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How to Play Pandora Music on Alexa

Posted by Adam Gorden on Aug 10, 2023 10:00 AM • Category: Record Audio
4 mins read

play pandora music on alexa

Pandora is an American streaming music platform that provides users with free music and radio. Although it is from America, it can be used by people all over the world and is compatible with many other devices except iPhone such as Alexa. Alexa is a brand of smart speakers belonging to Amazon. Because it has a large market in the world, many people have an Alexa at home and use it to play music. Now that Pandora and Alexa are so popular, if there are methods to play Pandora music on Alexa, it would be good news. There are many methods to do it. Here we will give you three ways to help you listen to Pandora music on Alexa.

Method 1: Play Pandora Music on Alexa via Phone Apps

Pandora is compatible with Alexa, so it is available to listen to Pandora music on Alexa via setting up their phone apps. Now you can keep reading to find the methods step by step.

1.Connect Pandora to Alexa via the Alexa App

Step 1: Open the Alexa app on your mobile phone and click the icon on the top left of the screen;

alexa step 1

Step 2: Click the Settings word;

alexa step 2

Step 3: Click the Music & Podcasts;

alexa step 3

Step 4: Click the icon next to the Link New Service;

alexa step 4

Step 5: Choose the Pandora frame;

alexa step 5

Step 6: Click the ENABLE TO USE;

alexa step 6

Step 7: Sign up or log in to your Pandora account;

alexa step 7

2.Connect Alexa to Pandora via the Pandora App

According to your phone brand, this method is a little bit different. This method will be explained from two aspects: iPhone and Android.

If your phone is an iPhone, please read the following steps:

Step 1: Open the Pandora app on your iPhone; Click the setting icon on the top right of the Profile page;

iphone pandora step 1

Step 2: Click the Link with Alexa;

iphone pandora step 2

Step 3: You can see the image as follow; click the Connect Now button;

iphone pandora step 3

Step 4: Click the Link button;

iphone pandora step 4

Step 5: If this page appears on your phone screen, it means that you can listen to Pandora music on Alexa from now on.

iphone pandora step 5

If your phone is an Android, please read the following steps:

Step 1: Open the Pandora app on your Android phone and click the Alexa on the page of Profile;

Step 2: Click the Link with Alexa;

android pandora step 2

Step 3: Click the Set Pandora As Default.

android pandora step 3

Follow the steps above, you can enjoy your Pandora music or other audio existing on Pandora on Alexa.

Method 2: Play Pandora Music on Alexa with TunesKit Audio Capture – Music Free

Pandora is committed to providing more and more free music for users, but there is a lot of music that is not free and you need to be a premiere member so that you can play Pandora music without any restriction. TunesKit Audio Capture can give you a perfect solution to listen to Pandora music. You can listen to music from Pandora for free and even transfer Pandora music to your phone and play them on your Alexa device via recording the music on Pandora with TunesKit Audio Capture.

Apart from recording sounds from streaming platforms, TunesKit Audio Capture can edit the sounds it recorded. You can cut unnecessary audio clips and merge audios into one immediately.

tuneskit audio capture

Key Features of TunesKit Audio Capture

  • Download TikTok audio tracks losslessly with ID3 tags
  • Get TikTok audio downloads to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, etc.
  • Support recording audio on Mac and Windows
  • Support multi-track recording, audio cutting and merging
Try It Free 600,000+ Downloads
Try It Free 600,000+ Downloads

How to play Pandora music on Alexa with TunesKit Audio Capture

Step 1

Download and open TunesKit Audio Capture and Pandora app;

Step 2

Click the icon to add Pandora to Audio Capture;

select source

Step 3

Click the Format icon on the right bottom of the homepage to set the output format you want to get; if you want, you can also set the sample rate and bit rate of those output audio;

set output

Step 4

Click the Pandora icon to enter the Pandora homepage; find the music you want to listen to and play it; TunesKit Audio Capture will record the music automatically;

Step 5

When the music is over, click the Stop button on the bottom right of the recording page;

stop recording

Step 6

If you want to edit the music, you can move your mouse to the music and click the Edit icon; to help you find the music on your computer, you should rename the music by clicking the Rename icon;

rename and edit

Step 7

Click the Save bottom when you get a piece of satisfactory music;

Step 8

The music you have recorded can be found on the History list; click the Converted icon next to the Format icon to enter the History list; Move your mouse to a recorded audio, you can see a Search icon; click it, then you can find its location of it on your computer;

search files

Through the Steps above, you have download Pandora music to your computer. But if you want to play them on Alexa, there are other two steps you need to do: Transfer downloaded music from your computer to your phone and connect your phone to Alexa.

The first step that transfers music to phone, you can refer to method 2 of the article: How to Listen to YouTube Video Sound with Screen Off. As for the second step, you can learn it from the steps as follows.

Step 1: To open the Bluetooth on your phone; you can find it on the Settings app;

Step 2: Speak to Alexa, “Alexa, pair a new device.”

Step 3: When your phone reacts, click Pair to connect your phone to your Alexa device.


In general, you can listen to Pandora music on Alexa by connecting Pandora to Alexa. We have provided three ways to you. You can choose one most adaptable for your phone. While sometimes you need to download Pandora music which is not free forever, TunesKit Audio Capture will be a good choice for you. Once you use it, you will achieve music free and you can play Pandora music on Alexa more freely. If you are interested in it, just try it!

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