How to Record and Download Radio from BBC iPlayer for Offline Listening

Posted by Adam Gorden on Feb. 16, 2018 10:15:30 AM.

When talking about BBC iPlayer, most of us will think of its news channels. Due to credible news reporting and high-end production, BBC iPlayer is known for its reputed and professional news channels. As a matter of fact, BBC iPlayer not only provides radio service, it's also an Internet streaming, catchup and television service from the British Broadcasting Corporation. Users of BBC iPlayer have rights to listen to audio tracks and live radio programs freely with Internet connection. But more and more people are eager to download full BBC audio tracks for offline listening so that they can get rid of the shackles of Wi-Fi and 3G/4G signal. The other main reason is that listeners can keep helpful BBC radio downloads as important learning materials and work document for reference when they need to use. The following article covers my experience of downloading and recording BBC iPlayer radios effectively.

Part 1. How to Download BBC Radio on BBC iPlayer Radio App

According to requirement from most of users, BBC iPlayer provides the Download button on BBC radio programmes. Even though the BBC iPlayer Steam as the live streaming channel is available for the residents in UK, with the permitted download link, you can download them in the UK before you go other places, and then you are able to listen to them anywhere. Here, you can refer to following simple tutorial to download any BBC audio programme by yourself.

Step 1. Open your BBC iPlayer application and find the radio track or streaming audios you’d like to download. There are two ways for you to look for programmes, respectively using different menus, like Schedule, Stations, and Categories as well as using the Search bar to search for them directly.

Step 2. Once you found out the favorite radio programme you want to download, there are two selectable options underneath the playback screen, Download and Add to My Radio. So you just simply click the Download option.

Step 3. The selected radio tracks will begin to be downloading automatically. Once the downloading process is over, you can find downloaded BBC radio tracks in the Download section on the BBC iPlayer software.

Note: Although BBC offers the Download option for users, but please be well noted that most BBC radio programmes are available in to listen offline for 30 days after they are broadcast. At the end of the 30-day period, downloaded radio tracks will be removed from your Downloads section. Because of difference rights agreement, you are also not allowed to download some BBC radio programmes or can keep them for a shorter period only.

Part 1. How to Record BBC Radio and Keep them Permanently with BBC Radio Recorder

The download feature comes with some unsatisfied shortcomings, limitation of expiry and being not available for downloading all wonderful BBC programmes. In order to make BBC Radio listeners enjoyable radio tracks freely without any restriction, recording Radio tracks from BBC iPlayer using the third-party software is a worth recommended solution for listening to BBC radio offline together with saving them forever on your devices.

When it comes to BBC iPlayer audio recording tool, TunesKit Audio Capture is a smart choice for capturing any sound playing on BBC iPlayer radio application. By adopting top-leading audio recording technology, TunesKit Audio Capture is specialized in grabbing audio tracks from BBC iPlayer audio and video files keeping high quality and converting recorded BBC radio to other common audio formats, like MP3, AAC, FLAC, M4A, WAV, etc. Aside from that, TunesKit BBC iPlayer audio recording software is equipped with a wide range of high-end features, including multi-track audio recording, built-in ID3 tag identification function, editing unwanted audio clips, and so on.

Download Download

Step-by-step Tutorial to Capture BBC iPlayer Radio with TunesKit

Download this outstanding TunesKit Audio Capture on your computer. And then you can follow the basic guide to download and record BBC radio directly with zero quality loss so that you can listen to recorded BBC radio programmes offline anywhere.

Step 1Open Tuneskit and configure the basic recording settings

set capture preferences

Before you start to launch capturing audio process, there are a few basic settings you should do. Double clicks to open TunesKit software and you need to check whether the program list includes BBC iPlayer Radio app or the favorite web browser for entering into BBC iPlayer Radio website. If not, you can click "+" button to add wanted programs directly. The other thing you should do is that you need to choose the output format by clicking the "Format" option. The default format is MP3, if you don’t want to change it, you can skip this step to keep by fault.

set output format

Step 2Start to play and record BBC iPlayer radio tracks

record  bbc iplayer radio

Touch the target web browser or BBC iPlayer Radio app from the program list. And then you can login in BBC iPlayer with your BBC account and discover BBC iPlayer programmes that you need to record through ways mentioned-above. Once you found out them, you can listen to on-demand programmes on BBC iPlayer Radio simultaneously. TunesKit audio recording tool will detect these tracks and record them separately.

Step 3Customize recorded BBC iPlayer audio

edit audio

When you are waiting for the end of recording process, TunesKit audio recorder enables you to editing grabbed audio tracks. Behind each track, there is an "Edit" icon for you to personalize captured BBC radio by removing and cutting unwanted segments.

Step 4Stop and save captured BBC iPlayer Radio tracks

save bbc iplayer radio

With the purpose of stopping recording audio tracks from BBC iPlayer, you just need to quit web browser or BBC iPlayer simply or stop playing BBC radio programmes. The Save button will show up automatically and you can click it to save recorded BBC radio files on destination folder.

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