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How to Remove Remote Management from iPhone/iPad After Restore

Posted by Brian Davis on Sep 27, 2022 3:10 PM • Category: Unlock iOS
4 mins read

how to remove remote management from iphone or ipad

Are you searching for how to remove remote management from iPad/iPhone? You have come to the right place! Remote management is a practical feature for institutions and businesses to supervise and control their employees' devices. Although remote management brings a lot of convenience for companies and organizations to control their employees, and protect information security, it can be annoying for some users if their devices are locked and supervised by the remote management.

Do you have the same issue? Although it's complex for you to bypass remote management by yourself, you don't need to worry too much about it. In this post, we will tell you what remote management is, how to remove it from iPhone/iPad, and answer some related questions to assist you.

Part 1: What Is Remote Management and What Does It Do?

Remote management, also known as MDM, is a feature that enables an administrator to get into different iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, with MDM Configuration Profile. In some cases, if your device is under MDM restrictions, you may encounter the remote management lock screen that requires you to enter the username and password to unlock.

Using remote management, the administrator can not only lock, wipe, or reset your device, but also set up network accounts and emails, install and configure apps, and change settings of the device. However, if you don't want to be controlled by the supervisor, it's not very easy for you to conduct it by yourself. In this case, you may need a useful tool to help you remove remote management iPhone/iPad.

Part 2: Bypass MDM from iPhone/iPad with TunesKit iPhone Unlocker

TunesKit iPhone Unlocker is the best solution for how to remove remote management iPhone or iPad after restore. As a professional tool for iOS unlocking, TunesKit iPhone Unlocker enables you to remove MDM from iPhone, and bypass iPad MDM with just two simple steps. It means that you can easily solve the problem of how to remove remote management from iPhone/iPad within several minutes without using username or password.

What's more, this software is able to help you unlock iOS screen, bypass Apple ID, and remove screen time passcode without asking for help from others. No matter what kind of scenario you are in, you can unlock your iPhone/iPad/iPod at ease by yourself at home.

tuneskit iphone unlocker

Why Choose TunesKit iPhone Unlocker?

  • Fully compatible with most iOS device models
  • Remove iPhone/iPad device management with simple steps
  • Unlock iPhone/iPad/iPod touch with ease
  • Supports the latest iOS version including iOS 16
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Try It Free 600,000+ Downloads

The following is the step-by-step guidance on removing MDM from your devices using TunesKit iPhone Unlocker.

Step 1. Download and install TunesKit iPhone Unlocker on your computer and launch it to get started. Then, connect your iOS devices to the computer using a matched USB cable.

main interface of iphone unlocker

Step 2. On the main interface of TunesKit iPhone Unlocker, select the Remove MDM option to proceed. Lastly, click on the Start button to enable the software to remove remote management iPhone/iPad without login information.

bypass remote management from iphone or ipad

Part 3: Remove Remote Management from iPad or iPhone via Settings

If you have access to the administrator, or you know the login account and password, you are suggested to bypass remote management from iPhone or iPad via Settings. However, if you are restricted from removing the MDM file by the administrator, you can't remove MDM from your devices by yourself with Settings. The following is how to remove remote management iPad or iPhone after restore.

Step 1. Hit on the Settings app, and choose the General option.
Step 2. Select the Device Management option, and click on the Remove Management button.
Step 3. Type the passcode to remove iPhone/iPad MDM restrictions.

remove remote management on iphone or ipad with settings

Part 4: Hot FAQs About Remote Management

Q1 How can I know if there is remote management on my device?

If you use iOS 7 or later version, go to Settings> General> About. When your device is supervised, you will see the message “This device is supervised by …”. If you use iOS 6 or an earlier version, go to Settings> General> Profiles, you will see the profile supervising your iOS devices.

Q2Is it safe to have MDM profile on my device?

It's not safe to have MDM profile on your iPhone/iPad because it can access your device remotely, which may invade your personal privacy.

Q3Does factory reset remove device management?

Yes. You can use factory resetting to remove iPhone/iPad remote management. However, if you are not allowed to factory reset your device by the administrator, you can't conduct it yourself.

Part 5: The Bottom Line

I think you have got a deeper understanding of remote management, and know how to remove it from your iPhone/iPad. If you want to remove remote management iPhone/iPad without login information, it's advised that you use TunesKit iPhone Unlocker to help you with this issue. Try it now and share your opinions with us in the comments section below.

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