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How to Find Screen Time Passcode on iPhone or iPad

Posted by Brian Davis on Nov 30, 2023 10:00 AM • Category: Unlock iOS
4 mins read

iPhone users can set Screen Time passcode to restrict specific apps from opening and running after reaching the time limit. This feature works great when it comes to controlling the usage time of someone (like your kids). However, people always forget some of the passcodes they create because there are so many types of passcodes and so many things we need to remember in our daily lives.

How can I find my Screen Time passcode on iPhone or iPad if I forgot it? In this post, we'll focus on whether there is a possible way to do this, and if so, how to find it. Keep reading and you’ll know how to do it.

find screen time passcode on iphone or ipad

Part 1. Understanding Screen Time and its passcode

It's important to understand what Screen Time is and why it's protected by a passcode. Screen Time tracks the amount of time you spend on your device and the apps you use. It can also set downtime, app limits, and content & privacy restrictions. The Screen Time passcode is a four-digit code (or six digits in some iOS versions) that prevents unauthorized changes to the Screen Time settings.

bypass screen time passcode

Part 2. Can I find out Screen Time passcode on iPhone or iPad?

Although Apple provides users with iCloud keychain for saving passwords for Wi-Fi, apps, accounts, and more. But you can't find Screen Time passcode from these saved passwords. Because Screen Time passwords are not stored anywhere, you can write them down or memorize them in your mind.

Therefore, if you've forgotten your Screen Time passcode on an iPhone or iPad, you cannot directly find out or retrieve the passcode due to Apple's security measures. However, you can reset Screen Time passcode if you are the device owner or have access to the device's Apple ID credentials.

Part 3. FAQs about find Screen Time passcode

1. Can I contact Apple Support to find my Screen Time passcode?

Apple Support cannot retrieve your Screen Time passcode for you. They can guide you through the steps of resetting it with your Apple ID or help you with the process of erasing your device.

2. What happens after 10 failed Screen Time passcode attempts?

After several incorrect attempts, iOS may enforce a time delay before you can try to enter the passcode again. The delay increases with each subsequent incorrect attempt. Initially, it might be a one-minute lockout, but it can increase to 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and eventually an hour.

3. Does iCloud back up the Screen Time passcode?

While Screen Time settings are backed up with all iPhone data, Screen Time passwords are not saved anywhere. It's best to keep it firmly in your mind.

4. Will resetting my Screen Time passcode erase my device's data?

Resetting your Screen Time passcode via your Apple ID will not erase your device's data. However, if you choose to erase your device to remove the passcode, this will delete all of your data.

5. Is it possible to use my device without restrictions if I forget the Screen Time passcode?

The device will continue to function, but you'll be unable to access restricted content or change Screen Time settings until you reset the passcode.

6. Does updating my iOS remove the Screen Time passcode?

No, updating your iOS will not remove or reset the Screen Time passcode. The passcode remains in place after an update.

Bonus Tip: How to remove Screen Time passcode if you forgot ithot tip

Since we can’t find the old Screen Time passcode, we can remove it from iPhone/iPad. Is there any trustworthy third-party software that removes the Screen Time passcode if you forgot it? Definitely! TunesKit iPhone Unlocker enables you to turn off Screen Time restrictions without password, and it can hack and reset Screen Time passcode without losing data. Besides this feature, it can unlock iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch lock screen apace, remove Apple ID if you forgot Apple ID password, and remove MDM profile without data loss. It can handle all kinds of lock screen codes such as 4-digit/6-digit passwords, Face ID, Touch ID, and even custom numeric or alphanumeric codes.

It supports the latest ios versions and has a user-friendly interface that allows non-technical users to unlock their devices with just a few clicks. The tool prioritizes device security and ensures that the unlocking process does not expose the iDevices to additional risk.

tuneskit iphone unlocker

Key Highlights of TunesKit iPhone Unlocker

  • Available on the latest iOS version
  • Remove Screen Time passcode without data loss
  • Enable to factory reset iDevices without passwords
  • Unlock iPhone/iPad/iPod touch lock screen with ease
  • Help to remove Face ID and fingerprint recognition
  • Bypass MDM & remove MDM profile without data loss
Try It Free 600,000+ Downloads
Try It Free 600,000+ Downloads

Now you can use TunesKit iPhone Unlocker to remove Screen Time passcode in just three steps.

Step 1Attach iPhone/iPad to PC

Get TunesKit iPhone Unlocker on your PC, attach your iPhone/iPad to PC, choose Unlock Screen Time Passcode in the main interface of the software. And hit the Start button.

choose unlock screen time option

Step 2Remove Screen Time passcode

It will start to remove the Screen Time passcode from your iOS devices in no time.

bypass screen time


Please ensure that the "Find My" feature is turned off on your device. To turn it off, navigate to "Settings," select [your name], tap on "Find My," and then switch off "Find My iPhone/iPad."

Step 3Set up iPhone/iPad again

You need to set up your iPhone or iPad again after removing Screen Time passcode successfully. Please proceed with the on-screen setup process. When you reach the "Apps & Data" section, select the "Don't transfer Apps & Data" option. Later, when prompted to configure Screen Time, choose the "Set Up Later in Settings" option. Simply take it easy, this will not cause any loss of data.

set up device


It's always important to remember your password. If you are a bit forgetful, write down your passwords and place them in a prominent place. To find the Screen Time passcode on iPhone or iPad, you can either remember the passcode you set, or use a reliable third-party software if you have forgotten it. Try an excellent third-party tool, TunesKit iPhone Unlocker, which helps users bypass all kinds of passcodes on iOS devices, including Screen Time passcodes. Download it now and give it a shot!

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