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Review: 8 Best Stellar iPhone Data Recovery Alternatives

Posted by Brian Davis on Mar 19, 2019 11:30 AM • Category: Restore iPhone
5 mins read

You absolutely store loads of valuable data on your iPhone, including beautiful pictures, exciting videos, important call history, etc. But unexpectedly, you will always face the risk of data loss, even though your iPhone is highly secured. When your iPhone is in the situations such as iOS upgrade, water damage, iPhone stuck, blue or black screen, iPhone lost or other scenarios, your data is in the edge of loss. Therefore, choosing the best iPhone data recovery software is ultra necessary for you to avoid missing data.

Stellar iPhone Data Recovery is a professional software in the aspect of recovery lost data. It has a highly intuitive interface. You do not have to be so technical when use it. The tree view of the recovered data gives liberty to preview and save recovered iPhone data selectively. Offered by the trusted developer, the tool is very safe to recover photos, videos, Safari bookmarks, messages, documents, contacts, notes, calendar events from iPhone, iPad, iTunes and iCloud. However, using its trial version is not so workable, as it does not allow to save the recovered files. If you want to get more wonderful experience, you need pay much to download its professional version. Some people will give up recovering data due to the high price. To help some people, we have tested 8 alternatives to Stellar iPhone Data Recovery.

1. TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery

TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery is an impressive tool in the aspect of recovering lost or deleted data, it can recover up to 20 kinds of data type, including photos, videos, Safari bookmarks, messages, documents, messages, contacts, notes, calendar information, and other data which lost in various scenarios. Three modes are supported to do the recovery work, which are the modes of restoring data from iOS devices, iTunes backup and iCloud backup easily and quickly. Also, it is 100% secure, simple, and smooth. Besides, it has a very intuitive interface, though you are a green hand on recovering data with using it, you can handle it smoothly without reading some kind of guidance. What's more, its fastest speed of retrieving the lost and deleted files on devices makes it so outstanding among all iOS data recovery software.

tuneskit iphone data recovery

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2. Primo iPhone Data Recovery

Primo iPhone Data Recovery is another powerful Stellar iPhone Data Recovery alternative. You can perform it very good because the interface is very simple for you to know how to perform. Media files, personal data and app data including notes, contacts, call history, calendar events and other types can all be recovered via Primo. Apart from recovery function, it also can fix some troublesome iOS problems, for example, upgrade error, iDevice stuck, black screen, white screen and Apple logo. Therefore, if you use it, at the time of recovering your lost data, you can also get your iPhone a new birth.

fonepway iphone data recovery

3. Dr.fone iPhone Data Recovery

Developed by Wondershare, Dr.fone for iOS is another good alternative to Stellar iPhone Data Recovery. The software can directly recover files from iPhone, besides, it can recover the iPhone data from iTunes and iCloud backup. The files it can recover covers almost 15 kinds, including photos, messages, calendars, reminders, call history, bookmarks, voice mails, or other data. Luckily, the interface is very friend and easy to recognize. Though it has no guarantee, the hit rate of it is impressively high.

gihosoft iphone data recovery

4. Enigma Recovery

Enigma Recovery software owns its place in 8 best Stellar iPhone Data Recovery alternatives. Its interface is very easy to navigate the same as above 3 software. It can help you recover the data from iOS device, iTunes and iCloud backup. It is very easy to restore almost all kinds of data, but if you want to restore your lost video and photos, you can not directly recover it from your device, but iTunes and iCloud backup. Therefore, you need to know this special situation.

fonelab iphone data recovery

5. iMobie PhoneRescue

iMobie PhoneRecue is anther incredible alternative to stellar iPhone Data Recovery. It is capable of recovering almost 14 types of files such as text messages, audio messages, photos and videos or other kind of types. It is very secure, and many issues has been successfully solved through it. The person who use it are all have good appraisal on iMobie, not only because it has a very good interface, but also because you can perform it and get a wonderful experience when you recover some certain data.

tenorshare ios data recovery

6. Leawo iOS Data Recovery

Leawo iOS Data Recovery is one of the Stellar iPhone Data Recovery software alternatives, it can help you retrieve your lost or deleted data from iPhone devices directly. With 12 different types of data supported, you can pick it as your tool to recover if you think your lost data is within those 12 kinds. It also can help you recover photos, call history, voice memos or other data from iTunes, iCloud backup. Of course, you can find your data easily through file name and format.

tenorshare ios data recovery

7. iMyfone D-back

iMyfone D-back is capable of recovering over 20 types of data from iPhone, iTunes and iCloud backup, types of data including photos, videos, app messages, contacts, memos, notes and others. It supports four recovery modes, therefore, you have more options, you can choose the mode which is most convenient for you. Besides, it has a preview option which categorizes data with name and file structure to help you choose which data you want to recover and retrieve.

tenorshare ios data recovery

8. Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery

Tenorshare supports up to three recovery modes of data through iPhone, iCloud and iTunes. It is one of the best alternatives to Stellar iPhone Data Recovery. Not only because it can recover almost 20 types of iPhone data, but also because it has a special feature which enables you to sync messages, contacts and notes directly to your iPhone. The functions of it surpass Stellar, it can give you a good experience when you use it to retrieve your lost data.

tenorshare ios data recovery


Above 8 Stellar iPhone Data Recovery software alternatives all have their own advantages and disadvantages, you can weigh which one is convenient and suitable for you to recover your lost or deleted data. But after we tested all those 8 software, we strongly recommend TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery, it is very convenient, it can recover almost all data, it has a fast scanning and recovery speed. You may have decidophobia, we still hope this review can give your some help on choosing the best alternative to Stellar iPhone Data Recovery.

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