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[6 Tools] How to Download Audio from Twitch to MP3

Updated by Adam Gorden on Aug 16, 2022 6:00 PM • Category: Record Audio
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twitch to mp3

Twitch is a leading live streaming platform for many kinds of screen activities. It has various channels like gaming, IRL, music, creativity, etc. Visitors can follow their favorite streamers and freely watch what they like on Twitch, such as live streaming, clips, videos, etc..

Sometimes, you might want to record others’ videos to stream and save them as MP3s for listening to later. However, Twitch does not permit users to download others’ clips or streams, you can not save your desired one from Twitch directly.

Is there still a method to download audio from Twitch to MP3? Fortunately, it is possible to download Twitch audio to MP3 in five ways, as shown below.

Part 1. How to Download Audio from Twitch Clip to MP3 with Twitch Audio Downloader

The best method to download and convert Twitch clip to MP3 is to use TunesKit Audio Capture. It can record any audio from the computer soundcard including Twitch live broadcasts, sounds in games, audio from video on streaming sites like Metacafe, music from any streaming music providers.

With TunesKit Audio Capture, you can record and download audio from Twitch, including VODs, clips, and live streams. After that, this program will save the downloaded Twitch audios to MP3, FLAC, AAC, and other formats you want. Also, it can record multiple Twitch clips to MP3 at the same time and keep the ID3 tags of the downloaded Twitch audio.

Now let me introduce the specific steps of using this powerful audio capture to download Twitch to MP3. Before you start to do the conversion, please download and install TunesKit Audio Capture on your computer in advance.

tuneskit audio capture

Key Features of TunesKit Twitch Audio Downloader

  • Record and download audio from Twitch with quality loss
  • Extract audio from Twitch clip to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, and M4B
  • Support multiple Twitch audio downloads
  • Comes with an editor to trim Twitch audios and edit the ID3 tags
Try It Free 600,000+ Downloads
Try It Free 600,000+ Downloads

Step 1 Open TunesKit Audio Capture

Launch this Twitch to MP3 converter you just installed on your computer. You will find some icons of programs such as Windows Media Player on the screen of this software. Click the + icon to add the Twitch app if you want to use the app to open the Twitch audio source. If you want to use it on the web, you can add a browser or just use the browser that is already added to this program.

select twitch source

Step 2 Set Format for Twitch to MP3

Click the Format button. Since you want to convert Twitch to MP3, you should choose MP3 format from the 6 formats. You can also change the codec, sample rate, and other settings of Twitch audio.

set format of Twitch to mp3

Step 3 Start Downloading Twitch Audio to MP3

Go to the Twitch app or launch the browser by clicking the icon from TunesKit Audio Capture. Play the clip or stream or video of Twitch that you want to download and convert to MP3. A recording track will appear on this Twitch to MP3 downloader. When you want to stop the recording, just closw the app or click the Stop button from TunesKit Audio Capture.

convert twitch to mp3

Step 4 Edit the Downloaded Twitch Audio

Next, you can hit the Edit button at the rear of each Twitch recorded track in the Capture list. Here you can trim the downloaded Twitch audio or edit the ID3 tags. Once done, click the Save button to save the Twitch audio you just recorded.

cut recorded twitch audio

Part 2. How to Extract Audio from Twitch Clip via Twitch to MP3 Converter

You can also use an online Twitch clip audio downloader to convert Twitch video clips to MP3. It is not necessary for you to download any software onto your computer. But it is inevitable that you will see ads in these online tools. So, this method suits those who do not hate ads.

1. Clip Ninja

The first Twitch to MP3 online tool you can try is Ninja Twitch Clip Downloader. This online Twitch downloader can download and save all Twitch clips you want and easily convert Twitch videos to MP3. Just copy and paste the preferred link of the Twitch clip to this page, and you will get the Twitch MP3 file as soon as possible.

ninja twitch clip audio downloader

2. UnTwitch

UnTwitch is another Twitch to MP3 converter online for free. Just like Clip Ninjia, it has a clear and user-friendly interface that lets you get any Twitch clip downloaded to MP3 or MP4 format, then save them to your computer for free. The downside is that it only works for Twitch clips shorter than 30 minutes.

untwitch download twitch mp3

3. VideoDown

VideoDown is a versatile online downloader that is more than just downloading Twitch audio to MP3. It can still get video and audio content downloaded from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, and more. And it supports exporting the downloaded content to MP3, MP4, and GIF.

videodown twitch to mp3 online

How to Convert Twitch Clip to MP3 Using these Online Twitch MP3 Converter

Step 1. Open the video clip you want to download on Twitch.

Step 2. Copy the link of the clip and paste the link to the white box of this Twitch clip to the MP3 downloader.

Step 3. Hit the Submit/Go/Download button and wait for the download.

Part 3. How to Download Twitch VOD Audio to MP3

3.1 For Streamer

If you are a streamer on Twitch, you can apply for the VOD feature of Twitch, whose full name is Video on Demand. The recorded content of VODs is available for up to 14 days. Broadcasts of partners and Prime users will be saved for 60 days. So, you can still access the broadcasts within this period.

How to Download Twitch VOD to MP3 as a Streamer

Step 1. Just navigate to the Settings button and choose the Stream button.

Step 2. Go to the Stream Key & Preferences section, and toggle the Store past broadcasts switch.

Step 3. Then you can go to click the Dashboard and the Videos button. And download Twitch VOD to MP3 with the link below the preview picture.

store twitch broadcasts to mp3

3.2 For Audience

For the audience who wants to download Twitch VOD clip to MP3, we now recommend Twitch Leecher to you.

Twitch Leecher is specialized in downloading other's Twitch VODs to video or audio files. It can download Twitch VOD audio by searching for the Twitch channel, URLs, and IDs, and features time selection and queue multiple downloads. With its help, you can customize the download option of the target Twitch VOD audio and get a fast download to your computer.

How to Get Twitch VOD to MP3 via Twitch VOD Converter

Step 1. Download and launch Twitch Leecher on your computer. First you need to log into your Twitch account.

Step 2. Next, click on Search on the top menu, then you can enter the channel name, URL, or ID into the search bar, and tap the Search button at the bottom.

Step 3. After the loading, you can see your wanted Twitch VOD is shown in the list. Click on the Download iocn and set the download option. Here you need to choose the Quality to Audio Only, and adjust other options as you like. When all is ready, hit the Download button at the bottom.

Step 4. You can check the download process in Downloads on the top menu. And get the Twitch VOD to MP3 file in the saving path.

download twitch vod audio

Part 4. Comparison Among Twitch to MP3 Converters

Now please check the comparison below about these Twitch to MP3 methods. And you will have a further understanding of those Twitch audio downloaders.

  TunesKit Audio Capture Online Twitch Clip Audio Downloaders VOD Feature for Streamer Twitch Leecher
Price Free/Paid Free Free Free
Supported System Windows, macOS Web-based Web-based Windows
Output Format MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, FLAC, MAV MP3 MP3 MP3
Who can Use Streamer & Audience Streamer & Audience Streamer only Streamer & Audience
Edit Audio × ×

Part 5. Conclusion

Now you have learned several ways to download audio from Twitch to MP3. Online Twitch audio downloaders can save Twitch clips to MP3 for free, but you have to stand the ads. The VOD feature is only for Twitch streamers, and if you want to download others' VOD to MP3, you can try Twitch Leecher and TunesKit Audio Capture.

Among these Twitch to MP3 converter tools, TunesKit Audio Capture is the most reliable one we highly recommend as the output quality of this software is excellent. You can also use it to download music from other streaming music services like Tidal, Pandora, etc.

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