How to Play Videos from YouTube on Virtual DJ

Posted by Nick Orin on Jun 24, 2022 10:00 AM

how to play youtube videos on virtual dj

Mixing musical videos from YouTube is everyone's dream, especially if you are a youth. The feeling of being your deejay gives you the privileged to come up with a personal playlist that suits you best. You have probably met yourself in a situation where you cannot access a list of music to suit your current mood. But with the Virtual DJ software, you can choose from a tone of music from the internet and create a mix that will serve you right.

Well, you might wonder, what is this Virtual DJ software that will perform the magic and how it will satisfy you. Virtual DJ is software that works similarly to the actual deejaying decks but is availably only on devices like laptops, phones, and desktops. Virtual DJ imports MP3 files and layers multi-layered tracks on top of them. Therefore, it can be achieved to import the media file to play on it, including YouTube videos. So in this post, you will learn the tutorial on how to play YouTube videos on Virtual DJ.

Part 1: What is Virtual DJ
Part 2: How to Download YouTube Videos via TunesKit Screen Recorder
Part 3: How to Play YouTube Videos on Virtual DJ
Final Thought

Part 1: What is Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ uses cutting-edge technology and the processing capacity of today's computers to separate any music in real-time during a mix instantly. As DJs, you can change the components of the tracks, be it the vocals, instruments, kicks, and hi-hats, on the fly to create fresh mash-ups, remixes, and transitions.

With this, the Virtual DJ software opens up entirely new techniques of mixing that were previously unimaginable. It helps you make an instant acapella and instrumental on any song during a live mix. Besides, you will be able to mix and remix the audio from YouTube videos in numerous ways that were unavailable before. Plus, fine-tuning various elements of a particular song from YouTube video with the ModernEQs.

Part 2 : How to Download YouTube Videos via TunesKit Screen Recorder

Although YouTube does not offer any free chances to download videos to your computer's internal storage, it is quite simple to do it with Tuneskit screen recorder. TunesKit Screen Recorder works best if you only download short-length videos or capture some footage of the video. Of course, these videos will enable you to mix with a virtual DJ effectively.

TunesKit Screen Recorder can capture everything on your screen, including video and audio. It can let you record and download YouTube videos, make video calls, stream audio, and create an instructional video on your computer.

screen recorder

TunesKit Screen Recorder

  • Play YouTube video on VLC with high-quality
  • Support recording YouTube video and audio simultaneously and separately
  • Record and download YouTube video to MP4, M4V, MOV, MKV, WMV, etc.
  • Capture any screen on your Windows and Mac computer
Download Download

To play YouTube videos on Virtual DJ, you can follow the steps below:

How to Download YouTube Videos via TunesKit Screen Recorder

Step 1: Download and install TunesKit Screen Recorder on your computer. You can change the recording setting by clicking on the "Options" button.

preset to download youtube videos

Step 2: When you are satisfied with the recording settings, click the "+" button to customize the recording area. Then click on the "REC" icon to capture the YouTube video. Once you are through with the recording, click on the "Stop" button.

play youtube videos on virtual dj

Step 3: The YouTube video recording will be in the History list. You can click on the "Edit" icon to trim it, or choose the "Search" icon to open the destination folder to get the YouTube video recording file.

edit the downloaded youtube videos

Part 3: How to Play YouTube Videos on Virtual DJ

Although Virtual DJ is powerful software, it has an intuitive user interface that makes it simple and easy to use. Now you have downloaded the desired YouTube videos, and to play YouTube videos on Virtual DJ, you can refer to the guide as follow:

How to Put YouTube Videos on Virtual DJ

Step 1: First, download the Virtual DJ software from the main Virtual DJ website for free. Follow the guide on the website to install the software on your computer.

Note: Because it is newer and has more capabilities, Virtual DJ 8 requires a fast machine closer to the "Recommended" criteria. Virtual DJ 7, on the other hand, has been maintained and developed for 18 years and works on practically any machine. If you meet all of the installation requirements but cannot access the Virtual DJ website, you can download it using a mirror link.

Step 2: In the main interface, open the YouTube video file that you downloaded by Tuneskit Screen Recorder. Double-click on it and it will start playing the audio of the YouTube video.

how to put youtube videos on virtual dj

Step 3: Once you import the YouTube video music into the Virtual DJ, you can now create a mix of your best songs.

Final Thought

Playing videos on Virtual DJ is always fun, especially if you have your desried YouTube videos. This is because, with the Virtual DJ, you can spice things up with different ideas as you want your YouTube video to appear. With Virtual DJ, there are no limitations, and you get to enjoy your free time with your gadget and a free choice of music to mix.


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