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Posted by Adam Gorden on Mar 31, 2021 4:15 PM.

twitch clip to mp3

Twitch is a leading live streaming platform for games and other activities. Streamers share their screen with fans so that they can listen to and watch the gameplay or other activities. Streams on Twitch usually last from 1 minute to 8 hours. In addition to games, Twitch also covers talk shows, travel, sports, and music. Twitch releases multiple noteworthy for users. For example, the Clip feature enable users to make a clip which record usually a moment of the most impressive part of a stream.

Sometimes, you might want to record others’ clip or stream and save it as MP3 for listening later. Twitch does not permit users to download others’ clips or streams. Is there still a method to download Twitch to MP3? Fortunately, you do have 3 methods.

Method 1. Record and convert Twitch to MP3 – TunesKit Audio Capture
Method 2. Convert Twitch to MP3 with online downloaders
Method 3. How to record your Twitch stream

1. Record and convert Twitch to MP3 – TunesKit Audio Capture

The best method to download and convert Twitch clip to MP3 is to use TunesKit Audio Capture. It can record any audio from the computer soundcard including live broadcasts, sounds in games, audio from video on video-sharing sites like Metacafe, music from any streaming music providers. You can use TunesKit to record sounds on the web by opening a browser or launching a media player. After the recording and downloading, TunesKit will save the downloaded audios in formats you choose from MP3, FLAC, M4A, AAC, and others. More also, it can download multiple music tracks at the same time and keep the ID3 tags of downloaded audios.

Now let me introduce the specific steps of using this powerful audio capture. Before you start to do the conversion, it is necessary to make enough preparations. You need a Mac or Windows computer. And most importantly, download and install TunesKit Audio Capture on this computer in advance.

tuneskit audio capture

TunesKit Audio Capture – Best Twitch to MP3 Converter

  • Record and download MP3 tracks from Twitch streams or clips
  • Support 6 output formats including MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, and M4B
  • Keep high audio quality and ID3 tags
  • Grab any sound from player, websites or other sources
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Step 1 Open TunesKit Audio Capture

select source

Launch this Twitch clips to MP3 converter you just installed on your computer. You will find some icons of programs such as Windows Media Player on the screen of this software. Click the Add Programs icon to add the Twitch app if you want to use the app to open the video or clip you want to download to MP3. If you want to use it on the web, you can add a browser or just use the browser that is already added to TunesKit.

Step 2 Set format for Twitch audio

set output format as mp3

Click the Format button. Since you want to convert Twitch clip to MP3, you should choose MP3 format from the 6 formats. You can also change the codec, sample rate, and other settings of Twitch audio.

Step 3 Convert Twitch to MP3

convert twitch to mp3

Go to the Twitch app or launch the browser by clicking the icon from TunesKit. Play the clip or stream or video of Twitch that you want to download and convert to MP3. A recording track will appear on this Twitch to MP3 downloader. When you want to stop the recording, just stop playing the clip/video/stream and closing the app or click the Stop button from TunesKit. Click the Save button to save the Twitch audio you just recorded.

2. Convert Twitch to MP3 with online downloaders

ninja twitch clip downloader

You can also use an online Twitch audio downloader to convert Twitch video to MP3. It is not necessary for you to download any software onto your computer. But there are many ads on these online downloaders. So, this method suits those who do not hate ads. Ninja Twitch Clip Downloader is an online Twitch downloader which can download Twitch clip easily. Here are the steps to download Twitch clips to MP3.

1. Open the Clip you want to download on Twitch.

2. Copy the link of this clip and paste the link to the white box of this Twitch clip to the MP3 downloader.

3. Hit the Submit button and wait for the download.

3. How to record your Twitch stream

store past broadcasts

If you are the owner of this Twitch stream, you can apply for the VOD feature of Twitch, whose full name is Video on Demand. Regular broadcasters’ broadcasts will be stored for 14 days. Broadcasts of partners and Prime users will be saved for 60 days. So, you can still access the broadcasts within this period. Just navigate to the Settings button and choose the Stream button. Go to the Stream Key & Preferences section, and toggle the Store past broadcasts switch. Then you can go to click the Dashboard and the Videos button. And download Twitch VOD to MP3 with the link below the preview picture.


Among the 3 methods to download Twitch to MP3, TunesKit Audio Capture is the most reliable one. It is highly recommended because the output quality of this software is excellent and you can also use it to download music from other streaming music services like Tidal, Pandora. If you can stand the ads and are in a hurry, you can use the online downloader. For broadcasters, the third one is also a good choice.

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