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How to Convert SoundCloud to OGG [Best Converter]

Posted by Adam Gorden on Jun 14, 2024 4:30 PM • Category: Record Audio
7 mins read

soundcloud to ogg

OGG, specifically using the Vorbis codec, is a lossy format but generally offers better sound quality than MP3 at the same bit rates. If you prioritize audio quality and efficiency, and you are using platforms that support the format or are willing to add support, OGG would be a good choice. SoundCloud is a popular streaming music service, and if it is possible to download SoundCloud to OGG, it would be good news to enhance audio experience with higher-quality sound. How to do this task? You can follow the steps here.

Part 1. Download SoundCloud Songs to OGG via TunesKit SoundCloud-to-OGG Converter [Convert Directly]

The best way to get OGG files from SoundCloud is to use a specific converter for SoundCloud. TunesKit Audio Capture, also called TunesKit SoundCloud-to-OGG converter allows users to record, download, and convert SoundCloud music to OGG files with easy steps. Apart from SoundCloud, you can also get other audio downloads with TunesKit Audio Capture only if your audio can be played on your computer. In this software, you can choose your output format from 10+ different audio formats including OGG.

In addition, Audio Capture offers a built-in audio editor that allows you to edit your downloaded audio right now and then save it to your computer. You can get high-quality and perfect song downloads from all kinds of sources with this practical audio helper.

tuneskit audio capture

Key Features of TunesKit SoundCloud to OGG Converter

  • Record SoundCloud music without limits
  • Convert the recorded SoundCloud streaming music to plain audio formats, such as OGG, MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, FLAC, etc.
  • Preserve the downloaded SoundCloud track with the original audio quality and ID3 tags
  • Come with a built-in editor for merging, cutting, and editing the ID3 tags
Try It Free safe 600,000+ Downloads
Try It Free safe 600,000+ Downloads

How to convert SoundCloud music to OGG via TunesKit SoundCloud-to-OGG converter

Step 1Prepare to get OGG files from SoundCloud

TunesKit Audio Capture is compatible with two different systems: Windows system and Mac system, so you need to download it to your computer first and launch it with your account.

Click the Format drop-down arrow, you can choose your OGG as the output format for your SoundCloud downloads; on this pop-up, you can also decide the audio quality, sample rate, etc. of your files.

set soundcloud output format to ogg

Click the + icon to add a music source to Audio Capture; you can choose a search engine or the SoundCloud desktop software on your computer as the music source.

add soundcloud source

Step 2Start playing and converting SoundCloud songs

Click the music source you just added to enter SoundCloud page; find the music you want to convert to OGG and then start playing it; converter will start downloading and converting automatically.

Step 3Stop and save SoundCloud OGG files

Click the Stop button in TunesKit Audio Capture or just stop playing SoundCloud songs, you can end the downloading and converting; you can edit each downloaded song via clicking the scissors-like icon.

After editing, you can click the Save button to save downloads to your computer; all the downloads will be saved in the History list; in this list, you can click the Open icon to find the specific location of downloads in your computer’s folder.

search files

Part 2. Convert SoundCloud to OGG via SoundCloud Downloader and Audio Converter [2 Tools Needed]

Another method to get SoundCloud OGG files is to get SoundCloud downloads first and then convert the downloads to OGG via audio converters or media players like VLC Media Players. You can choose an online SoundCloud downloader to get SoundCloud MP3 downloads quickly.

Phase 1. Download SoundCloud Music

There are two useful online SoundCloud-to-mp3 downloaders.

1. KlickAud

KlickAud is an online downloader that allows users to download SoundCloud to mp3 directly with song’s URLs.


Step 1. Go to the website of KlickAud:;

Step 2. Go to the SoundCloud website and copy the URL of the song you want to download;

Step 3. Paste the URL on the search bar and then click the CONVERT button;

Step 4. Click the DOWNLOAD THE SONG button to save it to your computer.

2. SoundCloud Downloader

This tool is also a SoundCloud-to-mp3 downloader with URL.

soundcloud downloader

Step 1. Enter SoundCloud Downloader website:

Step 2. Copy and paste the SoundCloud song’s URL to the downloader website;

Step 3. Click the Download MP3 Track button;

Step 4. Click the Download Track button to save it to your computer.

Phase 2. Convert Downloaded SoundCloud Music to OGG

Two different ways are listed here to convert files.

1. VLC Media Player

Step 1. Open VLC Media Player on your computer and then go to Media > Convert/Save;

Step 2. Click the Add button to upload downloads and then click the Convert/Save button;

vlc add file

Step 3. Choose Audio - Vorbis (OGG) as the output format;

set format

Step 4. Choose destination folder and convert.

2. Online Audio Converter

online video converter

Step 1. Visit Online Audio Converter website;

Step 2. Click on the Open files and then upload the downloaded SoundCloud songs;

Step 3. Select OGG as the output format and adjust any settings if necessary;

Step 4. Click the Convert button and then download the converted OGG files.

Part 3. More Tips - Comparison of MP3 and OGG

When comparing MP3 and OGG, several factors such as sound quality, compression efficiency, compatibility, and licensing come into play. Here's a detailed comparison of these two popular audio formats.

1. Sound Quality

OGG: OGG, specifically using the Vorbis codec, is also a lossy format but generally offers better sound quality than MP3 at the same bit rates. OGG Vorbis maintains more detail and dynamic range, providing a more faithful reproduction of the original audio.

MP3: MP3 is a lossy compression format that reduces file size by removing audio data deemed less critical to human hearing. While MP3 can achieve decent audio quality, it often sacrifices higher frequencies and some detail, especially at lower bit rates.

2. Compatibility

OGG: OGG Vorbis is supported by many modern media players and devices, but its compatibility is not as widespread as MP3. Not all platforms natively support OGG, which might require additional software or codecs.

MP3: MP3 is one of the most universally supported audio formats. Almost all media players, devices, and software applications support MP3 playback, making it a highly compatible choice.

3. Use Cases

OGG: OGG Vorbis is popular among audiophiles and in open-source communities due to its superior audio quality and open-source nature. It's often used in situations where quality is a priority and where licensing fees are a concern.

MP3: Due to its widespread compatibility, MP3 is often used for distributing music, podcasts, and audiobooks. Its near-universal support makes it a safe choice for content that needs to be accessible on various platforms and devices.


According to the solutions above, you may find that TunesKit Audio Capture is more direct for converting songs from SoundCloud to OGG. You don’t have to change different tools when you do this task. The second way is completely free, though it is a little bit complex. Now you can get and enjoy your SoundCloud OGG music offline.

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