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Solved! How to Unlock iPhone with Apple ID

Updated by Brian Davis on Dec 5, 2023 4:00 PM • Category: Unlock iOS
4 mins read

"Help! Today I tried to unlock my iPhone but was blocked out as the wrong passcode! After attempts, I gave up unlocking with screen passcode. I can still remember the Apple ID passcode of this iPhone. Therefore, how can I unlock my iPhone with my Apple ID?"

how to unlock iphone with apple id

Though unlocking an iPhone is not an easy job, there are still different ways to unlock an iPhone. In cases when users forgot the screen passcode, can users unlock their iPhone using Apple ID? The answer is YES. The Apple ID of iPhone allows users to download apps from the AppStore or log in to iCloud when they need to make a backup. Meanwhile, Apple ID is the final chance for users to unlock their iPhone when it is disabled. In this post, we will talk about how to unlock iPhone with Apple ID.

Part 1. 2 Methods for How to Unlock iPhone with Apple ID

Method 1. How to Unlock iPhone with Apple ID via iCloud

The Find My iPhone feature of iCloud can be the first choice for you to unlock iPhone with Apple ID. However, if you want to unlock your iPhone via iCloud, you should first turn on the Find My iPhone feature on your iPhone. If the Find My iPhone feature is disabled on your iPhone, you will not unlock it via this trick. The following is the step-by-step guide.

For those who have 2 Apple devices:
Step 1: Launch the Find My iPhone app on your iOS device. You should log in to the same Apple ID as the locked iPhone.
Step 2: Click on the device list and find the iPhone that you would like to unlock. Click on it.
Step 3: In this phase, you can see an Erase iPhone option when you select the iPhone. Click on it and there will be an instruction about how to do.

unlock iphone via icloud

If you don't have another iDevice:
Step 1: Launch a browser on your computer, and navigate to the iCloud website.
Step 2: Enter your Apple ID and the corresponding passcode.

unlock iphone via icloud

Step 3: Click on the Find My option that you can see in the main interface.
Step 4: Click on the All Device tab, and find the locked iPhone that you would like to unlock. Click on the Erase iPhone to erase the screen lock on the iPhone.

Method 2. How to Unlock iPhone with Apple ID via iOS System Trick

If the iOS system you are now using is iOS 15.2 or later, this method would be helpful. With the built-in feature, users can unlock their phones with Apple ID. Follow the following guide to unlock iPhone with Apple ID:

Step 1: Wake your iPhone, and keep entering any passcode until your iPhone is disabled.
Step 2: In this phase, you will see an Erase iPhone option. Click on it, and your iPhone will ask you to enter the Apple ID passcode.

unlock iphone via ios trick

Part 2. How to Unlock iPhone Without Apple ID via TunesKit iPhone Unlocker

It is an assuring choice to unlock your iPhone without Apple ID by using TunesKit iPhone Unlocker. It is a reliable and well-established iOS fixing tool, which allows users to unlock iPhone/iPad/iPod touch in any situation like forgetting the passcode, the screen is broken, the Home button is broken, etc. With this one-stop tool, you can unlock your iOS devices within several clicks. Besides, users can use this unlocking tool to factory reset their iPhones without entering the Apple ID.

tuneskit iphone unlocker

Why Choose TunesKit iPhone Unlocker?

  • Fully compatible with most iOS device models
  • Unlock iPhone/iPad/iPod without passowrds
  • Allow users to factory reset iDevices without Apple ID
  • Easy-to-use feature and user-friendly interface
  • Supports the latest iOS version including iOS 17
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Try It Free 600,000+ Downloads

Here is the detailed guide about how to unlock iPhone without Apple ID via Tuneskit iPhone Unlocker.

Step 1Connect iPhone to a computer

To begin with, please download and install TunesKit iPhone Unlocker on your computer. Then, connect your iPhone to the computer. Click on the Start button when TunesKit iPhone Unlocker detects your iPhone.

iphone unlocker

Step 2Put your iPhone into Recovery mode or DFU mode

In this phase, please follow the instruction to put your iPhone into Recovery mode. Then, click on the Next button for the next step.

put iphone into dfu

Step 3Download firmware package

Click on the Download button to download the firmware package. Before downloading, ensure that all the given information is corresponding to your iPhone.

download firmware package

Step 4Unlock iPhone

After downloading, TunesKit iPhone Unlocker will start to unlock your iPhone. You will be able to enter your iPhone again when the unlocking process is done.

unlock your iphone

FAQs About How to Unlock iPhone with Apple ID

Is it possible to unlock iPhone with Apple ID?

Yes. By using the above solutions, you can easily unlock your iPhone with the correct Apple ID and passcode. You can use the Find My iPhone feature or the iOS built-in feature to unlock your disabled iPhone with Apple ID. However, if you can't remember your Apple ID passcode or the Find My iPhone feature are not enabled on your iPhone, these solutions will be expired.

Can you unlock your iPhone from another device?

Yes, you can. Using iCloud allows you to unlock iPhone with Apple ID remotely. You can do it on another iOS device with the same Apple ID. However, if you have not turned the Find My iPhone feature on, this method will not be feasible. And all the data and content will be erased from your iPhone.

Can Apple Support unlock my phone?

No. Apple Support cannot bypass the screen lock that you have forgotten. But if you have the original proof of purchase, Apple can unlock your iPhone, whereas all the content would be erased.

The Bottom Line

In this post, we talked about how to unlock iPhone with Apple ID and sort out two effective methods. If you still cannot access your iPhone successfully, you can download TunesKit iPhone Unlocker and take it a try, or leave us a comment below if you have any other questions.

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