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How to Recover Deleted GIFs from iPhone? 3 Ways Here

Posted by Brian Davis on May 19, 2021 3:32 PM • Category: Restore iPhone
4 mins read

GIF, also called Graphics Interchange Format, is a dynamic image. Due to its funny feature, it has gained popularity around the world. Usually, people are likely to store some GIF images on their phones. However, when the phone is in trouble, the GIF files will be nowhere to be found. In this case, the issue may be caused by hardware damage or malware attack. Besides, some users may inadvertently delete the GIF images, but later they want to retrieve the GIF. In terms of accident deletion, we may not find GIF images from Recently Deleted Album easily. So what else can we do? Here, in this tutorial, we will talk about the real guide on how to recover deleted GIFs on iPhone or lost GIFs.

recover deleted gifs on iphone

Method 1: Recover Deleted GIFs without Backup

If you find that the GIF images cannot be recovered directly from iPhone like Albums, it is never harmful to utilize an iPhone Data Recovery tool. Just as the name implies, the software helps users to repossess the lost data or files on Apple devices including iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Here, TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery is suggested.

TunesKit is a professional data retrieving desktop program. It makes great efforts to recover lost or deleted data, files, photos, text messages, notes easily and quickly. Whether the lost data is generated by accident deletion, iOS upgrade trouble, password locked, jailbreak errors, system issue, virus attack, screen broken, device lost, etc. TunesKit can bring the original data back to you. With simple steps, you can rescue deleted GIFs. Helped by TunesKit, you do not need to do hard things.

tuneskit iphone data recovery

Key features of TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery

  • Recover data from different iOS device such as iPhone,iPad and iPod.
  • Retrieve data under various scenarios including mistaken deletion and software update failure.
  • Restore diverse types of data like GIFs, videos, photos, etc.
  • Fully compatible with all iOS versions including the latest iOS 14.
  • Rescue encrypted files.
  • Support Previewing and selecting required data before recovery.
Try It Free safe 600,000+ Downloads
Try It Free safe 600,000+ Downloads

In this part, we are going to tell you how to use TunesKit to recover deleted GIFs on iPhone. Before starting to recover the GIFs, you can download and launch free TunesKit.

Step 1: If you have opened TunesKit on your computer, take a USB cable out to connect the device to the computer. Wait for TunesKit to detect your device. Then, choose the Recover from the iDevice icon located on the top of the main interface.

connect iphone to pc

Step 2: Then, select the type of files you want to rescue from the interface. Now, click Scan. If clicking, you can see TunesKit will quickly scan your GIF files.

scan deleted gifs

Step 3: After the scanning process is done, all the deleted GIF images will be displayed for you. Preview and choose all or parts of the GIFs. Last, you only need to click the Recover button to recover lost GIFs within seconds.

recover deleted gifs on iphone

Method 2: Recover Deleted GIFs from iTunes Backup

TunesKit also provides iTunes backup mode for you, which especially works fine if you have backed up deleted GIFs to iTunes on the computer. Similarly, it can recover what you want just like the first method. For detailed information, go to the following steps.

Step 1: First, connect the device to the computer via USB and let TunesKit confirm your device. Then, select the Recover from iTunes Backup icon, while at the same time TunesKir will detect all the data stored on iTunes.

recover from itunes backup

Step 2: Now, choose the Scan button to extract all the data. Wait for a while, TunesKit is scanning your data or files from iTunes.

scan from itunes backup

Step 3: When done, the data will be presented. Now you can view all the files one after another. Once selecting any file you want to recover, click Recover to restore it to your computer.

recover lost data from itunes backup

One more tip: Of course, you can also resort to the iTunes program downloaded on your computer. To recover deleted Gifs, just open and launch iTunes or Finder on your computer, and connect your device with a USB cable; When the device is detected, choose the device icon or Summary. On the page shown, select Restore Backup. If iTunes asks for a password, just enter it. Then, click Restore.

recover from itunes program

Method 3: Recover Deleted GIFs from iCloud Backup

Here, there is another mode TunesKit offers: iCloud Backup. If adopting the mode, you can easily extract the lost or deleted data saved on iCloud. Compared with the traditional method from the official iCloud application, carrying out this method is child's play.

Step 1: Open TunesKit and connect the device to the computer. Then, choose the Recover from the iCloud Backup icon. On the main interface, you need to import your iCloud account and password. Do not worry, TunesKit will protect your privacy rather than grab your data.

recover from icloud backup

Step 2: Next, TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery will begin to detect all backups from your iCloud account. Hit the Next button to scan those files. Wait for a while, the files scanned will be shown.

scan from icloud backup

Step 3: After the GIF images are shown, choose the images you want to recover. Last, click the Recover button to recover deleted GIFs.

recover from icloud backup

The Bottom Line

Supported and assisted by TunesKit, you can effortlessly recover deleted GIFs on iPhone with one of the three modes. Previously, people are negatively affected by lost data on electronic devices. But now things change. If iPhone Data Recovery is prepared, lost data or files will appear again. Whenever you find your iDevice data is lost, you can make use of TunesKit.

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