for you to select, one is the Standard Mode which can restore your iPhone without data loss, the other is the Advanced Mode which will erase all your data. The Advance Mode erases your data for a reason, that is it's the only way to tackle some extremely severe problems.

tuneskit ios system recovery

TunesKit iOS System Recovery

  • Repair up to 30+ iOS issues
  • Restore iPhone without data loss
  • Support almost all iOS devices and Apple TVs
  • Restore iDevices without iTunes
Try It Free 600,000+ Downloads
Try It Free 600,000+ Downloads

Detailed Guide of Using TunesKit iOS System Recovery

Step 1Connect iPhone to the computer

Connect your iPhone to the PC / Mac with a Made for Apple cable (to ensure the best USB connection). Once it is being detected by the program, tap the Enter Recovery Mode button and your iPhone will enter the recovery mode on its own. After that, click the Start button to proceed.

connect iphone

Step 2Choose the Correct Mode

In the next interface, the Standard Mode box and the Advanced Mode box are presented for you to choose from. As mentioned above, the Standard Mode for common problems will retain all your data, while the Advanced Mode for severe problems will erase all your data. You are supposed to select the mode according to the problem you are experiencing. However, if you are still not sure which mode to choose, you can try the Standard Mode and then, if the problem remains unsolved, use the Advanced mode.

select a mode

Step 3Download Firmware Package and Fix Gmail App Not Working

In the next window, some relevant specs of your iPhone will be detected and showed for you to examine their correctness. This is a preparation for the later on firmware downloading, as the software will download the matching firmware according to the specs. After your examination, download the firmware and press the Repair button to initiate the restore process, which will be completed in several minutes.

download firmware to restore iphone without itunes

3. Restore iPhone without iTunes in The Phone Settings

1. On your iPhone go to Settings > General > Reset.

2. Press the Erase All Content and Settings option.

3. Type in your password and tap on the Erase iPhone button.

restore iphone in phone settings

The Bottom Line

Now you should be knowing how to restore iPhone without iTunes. The first method will cost you a small sum of money, but you can interact with the iPhone, you can use the second method and save the money. All in all, we sincerely hope that your iPhone will back to normal after the restore.

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