How to Record Internal Audio on Mac

Posted by Adam Gorden on Jul 31, 2019 7:00 PM.

Many users know that the build-in QuickTime Player can be used to record voice coming from the microphone, but how to record an audio file on Mac? The answer is TunesKit Audio Capture, one of the best streaming audio recorder. In the following part, I'm going to explain why you should choose TunesKit Audio Capture and how to use it.

record audio on mac

Why Choose TunesKit Audio Capture?

The following features distinguish TunesKit Audio Capture from other streaming audio recorders:

1. Record almost all the audio on your macbook: TunesKit Audio Capture can record sound produced by nearly all the apps, including iTunes, Spotify, Chrome,Tidal, etc. Audio tracks in videos can also be recorded.

2. Remarkable sound quality: TunesKit Audio Capture is able to provide sound track with lossless quality, which is especially important when recording music.

3. Multiple separated tracks: Sound produced by different apps will not mix up with each other and can be recorded simultaneously.

4. Various formats are available: Recordings can be MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, M4B.

5. Customized recording options: Channel, bit rate, sample rate and other statistics are changeable.

6. Built-in trim tool: You can use the built-in trim tool to cut the track and merge different tracks into one.

7. Music identification and ID3 tags: During the recording, TunesKit Audio Capture will identify the playing music and find its matching ID3 tags.

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How to Record Audio on Macbook with TunesKit Audio Capture

The recording operation will be a little complex for a beginner, so a user guide is written down below for every new user to refer to. With the help of the guidance, you can download the software from the link above and experience the software yourself.

Step 1Launch TunesKit Audio Capture

set audio source from macbook apps

After opening TunesKit Audio Capture, you can see the main interface where you can choose the sound source App. form the list, adjust sound preferences and view recording history. If the App. whose audio you want to record is not on the list, you can click the "+" button or drag the program to this window to add it.

set output format on mac

If you want to customize the recording tracks, click the horn-shaped button at the bottom right corner to change the format, codec, channel, sample rate and bit rate of the recording tracks. If you are not familiar with these parameters, do not worry. You might as well change the preset (High Quality or Small Size) and the parameter will automatically change accordingly.

Step 2Record audio from playing audio

recording audio on mac apps

After selecting the target software, the capture window will pop out. Simply play the audio in the target software, and the recording will begin and recording track will appear on the list. If you want to record multiple tracks in an App., pause the audio and the initial recording will stop while a new track will be created. Repeat this process until all audio tracks are recorded.

Also, it is worth noting that playing audios of different Apps simultaneously will not cause them to mix up. Individual recordings of each Apps will be automatically created.

Step 3Trim recorded audio tracks

edit recorded audio on mackbook

Once an audio track is recorded successfully, you can click the "Edit" icon at the rear of the track and start to trim it. You can set the start time and end time to get rid of the unwanted segments. Merging the recorded audio clips to a new audio file with one click. Besides, With an build-in ID3 tag editor, you are able to edit the ID tags, including title, artist, album, year etc.

Step 4Save the recordings

save recorded audio

Quit the software or stop playing audio, TunesKit software will automatically end the recording process. As the stop icon then turn into a Save button, you can simply press the Save button to save all captured audios. Go to the History folder and you can enjoy these recordings right away.



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