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How to Remove iPhone Locked to Owner - 4 Solutions Here

Updated by Leonard White on Sep 26, 2023 11:35 AM • Category: Unlock iCloud
6 mins read

The Remove from iPhone Locked to Owner is not strange to iOS 15 users. This is a knotty problem that we can't use our iPhone normally unless entering the correct Apple ID and passcode. Users may see this screen when they bought a second-hand iPhone or iPhone is hacked by a hacker. What is the Locked to Owner screen mean, and how can users remove this screen from their iOS devices? If you are having the same questions, this post is for you. In this post, you will learn the best solutions to bypass the Locked to Owner screen on your iPhone. Here we go.

iphone locked to owner

Part 1. What is iPhone Locked to Owner

When your iPhone is Activation locked, you will see the iPhone Locked to Owner prompt on your iOS screen. The Activation Lock on the iOS system is a security that can prevent illegal access to your iOS device. Generally, the Activation Lock will turn on automatically when users enable the Find My iPhone feature on their iOS devices. When users lost their iPhone or iPad, they can activate the Activation Lock on the iPhone and recover the lost iPhone back through the Find My iPhone feature. Here we will show you how to get rid of the iPhone Locked to Owner.

Part 2. How to Bypass iPhone Locked to Owner

Solution 1. Use TunesKit Activation Unlocker

If you don't know the Apple ID account and the passcode, using TunesKit Activation Unlocker is the best solution that you can use for iPhone Locked to Owner bypass. TunesKit Activation Unlocker is a dedicated iOS Activation unlocking tool that can help users remove Activation Lock from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch without entering any passcode. When your iPhone is Activation locked while you can't remember the Apple ID passcode, TunesKit Activation Unlocker can be the most reliable tool to help you access your iPhone again. Besides, when you encounter problems like iPhone iCloud locked, iPad Locked to Owner, or other Activation Lock problems, TunesKit Activation Unlocker can always perform very well.

tuneskit activation unlocker

Features of TunesKit Activation Unlocker:

  • Eliminate the Activation lock without Apple ID
  • Restore iPhone without turning Find My iPhone
  • Allows you to remove activation lock without passcode
  • 100% success rate and safe for you
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Now, let's see how to bypass iPhone Locked to Owner screen by using TunesKit Activation Unlocker.

Step 1Connect iPhone to Computer

Download and install TunesKit Activation Unlocker from TunesKit official website. Then, connect your Activation Locked iPhone to the computer and launch TunesKit Activation Unlocker. Click on the Start button.

tuneskit activation unlocker interface

Step 2Jailbreak Your iPhone

In this phase, you will need to download the firmware package to jailbreak your iPhone. When the jailbreak tool is downloaded, please follow the tutorials below to jailbreak your iPhone. When your iPhone is jailbroken, restart your computer and launch TunesKit Activation Unlocker again.

See more:

How to Jailbreak iOS Device on Mac

How to Jailbreak iOS Device on Windows

jailbreak ios device

Step 3Remove iPhone Locked to Owner

Here, TunesKit Activation Unlocker will start to remove the Locked to Owner screen from your iPhone. You will be able to access your iPhone without encountering the Activation Lock in several minutes.

bypass ipad locked to owner

Solution 2. Bypass via DNS

An alternative way to get rid of the Locked to Owner screen on your iPhone is to use DNS to bypass it. However, it is not a recommended solution as it has a low success rate. Even so, this method is still worth trying. You can follow the steps below to bypass this Locked to Owner screen on your iPhone.

Step 1. Wake up your iPhone and navigate to the WiFi settings.
Step 2. Connect to a workable WiFi connection and hit on the i icon next to the WiFi name.
Step 3. Go to the DNS section and key in the DNS address as follow.

  • North America:
  • South America:
  • Europe:
  • Asia:
  • Global:
Step 4. Click on the Save button and then go back to the Home page.
Step 5. Click on the Activation Help to compete iPhone Locked to Owner bypass.

recover apple id

Solution 3. How to Bypass If You Know Passcode

If you know the Apple ID passcode, you can also use the iCloud feature to remove the Locked to Owner screen from a computer or other iOS device. Let's see how to do it.

Step 1. Open a browser on your computer or other iOS device. Then, enter the Apple ID account and the passcode to log into your Apple ID.
Step 2. When your Apple ID is logged in, select the Find My option.
Step 3. Click on the All Devices option and select the iPhone which shows the Locked to Owner screen.
Step 4. Hit on the Erase iPhone option to remove all the data and content from your iPhone. When your iPhone is set to factory settings, click on the Remove from Account option to bypass the locked screen.

remove from account

Solution 4. Contact Apple Support

If you have tried all of the solutions provided in this post, which clearly show you iPhone Locked to Owner how to unlock, and completely failed, the last resort you can take is to contact Apple Support. If you are the actual owner of the iPhone, Apple Support will help you remove the Activation Lock from your iPhone. You can follow the steps below to contact Apple Support.

Step 1. Go to the website and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on the Contact Us button.
Step 2. Click on the Forgot Apple ID password and choose the way that you want to contact Apple Support.

contact apple support

Part 3. Conclusion

If you want to know how to remove iPhone Locked to Owner, the above 4 solutions may help you. However, if you don't know the Apple ID passcode to remove the Activation Lock from your iPhone, using TunesKit Activation Unlocker is the most recommended solution you should take. If you are still having other questions, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

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